Code Red Riding Hood

Felicity Smoak believed all her life she was just an average girl. The problem was she didn't exactly live the life of one, thanks in part to her father. Her path in life led her back to the familiar, she was meaning to care for the one man who had always protected her. The thing is, maybe someone should just be there for her, if only she'd let them. Olicity AU


2. Chapter 2

Felicity pulled out her journal and began writing. After the divorce, she accompanied her father to a handful of sessions to see a family therapist. She saw only had one session with her mother and a part of her regretted it; mainly because it wasn't a pleasant experience being around someone living in so much denial.

She thought good things about her mother but the person she is right now is not someone she would like to have a relationship with. At least for right now, Felicity can decide to take one day down the road to mend what's broken but she came home for her father and she made a promise to him that she was going to keep.

It was hard to make sense of all that's happened. She wrote about half of the page until her pen couldn't write anymore. She placed the end of the pen in her mouth, pondering why she had so little to say. More and more she was starting to not care about the drama between her parents. She is a mature adult, it's time to stop living the past.

Just as her father requested, she stayed until the afternoon. She didn't know what he was going to say, she hoped it wasn't anything to do with her parents. There were only so many fights she could stomach. Sometimes people are better off not being near each other. Felicity always thought if it took that much work to keep a marriage together, why bother staying together?

Her mind wondered back to Jacob and their date yesterday. She assumed he was going to bore her so she didn't expect much from the night. She didn't think the next day she'd still have a smile on her face thinking of all the moments that led up to when she came home. She had a feeling they were being watched but Jacob didn't seem to mind. She might give him a second date; her thoughts were leaning toward a yes being a good chance in his favor. She would decide when it felt right. No reason to rush.

"Felicity?" Her father called from the living room.

"Coming, one sec." She responded as she took a few seconds to mentally prepare herself for what she was about to hear.

She gulped down any trepidation while walking out of the room and down the winding stairway. She pushed her long, blonde hair away from her face so she can clearly see what was in front of her as she entered the dimly lit room. Her father was waiting for her but looked like he was in the middle of something. He dropped the task he was doing instantly when he saw his daughter.

"Hey sweetheart, take a seat, I wanna say something."

Oh boy, oh no. Her thoughts were running rampant. She nodded and calmly took a seat on the couch as her father came near her sitting on his favorite recliner. The last time he said those words he announced he and her mother were separating.

But looking at her father's mood it didn't match what she remembered.

He smiled as he watched her fidget, she got that trait from him; he moved closer to her and put his hand over hers. "Relax, it's nothing bad. It's nothing to do with Jacob either. Don't worry."

"OK, good...well, what is it?"

Her father sighed and sat up straighter as he leaned toward Felicity. "I can't be everywhere at once. I wish I could. I tried to be there for you when you first off to college. I regret that very much."

She understood what he meant. "But you were the one who supported me during graduation and helped me after to make sure I was on the right path." Felicity smiled softly as she recalled the memory.

"I only wish I could have done more, I wish your mother was reliable during our separation, I wish she was more accepting of your choices. It was brave to go into your profession. I offered to help you but you wanted to do everything on your own. You were always like that. It's one of the reasons why I love you so much darling. You're strong-willed."

Felicity wasn't great at receiving compliments so she nodded and smiled at her dad, waiting for him to continue. When he didn't she spoke. The air between them had grown awkward.

"Why do I get the feeling if it's not Jacob or mom this is about, but it's something I personally did?"

"Sweetheart you did nothing wrong. I asked to talk to you because I want to tell you how grateful I am that you came back home. That despite not having both your mother and I together, you remained mature and undistracted in your goals. But... in coming back, I made this decision yesterday and I'm afraid what I'm about to tell you may catch you off guard."

Felicity bit her lip, wincing as she glanced to the floor. "What is it?"

"I'm running for re-election. My campaign is meant to start tomorrow morning." Her father told her as she narrowed her eyes before looking at him.

"That's what you were worried about?"

He nervously shifted before replying, "Yes, I will be traveling a lot during the course of the next months. This will be my second term; I owe it to the people who kept me in office to keep doing good work. My adviser suggested I drop out and focus on the local community. I would prefer to put my full attention on the community of the state instead. I have amazing ideas to put forth to the campaigns and promises I intend to keep. You coming back is wonderful for me. But I can't be everywhere to watch you."

