Code Red Riding Hood

Felicity Smoak believed all her life she was just an average girl. The problem was she didn't exactly live the life of one, thanks in part to her father. Her path in life led her back to the familiar, she was meaning to care for the one man who had always protected her. The thing is, maybe someone should just be there for her, if only she'd let them. Olicity AU


1. Chapter 1

Felicity Smoak walked up the towering steps leading to the front door of her house. Her date was by her side and she couldn't stop smiling. She had such a great time she had almost forgotten how to how fun on a date. It had been a long time since she was asked.

She met Jacob at one of her father's business parties. He was studying in the same class as her dad but they managed to bond over other things that had nothing to do with business. She had this uncontrollable need to blush every time he made her laugh. Felicity had a habit of blushing around men that made her nervous anyway. Jacob wasn't a complete match but they were getting along much better than she thought they would.

He had clear green eyes, a clean sports car and he offered to open doors for her. She thought he was unbelievably sweet it almost didn't register to her that he was the son of a business owner. She glanced his way when they came to the front door.

"I had a lovely time tonight. Kind of surprising actually." She said, smiling from ear to ear.

He looked on with an amused expression. "Well I'm glad. Did you think I was going to be boring like all the other sons of CEOs?"

Felicity turned her eyes away before answering. "Maybe, I didn't know what to think at the party. You came off as too good to be true."

"Do I? Does that mean after tonight I had you thinking I was going to ignore you and spend the rest of our date looking at my phone?"

Felicity's mouth twitched.

"Thought so. I had it turned off since it does vibrate constantly for work. Tonight I had a good reason to leave it off. A special reason at that..." He said, coming closer to her.

She shied away slightly but welcomed his close proximity. Felicity instinctively looked around jumping when she heard a noise in the bushes. She rolled her eyes and firmly stood in front of Jacob, feeling the familiar speech about to come out of her mouth.

"I should go. Is that OK with you?" She asked, wincing while he stood a foot's distance away.

Jacob's eyes wondered around just as she had a minute ago. "Are we being watched?"

She leaned in to whisper something, "I think so, and you shouldn't be scared; they won't hurt you."

Jacob reeled back almost abruptly. He knew who Felicity was but he thought she didn't have what he thought she did. Even on a date no less.

"Sorry." He said, holding his hands up in a mock gesture. "Not doing anything I shouldn't. I had a great time with a gorgeous girl tonight. If you plan on offing me, do it now because I can die a happy man."

Felicity playfully smacked his shoulder. "Don't give them leverage to. I'm really sorry Jake. Maybe next time we'll go through the back. Or, like, maybe if your dad is not home we could hang out at your place. I don't know what I'm saying. Just...I'm sorry. This really sucks."

Jacob held out his hands and Felicity held them softly. His hands were firm but gentle.

"Big time." He smiled before leaning forward, pressing his lips against her cheek gently. He stopped near her ear. "You look lovely tonight."

"I can try harder next time."

"I hope there is a next time." Jacob said, pulling away to look at her. "Let me know..."

Felicity nodded unfortunately letting go of his hands as she turned to open the door. The inner monologue in her brain was replaying how great the night was. Tonight was exactly what she needed. For once she wasn't feeling anxious that her date might feel intimidated, even though they have every reason to be.

It wasn't too late; she managed to be home before midnight, like her father requested. Not that she was trying to disobey his wishes, she didn't need the protection, and she was an adult and could manage her own life.

Being a twenty something wasn't exactly easy, especially when it came to living with her dad. He's not just anyone either. Their life isn't like everyone else's either but Felicity looked on the bright side as she had with most things.

Felicity slipped off her heels and placed her purse on the couch in the living room. She knew at this time her dad would be in "the bat cave," which was also known as his work area; but Felicity referred to it as a cave due to the amount of time her father spent in there with the door closed working on various dissertations for his profession. The door should have a pole that leads down to something in her eyes.

All kidding and jokes aside there was a purpose for her being here, she moved back after her parents' divorce. She knew her father was going through one of the worst times of his life and she wanted to find some way to comfort and be there for him. He always told her he was fine and it was wonderful she decided to come back to live with him; but he was hurting and she knew she had to help him.

He missed her, Felicity could tell. She missed him too. One of his biggest flaws was his over protectiveness on her personal life. She felt almost overwhelmed by his status but she only knew him as "dad" so she didn't think much of it. Living under a roof of someone with his job status had been an interesting life.

Like many times before Felicity suspected he was in his room, again, staring at the front of his desk, one eye on the phone, waiting for her to call him and tell him she was okay.

She dropped her shoes in the closet and tip toed toward the door that was closed shut. It opened before she could knock on it and her dad's worried face turned around when he hugged his daughter tightly. Felicity almost rolled her eyes but smiled at his antics. She knew he was going to make of fuss of her going out, she just didn't expect her air to run out from his relief.

"Hi dad, so I can't breathe, can I—" she began when he pulled away, looking at her for a moment before walking back to his room, pacing around. "Told you I'd come back at the time you wanted."

He smiled sadly as he sat down on his couch near his desk. "I know that..." he looked up and met her eyes. "I know who you were out with too. I'm just—"

"Not used to it?"

"Maybe. Perhaps. I trust you sweetheart but I can't help but be concerned. At least somewhat." He said, sounding sincere in Felicity's perspective.

Felicity bit her lip, taking a seat next to her father; the room was quiet for a few seconds until she cleared her throat.

"I'll try to be home more often. I don't really go out anyway. I'm sorry if I worried you," Felicity said, she watched her father shift from somber to indifferent in expression.

"I want you to be happy. I am...I don't know. It's so new, being here. Being without—"

"Mom? I'm so sorry dad." She frowned. "But we're still here. You know you and me? Like we always were. I came back because I wanted to be here, I think it's so sad what's happened the last few months. I know you didn't deserve that. You were and you still are an amazing father to me."

Felicity gave him warm another hug as he nodded while kissing her forehead before walking back to his desk. She looked on and noticed he was in the middle of writing a speech, she wasn't sure, she just knew it looked official and law-themed.

It was her cue then to get up and leave him be. She knew her father needed company but he also needed his space too. The men in Felicity's life had a track record of being too fragile and complex. It pained her to see him down on his luck, but she knew constantly bringing up the reason for his distractions wasn't helping either. Unless he talked about it first, she never forced him to discuss anything involving the divorce or her mother.

"I'm going to bed." Felicity announced, about to walk out when her father called her.

"Did you have fun?" He asked her from his desk, seemingly curious.

Felicity smiled slightly looking down, almost concealing her blush. "He was nice… and yeah I kinda did."

"I see, are you gonna see him again?"

Felicity thought about it for a moment. "Don't know. We'll see. He's a busy guy. Since you know him I don't need to remind you of that."

He nodded, going back to what he was doing before. "As long as you let him pay I approve of this date completely."

She laughed at that, he was trying to be facetious. "I offered but he insisted."

He looked at her from his reading glasses. "A woman should never offer to pay. He asked you he should pay always."

Felicity turned on her heel, laughing as she sent him a final answer. "Not a feminist but I'm not against going Dutch dad. I don't think he would have minded this one time."

"Good night Felicity." He said staunchly as Felicity walked up the stairs.

"Good night dad. See you in the morning."

Felicity heard rustling behind her as she went to her room and turned around as her father appeared at her doorway.

"Hey, can I you stay here tomorrow around lunch time?"

Felicity's eyebrows bunched together, "Everything okay?"

" is, it's just—I need you here for something. Can you do it?"

Felicity walked forward, feeling uneasy but her father's request sounded urgent enough.

"Of course."

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