Katie is the new girl in town and has to make new friends all over again, maybe she might even meet a special guy??


1. Late

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! "SHIT" I yelled to myself. I pushed snooze on my alarm to many times! I have half an hour now to get ready and be out the door for my first day of school.

At 8:30 am I will officially be a part of westfeild highschool. Before this lived in a small town in Vancouver, British Columbia. My dad had to move for work and now in stuck in Toronto.

I got to school and immediately went to the office to get my locker and schedule. Its kind of scary thinking this schedule could decide who im friend with which could determine my whole life on Toronto.

"You are locker #241" the rather grouchy secretary said. I said thanks and walked out of the office. My first class is math, ugh math is my worst subject ever!! The bad luck is already starting. In Toronto i had a math tutor because i was barely passing and i really want to try and keep my grades up this year.

I walked into math class and sat down in the back row. It was important for me not to stand out and look like a try hard. A couple boys sat next to me which obviously I didn't mind, I had a chance to spot out some potentials. The bell rang and the teacher introduced himself as mr Dinkler. it was hard to focus on what mr Dinkler saying because in the corner of my eye i could see the guys next. to me staring at me and then whispering to each other. I suddenly felt super insecure. This was by far the longest feeling class of my life

okay so i am trying to start writing again and i guess this is the first chapter and i honestly have no plan on where im going with this so please comment any ideas and help me!!!



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