Breaking Boundaries

This story follows two woman. Alexandra (Queen) who is trying to rule through chaos, and Krea (Knight) who finds out that everything she had ever known was a lie. They grew up in two different worlds, but under the same roof. Krea was a peasant who's dream was to become a knight. Alexandra was royalty. They had crossed paths at a young age and grew up to become best friends. Eventually the stars aligned and they grew feelings for each other. Bad news... It just so happens to happen when the Cao Kingdom units all other Kingdoms to turn against Queen Alexandra. Can the Queen keep order and peace? Will Krea ever find out about her past? Or fear her future?


17. One Last Time

Krea stood in front of two of thousands of tombstones. Two names that will haunt her for the rest of her hours. Alexandra Delgado and Malcolm Criscus. Her two best friends, her family, the one's that she grew up with. She insisted to make new tombstones so they could be inside of what is left of the castle. She walked up to Malcolm's grave and knelled down. “Hey bud. It's been awhile huh? Bet you're surprised that I haven't joined you yet, I am too. I've never been a believer in the Gods, but ever since I lost Alex and cheated death so many times. I don’t think they’ll let me join you until the Cao's burn. I’ll gladly accept the challenge.” Krea smiled to herself as a memory filled her thoughts. “Do you remember when we were kids and we watched the knights train. It was always our dream. Well, my dream, you were just stupid enough to go along with it and I thank you for that. If it weren't for you, I would've never been able to live it, no matter how short it had lasted. I love you Malcolm and you will always be like a brother to me no matter what comes of this battle. I'll see you soon.” She got up and knelt once again the tombstone she looked upon now filled her with heart renting grief already she could feel her throat swelling up and her eyes drown with tears she refused to let fall. It didn’t feel real, even as she gently glided her armored hand across the name feeling the indent of each letter, Krea removed her armor gauntlets and slide her bear hand down. Placing it where Alex’s hand would be seven feet under her, the dirt was dry but she managed to settle her hand neatly enough lightly in the soil. She knew the queen's body wasn't buried below, she burned the body and put in in an urn. She would see to Alex'a last wishes. Seeing her name carved into the cold stone, that made it real and forced the mage to see it as fact, it made her relive it in her memory. Krea just wanted to see if she could find a lie in Alex’s death, but there wasn’t. Her love was gone.

The mage looked around and saw her army of a few thousand gearing up for the final attack before looking back at the grave. “Hey princess.” She started. “I'm sorry that I never attended your funeral or your burning ritual, but I don't think you would have wanted me too. Seeing you being cut down, your blood staining my hands, your last breath. It…would've shattered me completely love. I miss you so much Alexandra, sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had gotten to you before the baby, but than I knew you would have hated me for the rest of your life. Princess- I didn’t… I don’t want to regret my actions so I won’t, but when she smiles at me all a can think of is you. So if it takes me time to see her and not feel this unbearable ache in my chest. Let that be my punishment for not saving you both. She’s so gods, Kiara is so damn beautiful, she looks a lot like us. Her eye brows furrow deeply when she’s angry just like yours did, her laugh sounds like a small version of yours to, it makes me feel warm. When you poke her nose it twitches just a bit like mine did when you poked it as I dozed, her blue eye sparks to life when Jordan tells her stories of you and I, as if… She knows we’re her mothers. I'm sorry that I couldn’t be there during the birth to see are family begin, and… I have a confession that I'm sure you already know, but there is a chance that I won’t be there for Kiara’s later years. I just can't shake this bad feeling that this battle will be my last. We are outnumbered and I- I just don't know, without you this all seems so hollow as if I’m fighting for nothing. I could really use the sound of your voice to help me through just one more time.” That's when Krea remembered what her father and Alex said. 'You can do anything you set your mind too.' Krea then had an idea and stormed into what was left of the castle, she went into the room where she slept with Alex, kissed Alex, held Alex close during the coldest nights, jumped into the bathtub after almost being discovered with Alex, and holding her in her arms for the last time as Alex took her dyeing breathe.

