Obsessed | L.h *On Hold*

"You know," he trailed off, with the knife in his hand. traveling it around my neck. "If you were a good girl and listen to me, this wouldn't even happen. am i wrong?" he questioned, i swallowed and looked him in the eyes, shaking my head violently. "No Sir," he smirked, kissing my neck while holding the knife on his other hand.


1. 0.0

Today was the day of my new school and i was a bit excited, i don't know why but i feel like something good will happen this year. i went over to my closet choosing clothes i will be wearing to school today, after choosing what i'm going to wear and getting dressed i put on some make up and head out my house. "Bye mom! i'll text you when school's over." i shut the door, and started walking my way to school. i was in a special school, where i have a couple of teachers that come in my class, we also have specific students. soon i saw the big building of my school and went inside passing the giant gates. "Hi i'm new here, i'd like to have my schedule please." i said to an elderly lady, probably in her fifty's "Yes and you are?" she asked "Maria Brooklyn, ma'm" she typed something on the computer, and gave me my schedule. "Thank you," i pushed open the door and started walking to my locker, not even noticing i bumped into someone "Hey watch where your-- Oh.." the tall blonde male said, biting my lip "I'm so sorry." he looked at me, now smiling. "Don't be..it was my fault, I'm Luke by the way." Luke pulled his hand out and i shake it, smiling at him. "I'm Maria, Maria Brooklyn.." we pulled away our hands, and started chatting a little bit. "So, your'e new here?" he asked, looking around the place. i nodded at him "Me my mom and brother moved here, a couple of weeks ago." we stopped walking until i got to my locker, i looked back up at him. "I guess i'll see you soon?" i asked, opening my locker. "trust me, you will.." i was about to ask, but as soon as i turned back to face him..he was gone


Soon my whole life has changed.

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