Obsessed | L.h *On Hold*

"You know," he trailed off, with the knife in his hand. traveling it around my neck. "If you were a good girl and listen to me, this wouldn't even happen. am i wrong?" he questioned, i swallowed and looked him in the eyes, shaking my head violently. "No Sir," he smirked, kissing my neck while holding the knife on his other hand.


3. 0.2


I gasped as i saw posters and pictures of me on all the walls of my room, i looked to my right and saw my window open. i immediately go over the window and shut it down, "Hey Maria, mom said i should come and see if your'e okay so that--" Devon entered the room, staring at my walls blankly. "What the hell? Maria did you do this?" he asked, sitting next to me on the bed. i sighed while shaking my head no, he frowned looking at the posters then back at me. "if you didn't put them up there, then who did?" soon i started to get a little dizzy, my head pounding while sweat drips down my face. "Maria, are you okay?" devon looked at me, putting his hand on my shoulder. suddenly i start to see things blurry, and i faint while shaking my head. "Maria? oh my god, mom call the ambulance!" is the last thing i heard, while my eyes shut and i see black. 


I open my eyes and rise from my bed, i look around the pitch black room with my tiredly eyes. "Maria.." i hear giggling while my name is being called, it's coming from behind the wooden door. fear started growing inside me, as i hold tight the bed sheets. "Maria, come over here..i have something i want to show you." the voice said, i got really nervous as the voice kept getting closer and closer, meaning it got inside the room i am now in. "don't be afraid my love, i don't bite..unless your'e a naughty girl i don't have another choice now do i?" i bit my tongue, scared i might say something wrong. the figure entered the pitch black room, i got a good look on the figure who is apparently a shadow..a skinny tall shadowy male. "what's wrong Maria? you looked as if you saw a ghost." the shadow male said, standing near the door and laughing at me. he started coming closer to the bed i was laying on, and sat on the edge of the bed looking straight at me. his eyes scanning me up and down, staring at my bare legs. "now Maria, i want you to do me a favor..i want you to dance for me." i frowned my eyebrows, and was about the cry..i know where this is going. "dance for me princess." he breathed, i shook my head rapidly. he's breath hitched and he got more jumpy. "what was that? is someone being naughty? well..if so, i'll have to punish you."my eyes widen as he got up grabbing me by the legs, as he pull me so i was laying flat on my back. he started undressing me as tears fall down my cheeks. "you have been a naughty girl, haven't you? you stupid bitch! you don't say no to your'e master, you dirty whore." as he layer on top of me grinding hardly as more hot tears dripped down my cheeks, i feared him..i feared this so called mater of mine. he yelled at me,hit me,touched me, and even bite me..i have never been scared like this in my entire life.   


"Maria! please wake up!" i hear voices calling my name, my eyes slightly open as in the beginning i see blur and back to normal. "thank god your'e okay! we've been worried, we thought you had died!" Devon yelled, i giggled a little and scanned the white room i was in. "ah, miss Brooklyn.. i see you have been awaken." a doctor said, i nodded my head as i hold Devon's hand in mine. "doctor do you know why my sister had fainted, and also scared he living shit out of me!" i laughed at my overly worried brother, but then my laugh had stopped as i remembered the bad dream i just had. "Yes, you see here..Maria had a nervous break down, and i guess from all the stress she had fainted." the doctor answered, as both me and Devon nodded. "when can i leave?" i asked, looking up at the doctor. "you'll leave after your mother signs a couple of papers, then you'll be free to go." he said, i nodded as the doctor left the room. "how long have i been out?" i asked, while putting a hand on my mouth as i yawn. "about one or two hours, god Maria you've got me worried sick." i stared at him, as he tells me more things. 

when we got home devon had immediately went to his room, probably playing his video games. i went up the stairs and opened the door to my room, i sighed as i lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. i looked over my nightstand to see my phone there, i hovered over and grab my phone seeing that i had a new message. 

Unknown Number: Nervous break down? i don't think so, nighty night <3 


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