A tear rolled down her red cheek as she shut her eyes willing to what ever force was out there that this worked it had to!, repeating an incantation she had practiced with Scott in theory magic. She was hoping that there was a spell to bring Alex's spirit back, even for a just moment. Sitting next to the doorway she put her hands together, as they began to glow she reached out into the next world where the souls of the fallen reside. Her own soul roamed the plain after an exhausting search she found Alex, but as she reached out her body ached with pain. Krea’s eyes shot open and she hugged her body, the spell required large amounts of mana and her body was giving her warning to stop, but Krea pressed on. Her soul kept getting closer to Alex’s but just before she could reach her body’s pain would end the spell and drag her back into reality, to the empty room were her love would sing to her gently after training and stroke her hair. Krea shouted as the memory fueled her efforts ever more. "Just one last time, please just one more time. I want to see her, I want to see my Princess!"

After several more failed attempts, tears of frustration rolled down her face in a bitter display of utter defeat, Krea got up paced around fuming and in despair, she’s lost her family, friends, her lover, her home!, and all she asks for is just one moment with Alex just one more! She punched the wall ignore her bones cracking and fell to her knees while resting her head on her hands, sobbing.

That's when she felt a warm hand on her shoulder, it squeezed reassuringly. The mage looked up and felt her heart skip a beat, brilliant hazel eyes looking lovingly into electric tear filled blue ones, Krea got up and without any hesitation hugged Alex letting her familiar warmth press against her, it felt like coming home. In a soothing harmonized voice the form of light that was Alexandra quietly said.  “Don't cry baby. I'm here, you did it.”

Krea held her tighter the body of light was solid but the mage could feel it wanting to disappear, she wouldn’t let it happen, not letting go she questioned.“Princess, how are you able to touch me?”

“It's your magic, only the most powerful and strongest willed mages have this ability, but it drains you mana, and fast.”

“I’ve noticed..” Krea breathed out as she fell on her knees, Alex tried and failed to catch the woman has her body phased through the light fused body. Sliding down against the cold wall, she looked up at her Princess desperate to have her close again.“I miss you so damn much.” Krea said smiling weathered. Alex sat in front of her and layed on her chest a ghost of a touch but Krea felt at ease by the action and relaxed, her pain subsided but then spiked when she saw her love almost fade and put more power into the spell.

“I miss you too Krea. Please take it easy, talking to me and having me here is hard enough on you, actually touching, will hurt you even kill you”

“It would be worth it, if you were the last thing I saw.” Krea said while pressing her back against the wall and stroking Alex’s reappearing and disappearing back.

“Don't say such things.” The transparent brunette chided, snuggling as close to her love as possible.

“I only speak the truth.”

“I know.” Alex said almost sounding bitter, but ultimately nostalgic.

“So. It's really you?”

The brunette laughed a little Krea increased her magic out pout to feel Alex’s hair against her chin as she laughed. “As real as a dead girl can get.”

Krea bitterly smiled before taking in the Queen, her princess. “So I can call you anytime?”

“Unfortunately not, this is a very rare thing to accomplish, but I can still talk to you from time to time if you have enough mana.”

“I wish I would have known this earlier.”

“Me too.” There was a moment of silence while they looked at each other. “How is Kiara? You said much at my grave but also far to little.”

“You actually heard that?”


“She's doing just fine. Walter's relationship with her is love hate, but mainly love. She likes seeing other people hurt themselves.”

“Ah.” Alex laughed. “I always loved that.”

“I know. So if you heard everything then-”

“Why are you so determined to die in this battle. It's like it's your mission. Our daughter needs you in her life.”

“It's not like I'm going to roll over and die, I've just accepted it if things turn to the worst. You can only cheat death so many times.”

Alex placed her hand on the raven haired girls face, studying the bruises from her previous imprisonment. “That is very true. I thought I had lost you so many times. It pains me to see you like this.” The brunette thought for a moment. “What did they do to you?”

“I'd rather spare you the details love.”

“Than let me see.”


“Take off your shirt.”

“What is that going to do?”

“I need to see.”

