Obsessed | L.h *On Hold*

"You know," he trailed off, with the knife in his hand. traveling it around my neck. "If you were a good girl and listen to me, this wouldn't even happen. am i wrong?" he questioned, i swallowed and looked him in the eyes, shaking my head violently. "No Sir," he smirked, kissing my neck while holding the knife on his other hand.


2. 0.1

I closed the door behind me, and take off my shoes. i just got back home from school, and i was tired. "Hey sweetheart, how was your'e first day of school?" my mom asked, as she was washing the plates. "It was actually great." i smiled to myself, "i'm happy to hear that, what do you want to eat today?" i looked at the clock, then back up at my mother. "I actually ate at school, so i'm not hungry." i told her, she looked at me then sighed. "okay, but you are eating dinner with me and your'e brother?" her eyebrow was raised up, i gave her a smile and nodded. i ran upstairs to my room, falling on my bed. suddenly my phone buzzed signaling that i had a massage, "hmm?" i thought to myself, i clicked on the message and it was from an unknown number. 

Unknown Number: You looked hot today at school ;) next time you should wear something shorter.  

my eyes widen as i start panicking, who is this person? and how do they have my number? all this questions running through my head, i decided to text back. 

Me: Who is this? 

Unknown number: That you'll have to figure out alone, by the way..cute thong ;) 

Me: This is not funny! wait..how do you know i'm not wearing pants? are you some kind of stalker. 

Unknown Number: Nighty night princess <3 

After that he didn't text me anything, i already had chills by the mention of him watching me. i felt scarred but i didn't want to tell anybody, at least not yet. "Maria! dinner is ready!" my mom shouted, i sighed and walked down the stairs and entering the kitchen. i sat on my favorite chair and watched as my mom put plates with food on the table. "Devon! honey, food is ready." my mom yelled, calling for my brother to come down and eat. soon there were loud footsteps, as my brother walked in and sat beside me. "Hey sis, how was school?" Devon asked, as he ate some food. "it was great, i guess." i took a bite out of my salad, while listening and chatting. 

Unknown Number: You have some nice panties and bras, mmm..black lace thong is my favorite. 

i nearly chocked my salad, he was in the house?? i got really nervous that sweat started dripping from my forehead. "Sweaty, are you okay? you don't look so good." my mom looked at me, worry in her eyes. "Yes i'm fine mom." i whipped the sweat off of my forehead, and excused myself to the restroom. i went slowly and quiet up the stairs, not wanting the person to hide or run away. i gently pull on the knob just to find that it was locked, i cursed myself and looked for a possible way in. suddenly the door unlocks, i put my hand gently on the knob and turned it left. i opened the door slowly and gasped. 

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