Breaking Boundaries

This story follows two woman. Alexandra (Queen) who is trying to rule through chaos, and Krea (Knight) who finds out that everything she had ever known was a lie. They grew up in two different worlds, but under the same roof. Krea was a peasant who's dream was to become a knight. Alexandra was royalty. They had crossed paths at a young age and grew up to become best friends. Eventually the stars aligned and they grew feelings for each other. Bad news... It just so happens to happen when the Cao Kingdom units all other Kingdoms to turn against Queen Alexandra. Can the Queen keep order and peace? Will Krea ever find out about her past? Or fear her future?


10. Sacrifice

Krea was hurled to the ground after the large tree trunk was engulfed by flames. The intense heat making quick work of the large timber. Anything that wasn't reduced to ash was sent flying in all directions, wood shards from the smallest to largest stock into the surrounding earth around the young mage. 

She stood up making sure she had not been implied by any of the previously scattering pieces. Her hands were lost in her now jet black hair, the blonde having completely faded. "That was horrible." she groaned flatly running her hand through her black locks in frustration. They had been at this for days. 

Scott brushed some stray wooden fragments from his shoulder whilst putting out the remaining fire his younger sister had made, a wave of his hand and the fire fizzed out completely. He smiled warmly at his sister. Her magic was improving clearly, but she was no healer and this spell required more then a little practice in that profession. Scott looked her in the eye as he spoke. 

"The beginning of the spell was flawless, but it keeps falling apart at the end. Although your progress with this chant with sheer will alone has been more then impressive, it can't replace experience it seems." He said thoughtfully placing his hand under his chin.  Perhaps this was just to advanced to learn in a few days.”

Krea was starting to show some wear and tare, before the older mage could voice his concerns however Krea interrupted his thoughts as she spoke clear and determined, voice only swaying because of her exhaustion.  "It will… It just has to." The raven haired mage staggered out, even as she spoke the words with confidence Krea just couldn't help but the feel doubt creeping up inside her, all of this training just seemed to be a waste of time. Scott was seeming more and more of a thorn at her side then any actual help. Her brother shot down every idea the woman had come up with for a faster solution and it only added to the mounting frustration that had began to accumulate for the girl since the war began. 

"You started the spell for your natural herb flawlessly, but fire was still the result. A chaotic form instead of a healing one your haste is causing it. You must be calm, it isn't something you can force." He said clearly trying not to sound like he's repeating himself as to avoid rattling his younger sister any further, it had been a failed effort. 

"It seems impossible to send any of my energy into her using my herbs or whatever! This whole training is— Can't we just get herbs from a plant, heal her, I don't know, the usual way!?" The young mage hated all this time being wasted, time she could be using to help Alex and the kingdom. 

"That won't work, we've discussed this, the medics have already done all they could for her except magic." Scott stated pointedly. Krea blew a strand of hair from her face, she clenched her fists, pacing back and fourth to give herself something to do besides the growing urge to strangle her brother. She was a warrior damn it not...not a, she stopped in her tracks sighing deeply. Krea turned to him frustration and exhaustion clearly written all over her face. 

"As much as this quality time has meant to me, we don't have time for this. Can't I just wing it?" She began sarcastically and ended in an angered tone. 

"That's not the Krea I know talking, you wing it and you could set her on fire. As I said before your letting to much negative emotion get in the way of your rational thinking and it's effecting your spells." Scott said lecturing once again. He looked at her sternly. "One more time, try emptying your mind." 

The woman got back into a sitting position and began to slow her breathing, but not before getting the last word in as she grunted out a more then displeased. "Fine." Again she tried over and over one effort becoming five then, ten, fifty, and all of it bringing her back to square one. At this rate the forest will run out of trees by nightfall. 

Krea stood on extremely shaky legs, she was quickly and painfully starting to understand that when too much mana was being used it felt as though you were bleeding to death. She fell to her knee, Scott went to her side offering a vail of blue liquid. The sixth one today in fact, Krea took it gratefully and downed it in seconds. 

Aden who had been observing them for sometime walked up to his children and studied her for a moment. Hours had passed since she had started. She hadn't slept in days, and Aden saw the weakness and fear in her eyes. He was about to say something, but refrained and stood remaining silent as he observed them. Roux came skipping passed him and towards her brother and sister. 

"We got a few more down, it wasn't as large a group as the last two, but we're holding them off at least." 