Krea did as she was told as she stood up and removed her top, leaving her bare as the cold air sent goosebumps all over. The brunette saw every cut, bruise and brand mark and it made her sick. She got up before grabbing Krea's hand. “Now really show me.”

“Starting from where?”

“When you left me.” Krea knew what she meant, her father did it to her many months ago. She sighed in defeat, knowing she could never tell the brunette no. She brought her palm to Alex's forehead as flashes came to her. She saw everything her love had gone through. From dying at the hands of Kevin's archer, her adventures of discovering her true abilities, to the time she was tortured, and the last thing she saw was Krea holding her limp body in her arms. She could feel everything Krea had felt. Tears rushed down her face.

“I'm so sorry Krea.”

“There is no need to be sorry love, it all made me who I am today. If anything it should be me that is sorry, I'm the reason all of this happened.”

“Kiss me.”

Krea was taken back at that. It was out of the blue, but she complained happily as their lips met. Sparks flew, it was like nothing had ever happened, they were back at the stables where they shared their first kiss. It grew heated before Krea broke the kiss and was out of breathe, knees shaking due to lake of energy.

“Your mana is dangerously low. I love being with you, but you have to end this. You need to be a hundred percent for the battle.”

“I love you so much Alexandra.”

“I know. I love you more than you will ever know Krea.” She said while they embraced once again. “I will always be watching baby. Stay strong.”

That's when Krea felt nothing but air as if the girl had vanished, she caught herself against the cold wall, tears still escaping her eyes. “I will. I promise.”

“This is the war to end all wars!” Christina's commander Susan shouted on top of a carriage to the men ready and willing. “We are fighting alongside our enemies, only to defeat an even bigger one! We will rip their heads off and shove it up their asses before we let them take over! Death to all mages and all Cao's!”

This got the crowd going before Christina walked up and took Susan's place. “Calm down!” She shouted with a smile, happy to see her men and woman motivated. “When we triumph, I have made a promise to the other Commander Krea that I would bring peace to all cities and Kingdoms outside of this land. Including Hayland.” This caused a few people to groan and grunt. Christina's kingdom was always trying to take control of that place. Krea was standing beside the Queen. “Speak of the devil! Come up here Krea!” She did as was told and looked at the people in front of her. She also saw Jordan and Walter to the side. Roux was nowhere to be seen, maybe getting ready to leave. “Krea swears she has a plan to take the mages out.”

“She's a mage! How do we know if she won't just turn on us!” One of the men shouted.

Krea studied the group of her new companions. “How do I know if you will hold up your end of the bargain after this is done? How do I know if you won't turn on me and my men when it's over?”

This shut him up. “Look. I'm not saying that it will work, but it's the best thing I could come up with and I don't see anyone else pitching in.”

“What is your plan Krea?” Christina asked.

“I have made armor that can resist even the most powerful of mages attacks. It will hold out until you can get close and cut their throats.”

“That's your big plan?”

“That's after the majority are dead. I am going to be outside of their walls, casting a spell to make a select group of you invisible to the mages. There will only be three of you. Walter will be one.” The man nodded. “Those three will be sneaky and take out any loners. Make sure no one is around you and to hide the bodies. At the same time. You will only have about ten minutes to do as much damage as you can, because the spell will wear off.” She pointed to two other able bodies and they nodded as well. “You will get the resisting armor. When they aren't expecting it, a larger group will come charging in.”

“So we are bait?” One man said.

“No. You will be immune to any magical attacks, just don't feel invincible because swords will still kill.”

“How many of us will be in that group?”


Christina whispered in Krea's ear. “You can handle that many?”

“Not for long, but yes.” She turned her attention back to the army. “I will give you as much time as I can, but when you get the signal, you take you shields and hold them into the air.”

“What's the signal?” Jordan asked.

“Just look for a huge shadow of arrows.”

“You would risk our lives?”

“The shields are powerful enough to take the damage. Trust me.”

“Then what?”

“Than the rest of us attack. Kill all of them.”

Christina stepped in now. “I will choose the fifty that will be the second wave, everyone else, get ready!”

The camp was busy as Susan, Christina and Krea stood by each other. “I want you and Susan to work together and get into the castle to take out the Queen.”

