Breaking Boundaries

This story follows two woman. Alexandra (Queen) who is trying to rule through chaos, and Krea (Knight) who finds out that everything she had ever known was a lie. They grew up in two different worlds, but under the same roof. Krea was a peasant who's dream was to become a knight. Alexandra was royalty. They had crossed paths at a young age and grew up to become best friends. Eventually the stars aligned and they grew feelings for each other. Bad news... It just so happens to happen when the Cao Kingdom units all other Kingdoms to turn against Queen Alexandra. Can the Queen keep order and peace? Will Krea ever find out about her past? Or fear her future?


11. Reunited

"I told you there is nothing I can do!" Jordan shouted, storming away from the veteran knight as he followed close behind. 

They needed Alexandra. She kept the few troops that they still had in order, but nobody seems to understand you can't simply will someone better and medically speaking. She had nothing left she could try. Jordan was beside herself with guilt, unable to save Malcolm and now she would lose yet another friend to her lack of knowledge. At least that's how she saw it and Walter breathing down her neck was not helping matters.  Turning on her heal, she faced the man, jaw clenched and eyes burning in anger. 

"Walter! Stop! Don't you think if I had a way to save her I would use it!? She's our Queen, our sister in arms and our friend! It pains me to say it but the only option we have left is to wait!" Walter could tell the medic was holding back tears of frustration or helplessness, he couldn't tell. He couldn't except it no matter what Jordan said, there had to be something that would make her well again. He snarled harshly at the girl only for her to return the favor.

"We aren't powerful enough to take out an army without the Queen! We need her to lead the assault, with no kingdom left all we have is her. If the men see her fall they'll follow!" Walter's gauntlets strained under the pressure, his clenching fists were causing them to dent into themselves, he felt useless. 

As they continued arguing, the last remnants of the Kingdoms army over hear. One solider could be heard panicking and another cursed the Queen for being so fragile, causing five others to defend their ill stricken Queen's honor and dubbing that she had done all she could causing some to scoff. Just like that fight after fight broke out, shouting, claims of false sickness, abandonment from their trusted ruler and so on, but it was only when one of the higher up officers claimed he would join Charlie's army did the vocal fighting finally become physical. As the first sword was drawn, Walters voice boomed over all of the bickering and fighting soldiers. 

His voice traveled through the camp in a loud and seemingly never ending echo, his previous argument with Jordan forgotten. It was clear to the man what he had to do now, waiting for Alex to be well again and trying to find a cure was becoming a waste of their time. Even thinking that however left a bad taste in his mouth. 

They wouldn't have Alexandra for much longer and as she is now, there's no way the woman could help in any way. But he knew someone who could. Looking at Jordan, his eyes requested a favor the woman nodded. Jordan had been at Alexandra's side as she ruled, learning from the young Queen observing the way she commanded and lead others.

Alex would tell her about trading agreements, military movement, strategic battle plans, and so fourth. Rather she did it out of boredom or to actually teach her something Jordan couldn't say, but now all of it might give them a chance. Jordan stepped forward so she was within view of all the soldiers.

" We must stay focused, fighting among ourselves will only give Charlie a bigger edge than she already has now." He got down on one knee bowing his head before Jordan, the troops followed suit excepting the declaration the older man was going to exclaim. "You are the only one that can fill Queen Alexandra's shoes. If you are willing, that is. We are ready to serve whatever you choose." He raised his head slightly and gave the woman a warm smile. Jordan took a deep breath to calm her nerves, looking at the soldier’s before her she calmly exclaimed.

"I could never take her place, but I will do my best to lead all of you." She said stern and weary as the responsibility starts setting in ever so slowly, these men and women there lives and the already thin hopes of rebuilding the kingdom they all longed to see again. Standing to be at her side, Walter put a hand on her shoulder.

"What is our first move?" Walter asked.

"A burial. Next to Krea's grave, that only seems right." It was needed, she knew it was, but to take Alex's place...

"What?" A familiar girls voice spoke out breaking through Jordan's racing thoughts and caught the attention of the soldiers. The all to familiar smile on her face eased the tension and soon the soldiers silence turned into a roar of cheers. "Already presume I'm dead?"

"Alexandra!" Jordan screamed in utter shock and slight relief. Running towards Alex she embraced the woman in a spine crushing hug, to which the Queen winced her joints still sore for lack of movements but she returned the jester in earnest. Releasing her, Jordan began checking her for any signs of sickness, the medic couldn't believe her eyes the Queen's pupils looked back to normal her pulse was strong and it appeared as though her pigment was back to normal. "It's... It's gone, th...that's impossible."