Krea wiped the sweat from her forehead and smiled. It was a bitter smile, an exhausted one really, but she was truly at ease knowing no one got to passed her sibling. 

"Good, they all deserve to die. So absolutely no one has gotten to Alex's camp right?" 

"Nope. We are still holding them off, not a soul made it through." 

"How is Alex? Did you check in like I asked." Krea asked worry evident in her voice. 

"Honestly? She seems to be getting worse, I saw Jordan trying to give her medicine only for it to be spat up later whatever it is it won't do anything and I was listening in on some of their mens conversations and she's been out for days not one foot out of her tent." 

Krea balled her fist and clenched her jaw. How she absolutely loathed the fact she could help but at the same time was helpless. "How long does she have?" 

"I'm not sure." Roux responded not looking at her sister. 

"How long!" Krea bellowed. 

"A day!" Roux shouted back. "Maybe two if she's lucky, I'm sorry Krea." 

The blue eyed girl went to her tent, ignoring her family as they tried to stop her retreat. Roughly tying the flaps of her tent tight wanting to forget the outside world if only for awhile. Laying on her back, she used her arm as a pillow letting what she was told process in her mind, jaw clenching. "Damn." Was her last word before shutting her eyes and taking a much deserved rest. Physically the strain would melt away, but her mind was going to be clouded for a good while after.


The three friends sat in a circle around their usual Friday night campfire, gazing at the stars as the fire kept them all warm and they talked about their day. They had always done this as kids it was a comfort to now they can still, even if there lives had changed so much especially now as Krea's dream was finally realized. 

"I can't believe you did it!" Malcolm said a grin of pure pride shown brilliantly on his face, not only did Kevin get a good beating, but his friend was the one to do it and was now his sister in arms. "You're a knight! Hell of a way to get in too!" He ended his statement with a hardy laugh. 

"I think you're drunk buddy." Krea said while taking the bottle from her friend and taking another chug herself. She looked ahead of her and saw the hazel eyes that looked a dark orange from the light illuminating from the fire. She closed the bottle and tossed it at her. "Have some more Princess." 

"I told you not to call me that!" Alexandra said with a smile on her face, but still did as requested. With a short laugh the Queen got up while announcing. "I have to go pee." 

Krea looked at the brunette as she stood and laughed, she saw a slight wink from the woman before she began walking off towards the stables. "Shit I have to take a piss too." Malcolm said. 

"Really?" the blonde drawled out. 

"When people say they have to it's like a signal to my body that I have to go. Don't judge me miss small bladder." 

"Go pee." Krea said both demanding and light hearted. She noticed him going into the woods so she decided to get up and go to the stables following after the brunette. "My turn." She said under her breathe. 

She opened the big doors, shut and locked them to make sure they weren't caught or worse interrupted. When she turned around, she was met with Alexandra standing before her black dress already crumbled on the ground around her ankles, stark naked with a smirk on her face. 

"Took you long enough." 

"My apologies." Krea smiled while grabbing the bottom of her shirt pulling it off and walking towards the woman. Lips met there kiss becoming heated quickly, both where in need of the others touch, but even as there need grew they moved specificity never letting even one crease go to waste.

Every move they made was careful and passionate, it was only their third time together but the fire they caused to race under each others skin made it seem just like there first. They were still getting to know every inch of one another, what made them weak and what made them moan and groan. Alexandra trapped Krea's bottom lip between her teeth and bit down. Not enough to draw blood, but enough to cause a painful, yet pleasurable moan from the blonde. 

Krea loved pain and Alexandra took advantage of that any chance she got. The brunette never knew why she felt this way, but it was a turn on to her as well when she caused her partner pain, this bite caused the blonde to grab Alexandra's thighs and bring them down onto a haystack.

After touching, rubbing, licking and very deep biting, Krea got on her knees to loosen her belt but was stopped by Alexandra grabbing her loop and pulling her back on top of her. "Too far." She whispered not liking the small distance that was created, she helped the girl out of her pants. 

Krea smiled at the playful neediness. Sweaty bodies were rubbing against each other, the air them became hot to the point of suffocation all surrounding items become ice cold as the friction built up. Pale contrasting tan, both on the edge, climax so close they sped up there movements. They came at the same time as Krea's short nails dug into Alex's thighs and the Queen bit hard on the blonde girls left shoulder. 