Susan looked outraged. “What! I might be fighting on the same side, but I will not fight side by side.”

“You will do whatever I say. That is an order. You two will work well together I know it.”

Susan stormed off. “This should be interesting.”

“I should go tend to her. See you at the gates in ten?”

“Sure.” Krea said smiling. "Oh and please remember our deal Christina."

"I am a woman of my word Krea."

 They shook hands before Krea walked into the tent where Kiara had been laying in Roux's arms. Smiles on both their faces. “Hey sis.”

“Hey! She is just an angel Krea.”

“I'm sure she is.” There was a moment of silence. “I am leaving soon. May I have a moment with Kiara?”

“Of course.”

“Oh and can you get be a bottle of mana?”

“Sure.” She smiled before walking out.

It was just Krea and Kiara. “I am going to show you something. You are going to hear a lot of stories about me and Alex that probably will not be true. I don't want you to have false information on the life me and your mother have lived. I promise you this won't hurt honey.” That's when she put her palm to her baby's head and gave her every memory she could ever remember. Good and bad, holding nothing back, except for the sex. She was not ready for her baby to know that side of her yet. Kiara smiled and held the woman's shirt. “I love you so much my little princess. Never forget my love for you.” She kissed the baby on the forehead before walking out and handing her to Roux who in turn gave her the bottle of blue liquid. Se chugged it thankful to be at full strength.

“Thank you.” She said refreshed. “Do you have the necklace?”

Roux frowned. “Yes.”


“I'm sorry you can't come along. There's no one else I'd feel safer with.”

“It's so fucked up Krea.”


“Your whole life, I had to watch you in pain. Every experience you had, I just had to sit there and do nothing. I was longing for the day I could finally get to know my only full sister and get to know her, protect her.”

“You are protecting me.”

“No it's you that are protecting me.”

Krea smiled. “I love you Roux. I will see you again. Okay?”


Krea hesitated before saying, “I promise.”

They hugged for what could be the last time before Krea walked away towards her fate. It was the breaking of dawn as Krea and Susan were on a hill, watching the Cao army take their positions in the kingdom. “They actually think they are safe.” Susan said amused.

Krea smiled as well as she sat criss crossed and dug her hands into the dirt. She watched as the few men that stood with Walter, vanished. “What now?”

“We wait. Have that mana ready.”

“Got it.” Susan said while placing it on the ground. Krea watched as the mages were dropping like flies and thrown into hay stacks or bushes. She could feel her strength depleting and focused a little more. She knew it was about to wear off so she turned her attention towards the larger group of men ready to charge. She made a force field around them that was resistant to any spells. Christina gave the signal as the fifty men and woman charged, causing both mages and knights from the Cao kingdom to gather at the one spot they were fighting at. Swords clashed together while blood was spilled. One mage sent a fire ball towards one of the men, but it deflected off and ricocheted back to the mage.

“Susan, signal Jordan for the arrows.”

She did as she was told as Krea got up and drank the now warm blue liquid. The men saw the signal and stopped everything, holding their shields up just in time as the enchanted arrows hit target after target. After three waves of arrows, Christina gave the signal for everyone to charge in. With most mages gone, there were mainly knights left. Susan and Krea ran in at their flank and took out a few men in their way. Susan cut a man down and noticed a man on the balcony with and arrow aiming at Christina. “Krea!” Susan shouted as she grabbed a sword from one of the fallen and planted it against her and in the dirt a bit. She clanged her sword and Krea knew what she had to do. She held her Dragon blades that were separated to be dual swords and charged at Susan. Taking down anyone in her way with ease. She placed her foot on the shield and used all of her strength to push off of it, using a small wind spell, sending her flying in the air. Her daggers were raised above her head and was brought down on the archers neck as they fell to the ground. She landed in the man's blood, but grabbed her daggers and took out the remaining few on the balcony. When she looked over, she saw Walter and Jordan fighting side by side. Jordan had her back turned towards an enemy who took advantage and lunged at her with his spear coming fast. She couldn't think before a tall man stepped in front of her attacker as the spear was sent into his abdomen and stuck out through his back.