"Happy to see me then friend?" Alexandra asked shooting the medic a bright smile.

"It's a miracle! It's truly-" Jordan cut herself off before taking a deep breathe and smiling as tears of joy came running down her cheeks. "I'm so glad to have you back."

"Glad to be back." Alexandra said. Moving her shoulders a bit to get some feeling back on her upper half. She straightened up and looked Jordan's way and simply said "I agree with him."

Jordan composed herself when Walter came up next to her. "Agree on what your majesty?"

"Jordan taking command. I mean, she can work wonders with that bow. We are down a Commander." Alex stopped as the last words left her mouth and looked down before recomposing herself.  "And I think it would be wise for her to take charge. What do ya say?"

"Yes my lady."

"Walter. I need to speak with you. Now."

"Of course." Walter gave a reassuring squeeze to Jordan's arm before following Alexandra into the tent. "Just came back from the dead and you're getting right down to business. That's why your the queen." Walter noticed how troubled the brunette was. "What's bothering you?"


Walter cursed to the Gods on the inside, but kept his composure in front of Alexandra. "It was a great loss. I'm just glad that we didn't lose you as well."

"You can stop the act Walter. I know she's not dead." She walked to the bed to sit down and looked him in the eyes. "She can't be."

"What makes you think she is still alive and that I would know."

"She's the reason I'm still alive." Walter gave a confused expression before being motioned to sit down next to the woman. "When you and Jordan said your goodbyes. I could hear everything, I just couldn't open my eyes. A little after you left I woke up and Krea was standing there. Although it wasn't the Krea I remembered. This one had black hair, dark ocean blue eyes and an aura I can't remember her having before."

"Yet it was still Krea..." Walter interrupted.


"Alright. Alright, I'm sorry. Continue."

"She tried convincing me it was a dream. It almost worked but, then she kissed me. Next thing I know she's in the middle of the tent with green glow stuff coming from her entire body. There was a pain in my chest before the flash. Before I passed out I saw her body being carried away by some man that looked a lot like her. Like wow."

"So you think that she is still alive by some kiss? That still could've been a dream."

"That's just one theory that proves it."

"What's the other?"

"See the dried blood over there?" She asked while pointing at it.

"Where did that come from?"

"That's where Krea was before she was being dragged away. So I know that you know something."

Walter sighed before pulling out a piece of old paper from his pocket and handing it to her. "Krea wrote this for me before she left with my son."

Alexandra read over it more than once, trying to brace what was written on it. "Are there anymore of these?"

"I haven't heard from her since that day, but I know my son is dead, so the chances of her being alive slim, but there. There are rumors that she is part of the group that have been protecting this camp. Heavens, I should not be telling you this."

"Do you know for a fact? Who told you?"

"I'm an insider for the leader. It's an ancient clan, I've never actually seen their faces."

"Well she was alive two days ago, she can withstand a lot, she's fine. I know it."

"She was a good girl. Too young for this." Aden said with a tear in his eye. "Why did you let her do that! You knew she couldn't succeed!" He said raising his voice.

"I'm sorry father, she said she was ready." Roux said.

"I trained her father, she was supposed to be ready." Scott continued.

The three of them stood there, looking down at the only grave. Aden got a hold of himself. "I will take care of this." Is all he said before going back to his tent.

Jordan stood there, watching the men train. She knew she didn't have respect from a lot of them yet, but she was ready to earn it. Walter walked up to her. "Do you ever wonder why we haven't been attacked yet?" He asked.

"Every second of the day. Why?"

"I'm thinking we have allies that don't want to make themselves known. I know they are out there, but I can't figure it out."

"But why? We could use more people."

"Maybe they don't want to be known by the queen."

"Which one?"

"I haven't figured that out yet, but we must find out who these people are. One of our scouts said he witnessed them take out a small army. It was a few dozen against five, so they are very powerful."

"Obviously. I will look more into it." There were a few moments of silence. "How's Alex holding up?"

"She's pissed."


"I'm sure it's nothing." He smiled.

Krea woke up to a splitting headache. "Whoa." She said while grabbing her head to find a large bump near the back of her skull. She looked around and saw Scott sitting down, reading a book of spells. "Hey." She said with a weak smile.

"You're up! I thought we lost you."

"Takes a lot more than a bump on the head to take me down. Did Alex make it? Is she okay?"

"Relax sister. She is fully awake and moving around."

"That's good. That is... Really good."

"We have another problem."

"Heavens! What is it now?"

"Alexandra thinks you're still alive and she's determined to find you."


"Well, the man that kept us posted on Alex's state when she was sick told her."

"Who was it?"