Felicity bit her lip, smiling, "Dad, have I ever needed watching? I went with you for the first time you ran and I was perfectly fine handling myself on my own."

"Yeah I recall that. You made some of the service agents roll their eyes, but they told me they believed you because of your self-defense background you took growing up." He said proudly.

"And thank you for that. I needed it; nobody messed with me in high school right through college. I even trained in kickboxing during my freshman year. I certainly might have put a lot of guys off. Mom was always against it, she said I was going to get hurt because it was still "a man's world"." Felicity said sadly.

"She was wrong, it was the best thing for you, I'm happy you took it seriously. But...well; now it's a little bit different. I was around more before the divorce because our family was a team. Now the team is shattered."

"Dad, it's not your fault." Felicity touched her father's hand. "I don't ever put the blame on you. I know you wanted to try fix things with mom, I know what you went through and I wished I could have done more to help." She said as he shook his head at her anxiousness.

"Don't think that sweetheart. You were all I had left. I know it was hard of you to choose sides and I didn't want you to, I was hoping your mother wouldn't change when we split. But she intended to split this family even further. She ignored the ramifications to her actions. I'm sorry I put you through all that."

"It wasn't you though; I wanted peace, so I made the right decision. All mom wanted to do was be right and control everyone. I'm glad I chose you. I wouldn't think twice about that if I did it again." Felicity said, squeezing her father's hand, letting him aware of her protection over him.

He glanced at what she did and looked up before closing his eyes to answer. "I know...I realize that now."

Felicity didn't respond back, she watched her father in thought before he turned to her with a serious expression.

"I have to protect you. I'm willing to do so much for this term and I fear other people will try to get in my path, I can't risk that. If I will run again, I will be prepared now; I don't want you to worry about defending yourself. I just want you safe and sound. You're my first priority Felicity. Without you, realistically, there is nothing to strive for, you're the best person in my life; I want you safe and well. I don't want to put you through harm."

"You make it sound like something awful is about to happen to me."

"I don't—I don't want it to sweetheart. I just want you to be careful from now on when you go out in public. Not everyone likes me or my policies and the people who support me are guilty by association." Her father said before standing up and going back to his business.

"Am I supposed to worry?" Felicity stiffly turned her body to almost glare at him going back to work. "Dad?" She asked in a small but forceful tone.

Hearing her speak that way to him was foreign. He didn't want her to feel anxious but it was already there. He risked telling her that, not that he wasn't grateful she knew but it came with a price. She can only know what he has told her, nothing else.

"No, there is no need to worry. I know you can handle life on your own, I am just making sure you know what I'm up against in my line of work."

Felicity hesitated before standing up, she was about to leave when she turned around.

"So I guess Jacob is out of question. Why won't you just tell me you don't me to see him?"

Her father lowered his reading glasses to look at her. "No, I never said that. I don't ever want to control what you do."

Felicity nodded, unsure if she should leave the room or find out more. Her father always had her best interest at heart. This wasn't any different. She never questioned his motives. They rarely fought so she nodded a second time which he saw, and he sent her smile.

"Are you going to see him again?"

Felicity hadn't thought of it. The date just happened. She felt as if the answer could have been either one now that she's heard this new and formal information.

"I haven't decided that. I mean, if you hated him I wouldn't feel right to continue seeing him."

Her father cleared his throat. "Sweetie, I don't mind you seeing him. I don't mind you going out with anyone. As long as you feel safe then it shouldn't matter what I think. Even though despite that, I approve." He smiled her way.

Felicity rolled her eyes. "Thanks...well I guess that's that right? There's nothing else to tell me?"

He took a few seconds to respond. "Not at the moment. My campaign will start that's all the news I have for you. I know you are capable of taking care of yourself. I trust you."

Felicity almost wanted to laugh at how serious he was being. Sure his profession was dramatic and dire at times but he made it seem like her life was in some kind of danger because he was running for Senate in a second term.

"Alright Dad. Thanks for telling me what I already know." He gave her a cross look but she put her hands up. "Hey I said thanks. That should count for something of value."

"It does, you know that Felicity. If you need anything, I'll be in here for some time until I retire to bed."

" can drop the political jargon we're not in front of a press conference." She waved before closing the door behind.

She thought about what her father said and let it wash over her while she pondered the purpose. Sure he was always the more protective parent and that's normal but something was a little bit out of character with the way he said she needed protection.

She shook it off before going back to her room and giving a second thought to phoning Jacob for a second date.

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