He fell to his knees as Jordan turned and saw Walter struggling for air. Krea noticed that her two best friends were all alone and surrounded. She jumped down, tears filling her eyes and sent the daggers into the ground causing a large crack to open up and send the majority of the enemies into the endless pit of hell. She finished the rest of with a simple fire spell in the middle of the small group coming towards them. The crack had closed up as she ran to her friends.

“Why'd you do that you stupid, stupid man!”

“Men do stupid things for the woman they love.” He tried as blood came from his mouth. They were soon joined by Susan who stood close to make sure no one snuck up behind them.

“Walter.” Krea started.

“Hey kiddo.”

“Let me heal you.”

“You and I both know that you can't. You're no good to these people dead.”

Jordan looked at Krea, a look the blue eyed girl knew all too well. Walter always wondered what it feel like to die. Krea had gone through a few times but she never told him about it, the warrior didn’t mind it but it was taking a while he’s always hated waiting. Gripping his wound he looked up at both Jordan and Krea with a blood soaked smile. “I’m a knight of the Delgado Kingdom and protecting you two has been an honor” He was interrupted by a fit of violent coughs. Jordan held him tight putting as much pressure on the wound as possible, she needs to fix him. As the blonde medic reached for her bag of Medical supplies, Walter grabbed her hands and brought them to his lips. “Let go! I can save you!” Jordan yelled trying to get out of his grasp but to no avail.  They were being surrounded and Krea noticed that her and Christina's men were still outnumbered. She needed to think of something and fast.

“Jordan let me just look at before I go … Meet my son.” Those were the old warriors last words as he lay there dead from blood loss. “Old bastard….I’m sorry.” She said while hugging them, ignoring her surroundings and rocking back in forth with her love in her arms."

Susan and a few men created a circle around the medic and took down anyone who tried to make a move and break defense. "I have an idea, but it's crazy." Krea said before taking one of her daggers and blocking an oncoming attack before taking her other dagger and ramming it through the mans chest as he crumbled to the ground.

"I don't really care what you have to do just fucking hurry!" Susan retorted in anger and exhaustion. They were running low on energy and wouldn't hang on much longer. They all knew it.

Krea ran to where the main gates were and was surprised at how empty it was. She looked up at the sky as it started to storm, rain running down her person, arms outstretched. After saying a small enchantment, she focused every bit of her mana into her lungs and let it out in a huge thunderous roar. The raw power of it caused the ground to shake and thunder to clash. She fell to the ground, drained and looked up to the sky once more. It was as if the sun had completely dissapeared. She saw large beasts flying through the air and ready to cause havoc. That's when one of the creatures landed by her side and leaned its head down to give her support to get back on her feet. She looked into familiar blue eyes. "Dad?" She looked around and saw the few dragons only going after Cao's men, could these be her family members that have passed? She didn't have time to question it as the dragon that she assumed was her father lunged into action, leaving her drenched and alone. She walked up to where Jordan still sat, Susan still by her side.

“Make this count, Go kill that bitch!” Jordan seethed.

Krea nodded and joined Susan as they made their way into the castle. A small army stood between them and the Queen. “You go.” Susan said. I'll handle these bitches.”

Krea didn't question it. She quickly ran up the stairs and entered a huge set of doors. That's when she saw her mother. All alone sitting in her chair. Armor on and sword at the ready. “Well well well. I have to say that you have come farther than I had expected. I'm a little proud actually. The dragons were a little unexpected, but an impressive entrance. I knew getting involved with Aden would only cause trouble. Your damn family curse.” She got up and walked a few feet towards her daughter. “ I have to say that this is a little predictable though. The mighty Krea come to slay the evil Queen.” She smirked. “How original.”

"What curse?"

"The curse of the dragon hunters. Only a select few get the trait of becoming dragon after death. Don't worry sweety. You take mainly after me, it skipped your generation."

Krea didn't respond, never left the woman's cold blue eyes. She just stood at the ready and waited for the woman to attack. “I see there's no talking you out of this?”