Krea lay on top of the woman satisfied and spent the dull pain barely registering. The moans that had filled the air around them before are now filled with there pants as they tired catching there breath. "I love you." Krea whispered. 

This was the first time that Krea had said that to her. She didn't know what to do. She froze and thought for a moment. 

"Alex?" Nothing. "Oh shit. I'm sorry... I take it back. I­-" 

"No! I... I love you too." 

"Really? Because I think I broke you for a second." 

"I really love you Krea." They both smiled. 

"Good." Krea said before going in for another kiss.


Krea's eyes shot open as the sounds of screams and explosions woke her from the bittersweet dream, wiping stray tears from her eyes. "What the hell." She got up quickly and ran out of her tent to see her group watching something going on outside of their magical barrier. She walked up to her father. "What's happening?!" 

"I have no idea. They were on the same side than just turned on each other."

"Could it be a mage? Maybe one of Charlie's?"

"It's something she would try yes."

"Well we should do something."

"There is no reason to do anything. They'll take each other out, less blood on our hands." 

Roux ran up to Krea. "I need to talk to you. Now." She nodded and followed her sister. 

"What is it?" She noticed Scott was there too. 

"If you want to save Alexandra it will have to be now." 

"I don't even know if I can do it yet." 

"You will have to try. Let's hope you're good under pressure." 

"How am I going to get in there." 

"There is an opening to her tent. You will get in through there. They are taking shifts and the next opening won't be til tomorrow." 

"She won't last that long" Scott said. 

"Well what are we waiting for? Lets go." 

"Scott will go with you. I have to stay in case father needs me." Roux hugged her little sister for what could be the last time. "I love you." 

"Love you too." Krea said hugging even tighter. "Are you ready?" Krea asked her brother when her sister ran off. 

"We must hurry." They both ran out and made their way to the camp. 

"How long do you think she has?" Walter asked. 

Jordan wiped sweat form the Queen's face. "A few hours. That's at the most. It'll take a miracle for her to make it." 

"There has to be something!" Walter shouted. 

"I've tried everything! Do you think I would just let her die without doing everything to my ability to try and save her!?" They lowered their voices to loud whispers. "Look. Either say bye to her now or later, there is nothing more that I can do." Jordan said before storming off. 

Walter looked at the woman that he had protected since she was born. "I am so sorry Alexandra. I have failed you and your parents. We will meet again. In a much better place." He took one last look before walking out and zipping the tent up. 

"What are my odds?" Krea asked while they waited outside of the makeshift window of the Queens tent. 

"Well if you actually perfected the spell there would be a small chance of survival, but because you haven't been able to do it yet. Well..." 

"But if I do succeed, she will be okay. Right?" 


"If I fall, you need to get me out of there. She can't know it was me." 

Scott didn't say anything, but just nodded. They hugged before Krea carefully placed her leg over the bottom of the window and got her whole body in. She looked at the body of her love. She was almost afraid to go anywhere near her, but she took a deep breathe and was at her bedside. Her eyes were shut and she looked so... Dead... She knelled down and held her hand. 

"You will always be my one and only. I love you so much Princess." She leaned down to kiss her forehead before standing up and shutting her eyes. Trying to remember what to do. She held her hands out and mouthed a few words as her hand began to glow an earthy green. 

"Krea?" A raspy and broken voice called out. 

Krea's eyes shot open and saw dull hazel eyes looking at her. "No. No you can't be up." Krea began freaking out. 

"You're alive?" She questioned in disbelief. Krea ran to her side again and was about to make up a story, but Alexandra started talking before her. "Is this a dream?" 

"Yes. It's a dream sweety." 

"I've never stopped thinking about you. Is it true that you are dead?" Krea just nodded. "I didn't want to believe it. I'm sorry that I couldn't save you." 

"It's not your fault. I will always be looking over you okay?" The girl nodded. 

Krea gave her a peck on her lips and got up once again. Trying to remember what to say and do. "What's happening?" Alexandra asked. 

"It's time for you to wake up now." Krea said before her hands glowed green again and she placed them on the girls heart. There was a bright green light that illuminated from them both before a force pushed Krea back and hit the ground. Alexandra tried opening her eyes, but everything was blurry. She looked around and saw a man dragging what looked to be Krea's lifeless body across the floor and out of the window. She then saw a pool of blood where she saw Krea moments ago before the flash before her eyes fluttered shut.

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