"His name is Walter De Campos. I believe you know him?"

"That bastard. Where are they now?"

"Still at camp."

"Good. I can't go anywhere near there again. She has to think I'm dead."

"You might not have a choice but to go back there."


"Emory has found her location and can strike at anytime. He will be sending a few waves in before him I'm sure of it. We can't get to him before he reaches their camp."

"Shit!" She took a few deep breathes in. "When do we leave."

"Tomorrow at dawn."

Alex woke up to the sound of screams and clanking of swords. She quickly jumped out of bed, grabbed her two handed sword and metal boots and ran out of her tents to find a battlefield. Fire was spreading through the tall grass and tents. Smoke filled the air and blood covered the ground and some trees. "Heavens!" She shouted before being charged by a very large man with an equally large battle ax.

He swung it over head and brought it down, nearly cutting Alexandra in half before she rolled out of the way. "Easy there big guy." She said after getting into a fighting stance. The mans attention was taken away from the brunettes by five arrows piercing through his back. He turned to see his attacker. 

Alexandra saw a familiar face, getting ready to make arrows fly. The brunette ran at the man, going to one knee and spinning with her long sword out stretched. Creating large slashes on the back of the mans knee's, while also taking out a few more foes.

She quickly got up and climbed a rather large rock before running and jumping at the man, sword held up. She lunged the sword into the mans back and rolled down it a bit before the sword got caught on a muscle. She took her two smaller knives that were originally Krea's and pierced the man one at a time while she climbed up his back. 

She dug the left one into the man's shoulder and brought the other one to the mans neck and turned it inside of him. He screeched in pain before using the last of his strength to grab Alexandra and throw her off of him as he fell to the ground and stayed there. She flew and hit Jordan, using her as a mattress. "I am so sorry Jordan."

"It's okay." She said in an odd tone. Not really out of breath, but struggling for air as Alexandra noticed her elbow at the girls sternum. "Sorry!" She said while jumping off of the woman and helping her up. "Are you alright?"

"Never better."

"Where's Walter?"

"I'm not sure, but we need to focus on these people before our camp is over run."

"Damn." Alexandra said under her breathe before running towards her defeated enemy and grabbing the daggers and great sword. "I hope we have reinforcements."

"I'm sure we do." Jordan said while following the woman back onto the battlefield.

Krea woke up to dead silence. It was unnerving to the young woman. She grabbed her pounding head. She hated waking up sore and dehydrated. Sometimes she would try and use her magic to make herself better, but that is more up Scott's alley. She hadn't told anyone, but she got what Alex had when she saved her.

She felt a burning acid bubble in her stomach and quickly ran to the corner, holding her mouth and stomach until she couldn't anymore and greenish, yellow vile came out of her mouth. She wiped her chin and noticed blood on her hand. "Shit." She mumbled.

"Why didn't you tell me?" A familiar worried voice came from the entrance of the tent.

Krea jumped a bit and was happy that it was still a bit dark out so her sister couldn't see her. "Tell you what?" Krea played stupid, but to no avail.

"You have her sickness. You didn't make it go away, you took it and are infected. Did you know that would happen?"

"Being completely honest? No. I thought it would kill me."

"Krea its been less than twenty four hours since you cast the spell. How is it escalating so fast?"

"I don't know Roux, but I will find a way to slow it down before we enter battle."

"You better." It was a few moments of silence before Roux broke it with a sigh. "Besides, we wouldn't want your girlfriend seeing you on the edge of death. Gotta look good."

"She's not my gir-" Krea stopped mid sentence. Was she? Krea thought. It has been awhile. "She is not my girlfriend Roux. She wont see me when we go."

"How so?"

"I'll cover my face. We always do."

"True, but good luck keeping that on after the battle, she's bound to talk to us."

Krea coughed a little bit. "How long til we leave?"

"Suns about to come up. You might want to slow that sickness down quick, you've got less than an hour to get ready."

"What if they are already dead by the time we get there?"

"They're fine Krea."



"Thanks you ass. Where's dad?"

"In his tent meditating. He's still not over her death."

"I'll go talk to him."

"See you soon." Roux said before leaving.

Krea got the armor on that she had been working on for awhile. It was as light as a feather, but could withstand a lot of damage. Something she was always known for with her armor. It was purple and black metal and had a red dragon going around the upper body, it still had openings on her hips and shoulders, but that had to take a perfect shot. She had a red assassin hood that just covered enough of her face to just show a shadow, but it was down and hanging from her armor. 