Krea charged at the woman, holding nothing back. Her swords going right for Charlie's throat, missing by a meat inch. Krea was in a defensive position, blocking the sword that came crashing down with both her daggers. Charlie was very strong. Stronger than Alex even. They were battling for dominance, when Krea was slowly gaining it, Charlie knocked one of Krea's daggers out of her hand with a spell, as the blondes sword came down hard on Krea's right shoulder. She hissed in pain and fell back.

“You're a mage!” Krea shouted.

“Surprised? How else do you think you are so strong? You were conceived by two powerful mages, my ‘little knowledge of magic’ years of playing the fool and you fell for it, you fucking moronic witch filth!”

Krea got up, switching her dagger to her left hand due to the damage on her shoulder. “Fuck. You." Charlie smiled as she was the one to charge this time.

Christina swung her sword at an on coming attacker and cut him clean in half before one of the dragons swooped in and swallowed the warriors upper half. The woman cringed and was ready to attack the dragon if needed, but they seemed to be controlled somehow. She would have to ask Krea about that later.

Jordan was broken. She reached into her medical bag and grabbed any kind of herbs that she could mix together, after multiple failings, she started to get frustrated and started hitting the mans chest. "Wake up! I can't lose you too!" She shouted as the thunder roared yet again. "I can't save anyone. Malcolm, Alexandra, you. I'm fucking useless Walter." She sobbed. After a few moments, she sobered up and stood up. "I will never forget about you. I will tell your story and you will be honored. I love you."

They blocked each attack, but never were able to counter. Soon Charlie grew impatient as she sent a fireball at Krea's body. The raven haired girl had anticipated the move and ducked out of the way, sliding on her knee's and slicing Charlie's thigh deep. She howled in pain. “FUCK!”

Krea took advantage and kicked the woman in the back sending her flying to the ground. Charlie tried getting up, but was interrupted by a kick to the sternum that sent her flat on her back, her lungs begging for air. She felt a strong pain as Krea sliced her bicep almost half way through. “You took everything from me you fucking bitch.”

“Please don't do this.” Charlie begged.

“What have I done besides retaliate?” Krea started. Remembering what her mother said to her just a couple days after Alex's death. “You took everything and everyone from me. You tortured me and threatened my baby. Now you get to feel my pain. The loss of your sons, the pain of the sword.” She took her blade and slowly dug it into the woman’s chest, just below her left collar bone. She screamed in pain. Before being sent to the wall after a wind spell from Krea.

“Don't you get it Krea? You can't kill me? When I fall, two will follow in my place.”

Krea ran at the woman, straddling her while giving her a right hook, followed by the left. She was stopped when she felt a sudden pain in her rib cage.

She looked down to see the edge of a blade sticking through her. She was then kicked off and sent sliding back a bit. She looked at her attacker, but he was hidden by a mask and hood. “Who are you?” She asked weakly. There was no response. She got up slowly, trying to ignore the pain and stood in a fighting postilion. Her mana was low and she was loosing a fatal amount of blood, so her magic was useless, but the man was more than happy to go hand to hand with Krea.

He landed a nasty hook to Krea's jawline, followed by an uppercut that sent her in the air until she hit the ground hard, flat on her back. Not being able to move, she was defenseless.

Before the man could do anything further, the doors opened again and a knife was thrown in the air that gazed his shoulder. He looked at his attacker and saw Susan in the doorway, out of breathe.

He ran back to Charlie, picked her up and ran out of the back.

Susan limped over towards Krea and layed next to her. “Hey Commander.” She said in a friendly manner.

“Hey Commander.” Krea said with an equal tone. “I'm surprised your not going after them.” Krea struggled for air, but her words came out clear.

“Lets just say that we are in the same boat Krea.” Susan said.

Krea used all of her strength to turn her head and saw a dagger sticking out of Susan's chest, opposite of her heart, along with deep gashes all over her body. “Shit.” Was all she could say.

“I'm sorry we couldn't kill Charlie.”

“Are you kidding? That bitch has hours to live. I pierced part of her heart.”