She put the four sided spear on the little hook of her back that was designed just for that weapon. She had put a short bow and some arrows that hung to her side. She then went to her bed where the face paint lye. It was nothing fancy, just the family's dragon crest on the right side and black and red stripped going down the left. black was all around her eyes that made the lightning blue orbs spark even more.

She made her way into Aden's tent to see him standing there in his gear. He was the complete opposite of Krea. Heavy armor and helmet that had long red and black feathers going down to his shoulders. The same four sided spear hung at his side. Aden turned to see his daughter for the first time since she left to save Alexandra.

"I'm sorry about Shayla dad. She was a smart and good girl."

"She died honorably, she saved all of us. We didn't notice the blind spot in our defenses. She said she was ready and we didn't protest. We had no time to."

"You know it was the same men that are going after Alex... Right?"

"Yes, and I will kill whoever responsible. But we our first priority is the queen."

"Which one?"

"Alexandra of course. Her safety is more important than any of ours."

"You sure do care about someone you've never met before." Krea said.

"You love her don't you."

"More than you know."

"Than yes, I care for her. She is family."

"Thank you."

They both shared a smile before Aden's turned serious. "You know this won't be easy."

"I can take care of myself dad."

"I mean for me. I'm only getting older."

"Aren't you like a hundred."

This caused the man to chuckle. "No sweety. Close... But no." He grabbed the long necklace and yanked it off before putting it in Krea's hand's and balling her fists. "This belonged to my father, and his father before him and so on. I want you to have it. Pass it on to your child."

"Dad, I'm pretty sure I'm never going to have a child."

"You are capable of so many things Krea. Never forget that. You can do anything you put your mind to. And I do mean that. This will bring you luck and might even save you someday."

"A necklace will save me? Really dad?"

"It's saved me more times than I can count. Keep it with you. Always."

Krea opened her hand to see a small multicolored ball. Blue, Green, gold, and red. The four elements all circling around each other. She put it around her neck and hid it under her armor so it wouldn't get cut off.

"Thank you." She went in and hugged him. "I love you dad."

"I love you too Krea. So much." Their embrace was cut short by the ground shaking and an echoing boom. They ran out and saw Roux and Scott ready for battle.

"They are under attack!" Scott yelled.

"When did it start!?" Aden shouted.

"A few hours ago!" Roux said while putting her longbow behind her back.

"Everyone get on your horses! Now!" Aden ordered. "Remember that Alexandra is the main priority!"

Alexandra slashed the last mans chest and watched as his body crumbled to the ground. She was circled by Walter and Jordan. "That was just the first round. Wasn't it?" She asked breathlessly. What was left of her army stood in front of her.

"I know that it's been a long night. I don't know what Charlie has planned or why she is after us, but we will get through this. If this is the best thing that she can throw our way than I challenge her for more! Many of us have fallen, but have fought bravely. The few of you that are left, I am honored to be fighting next to you. We can do this. I know we can. We are NOT retreating! This is our final stand." Her speech was cut off when an arrow hit the man next to Jordan and his body engulfed in flames. "Shields!" She shouted as everyone did their best to defend themselves.

Jordan looked at Walter and smiled. "Just like the time at the castle? You'd think they'd do something different!" She shouted. The thumping of enchanted arrows hitting the shields.

"Well the magical arrows are a little new!" Walter shouted before his left foot was shocked by an electric arrow that hit the puddle he was slightly in. "Ow! Okay well that one was new!" He shouted.

After the arrows stopped, they could feel the vibrations of the enemies running at them.

Alexandra looked through the little space that was made and saw the large horde of people running at them. "Hold your ground!" She shouted. "Wait for it!" They came closer and closer. "Charge!" She ordered as they all stood up and charged at the army. Swords clashed together and screams echoed the air. Even explosions filled the battlefield.

"When do we enter the battle commander?" The man said as he stood behind Emory as the man watched the onslaught with a smile on his face. "We go in when my father is taken down. They will be nothing without him." Emory said.

"So we just wait?"

"It won't be long. Then we can go after the queen."

"Yes Commander."

Alexandra's sword was knocked out of her hand as she was kicked back by a very large man. She struggled for breathe and tried crawling towards her sword, just to be met with a kick to the abdomen that sent her even farther back.

She looked up at her attacker as he was stopped in his tracks by a fireball hitting him and sending him back a bit, still on his feet. She shot her head in the direction that it came from and saw the hooded figure stand on her charging horse and leap into the air, as swift as a cat. She took out her bow and shot two arrows into the mans revealed shoulders that sent him to his knees.

She landed with a shoulder roll and ran up to the man and did a spinning kick to his head that knocked the helmet off. She held her hand out as vines from the ground wrapped around the mans neck and strangled him as the figure grabbed her four sided weapon and threw it at an oncoming attacker as it took his head off and came back like a boomerang. The others that came with this mystery person were fighting like they were a huge army.