They both laughed before being interrupted by coughs. “Ya know, your not so bad Krea. You stuck to your word and saved the love of my life.”


“Don’t tell.”

Krea gave a bitter laugh at that. “I promise.”

“I was honored to fight next to you Krea.” Susan's eyes slowly closed and Krea couldn't hear her breathing anymore.

“The honors all mine.” She smiled as she looked up at the ceiling. “I love you Kiara.” She said before coughing a bit more. “I'll see you soon Alex.” She said as she shut her eyes.

Roux was all packed when she felt a heat rise in her chest. She had been feeling tings of pain which she knew was Krea. What scarred her, was that it stopped. She looked at the necklace and immediately broke into a hard sob. This caused Kiara to start crying. Roux couldn't say a thing. She continued to pack before picking Kiara up and untying the tent. She was surprised to see a basket with a baby in it. There was note written in fancy cursive.

To Krea,

My name is Elizabeth. This is Marcus, a baby that was conceived by me and the love of my life Malcolm. He died as you may know and I am very ill. I want this child to have a beautiful life and home. I know you are in the middle of a war, but I am sure you will come out on top. I also know that you and Malcolm were very close. Take care of Marcus and treat him like he was your own.

Thank you

Roux was shocked to find this. Why would she leave this baby in a deserted castle? Had she heard the ruckus Roux was making while packing She looked around and no one was in sight. Krea always spoke of Malcolm, this could be a good thing for Kiara.

Christina watched as Krea and her love Susan were being carried out of the castle and towards the fire. “Wait!” She shouted at the men. “Do not burn Krea with the others. Her ashes are to be put in the same urn as Alexandra. Give it to me when it is done. That were part of our agreement.” 

“Do not worry Charlie. I will get you all healed up and Christina is going to pay.” The hooded man said while healing her wounds.

“Is Krea?”

“Yes. I took her life, but the baby lives.”

“Do not worry of the baby. Let her live her life. Let everyone think they are okay. We will deal with that soon enough. For now we wait.”

“Yes my lady.”

“And Kevin?”

The man took his hood off revealing brown eyes. “Yes?”

“Get an army together.”

Christina made a long journey to a waterfall that Krea had mentioned on the day they met. She wouldn't say why, but Christina knew this was important to the mage. She opened the urn that held the two lovers ashes and she spread it across the beautiful land. The last little bit went into the water itself. "May you find each other again."

As the sunset and the sky turned a blood red the battle field at last fell silent, the mages that had survived Christina’s army if only barley went deep into the tangles of the forest were they would live out the rest of there existence in silence and seclusion never to be seen again. Charlie’s army and kingdom now without any direction fell into disarray, but with Queen Christina’s direction and firm hand the land soon began to rebuild but talk of betrayal soon arose in the mid year, whether or not it was just a rumor or fact Christina could feel the coming of a new threat, a new battle. True to her word the ruler called a lands meet and in the middle of the talks she persuaded the neighboring nations to come together, an alliance held together by her words and an ambition to bring tensions between age old feuds to a rest. Krea and Queen Alexandra were immortalized in a statue made of dragon bone inside the runes of what use to be the Delgado Kingdom they were shown standing side by side both looking forward toward the land there daughter had been taken, there eyes held a soft gaze. Some say there bodies seemed to relax if they were readying for battle they should depicted so, none knew that the women were not just a Queen and Knight but mothers looking out at there child as she grew.

Though she had tried rebuilding Alex’s land, it had proved to be a fruitless effort as Christina found no one willing to go back to the war torn land. The ruler dedicated the alliances central city to the forgotten land dubbing it ‘Delgado’, and naming the heart of it ‘Bu’. Krea and Alex’s lives were hard fought, death, corruptions, and lies filled their lives but in all that darkness they found comfort in there friends, and in each other, there last wish was for there daughter to find that happiness no matter how lost she felt. Kiara's lips formed a small smile. The sun was setting and as the sky turned a light blue, and the tree leaves fluttered over head a brilliant hazel, the small child felt a warmth embrace her for the briefest of moments, almost as if someone had hugged her. 

~The End~

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