The hooded figure offered a hand for Alexandra. She then noticed that this was female by her hand. She took it and went right to her sword, not taking her eyes off of the woman. She couldn't make out her face. Any part that wasn't covered by the hood had paint on it, but she still stood out from all others.

By the time Alexandra could think, a lightning bolt took the last man out. Alexandra's men stood behind her as she faced a very intimidating looking man. "Who are you?"

"One of the good guys."

"I can see that, but what is your name."

"I guess we can be on first name basis. My name is Aden." He said while removing his helmet to reveal his jet black spiky hair.

"What are you doing! They aren't supposed to know. We were supposed to help them and be done with it." One of the women said. Her long red hair up in a bun.

"Things change. That feisty one is my daughter Roux. She is nicer when you get to know her. Promise."

"Who are the rest of you?" Jordan asked while stepping up to the plate.

"This is my son Scott." Aden said while pointing at the tall lean man.

"The pleasure is mine my lady." He said while putting a hand to his chest.

Aden went on to introducing the last few when the hooded figure that saved Alex went to the back of the group and grabbed her knees, trying to keep the vomit in.

"Move!" Aden said while walking up to her. "Are you alright sweety?"

"Who's that?" Alexandra asked.

"His other daughter." Roux said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Krea look at me." Aden tried.

"Krea?!" Alexandra said looking shocked as she briskly walked towards the woman. Krea didn't attempt to move away. The brunette pushed the hood back to reveal the beautiful blue eyes she's missed so much. "Krea? You are alive."

"Kind of. Yeah."

"What do you mean kind of?" That's when a burst of anger came over the queen. "You were alive this whole time and didn't tell me!? Why did you make Walter lie!"

"It's a very long sto-" Krea was cut off when she was doubled over in pain. She was sent to the ground as the arrow sent electricity through her body.

"Krea!" Aden and Alexandra  shouted in unison as they rushed to her aid and everyone stood at the ready. There was another arrow that hit Aden straight through his heart as he lye there on the ground.

"No!" Scott shouted as he looked around for any sound of movement. He spotted something and vanished.

"Scott!" Roux shouted.

"Where did he go!" Walter shouted.

"To kill the man who did this. He's still here." She said through tears.

Jordan ran to Krea and pushed her to lay on her side.

"Help her!" Alexandra shouted.

"I'm trying! Its electrified."

"I'll do it then! It’s killing her!"

Jordan pushed the queen away as the brunette fell on her butt. She quickly composed herself while going back to Krea's side, seeing Krea in pain caused Alex physical pain as well.

Jordan broke off the back of the arrow that shocked her in return. She than pulled it out of Krea's hip and threw it far away from them. The shock stopped as she composed herself and crawled to her dad, ignoring Jordans complaints and Alexandra followed close behind her.

"Dad..." She said out of breathe.

This took Alexandra back a bit, but she still stayed, knelled beside the man and across from Krea. "It's o... Okay... Sweety."

"Hang in there. You'll be alright. I will heal you."

"You can't... D- Do that."

"Yes I can!" She shouted as tears filled her eyes to the brim.

"My injury will-" He was interrupted by a fit of coughs. "Will be transferred to you."

"Is that why your sick? Because you healed me?" Alexandra asked.

Krea only nodded, not breaking eye contact with the man. Walter noticed a very large army coming their way. One very familiar face. "Alex, we have to go."

Alex turned to him. "We aren't leaving!"

"Krea. I will always be with you. Remember your priority." He looked at Alex and brought her and Krea's hands together before smiling. "It was nice to finally meet you Alex. Forgive my daughter, it was not her fault." He took his last breathe and a huge gust of wind blew them back, both landing with a thud. A blue stream went into Krea's chest and stunned her for a moment. After catching her breathe, she got up, feeling fully alive and well. Any sickness gone. Her color was back and she was full strength, except for the hip wound, but that would have to wait. She looked to see Amory and his men fighting her and Alexandra's men.

Krea ran towards the brunette who was still on the ground and helped her up. "We have to go."

"No! We are finishing this!"

"NOW Alexandra! We need you alive!"

"What about the others!"

"They'll be fine."

"No they won't! I'm not leaving them!"

"Alex!" Krea yelled while grabbing the girl's wrist and pulling her in closely. "They will be fine. I promise."

Alexandra knew Krea would never break a promise. She rolled her eyes and started running, still being held, but by the hand as they ran into the woods and never looked back.

"Where are we going?" Alex said out of breathe.


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