Breaking Boundaries

This story follows two woman. Alexandra (Queen) who is trying to rule through chaos, and Krea (Knight) who finds out that everything she had ever known was a lie. They grew up in two different worlds, but under the same roof. Krea was a peasant who's dream was to become a knight. Alexandra was royalty. They had crossed paths at a young age and grew up to become best friends. Eventually the stars aligned and they grew feelings for each other. Bad news... It just so happens to happen when the Cao Kingdom units all other Kingdoms to turn against Queen Alexandra. Can the Queen keep order and peace? Will Krea ever find out about her past? Or fear her future?


13. Love And Loss

Krea sat on the hard floor, her hair hid her bloodied face and deep gashes were scattered all through out both her arms and legs. The pain had numbed, but even the slightest movement made it all come back with white hot mind breaking agony. Her wrists were a dull purple from the tight shackles that bound her. It had been a while since she had tried to violently pull herself loose, but after so many attempts however, the mage decided it was a waste of the little energy she still had. Krea has lost track of how long she had been down here. At one point she tried marking the days with her blood against the wall, but being beat unconscious didn’t exactly give her an accurate number. Days became  blurred together.

All the woman could do was tell when the sunset via the small rays of light that made its way through the cracks in the ceiling and that’s only if she hadn’t mistaken some of it for moon light. Rats and many other vermin ran across the former knights legs waiting, watching, for a chance to burrow their way into her half dead body. That fact made Krea dry heave had her stomach not been empty she would have puked. The place smelled of death and decay. The remains of all the souls that were here before her were in every corner of the room grown men, women, and small bodies as well… Children.

Krea had been denied sleep, food, but not water she was given enough to keep her withering body alive, her eyes stung from the lack of rest they have had her guts were gripping, tightening for the food her stomach was repeatedly denied but still painfully reminder her she needed. She jumped a bit when the door burst open the light made her dry eyes tear up and the rats scatter from her person. What would it be today? A beating, simulating drowning, cutting, magic torture, Krea thought of all the things they’ve done and can still do bracing for it all . Emory and their mother Charlie came into focus as the door shut. They both loomed over her, Charlie having a disgusted expression and Emory a shit eating grin his eyes even appeared to glow red for the briefest of moments.

Krea could take physical pain, she was trained to, even food and sleep deprivation to a point, but Emory could cause pain that was unimaginable. It cut deeper than a sword, that’s why she trembled anytime he came into this blood scented dank hell of a room instead of a big muscular man like last time.

"There she is." Charlie said in a mock motherly tone while walking up to the woman and grabbing her chin, raising it so she could stare the raven haired mage in the eyes. Krea’s face was coated in blood and dirt, the whites of her eyes were covered in streaks of red veins, her lips crack dry. As she began to laugh lowly Charlie made an annoyed sound as she noticed her daughters still daring and defiant icy blue eyes. The former knight had not lost her bite although it might be a little duller then it would be at her best, stubborn bitch. Charlie thought with spite, but it didn’t matter if she was broken or not the point was that they had her. Actually being able to mark her with new scars was just a bonus to their simple enough plan. Her mothers nose scrunched up as she had made the regrettable mistake of smelling Krea. “Augh! … You have seen better days."

"All thanks to you." Krea spat out, she rolled her tongue around trying to gather as much saliva as possible but finding none as she found it cotton dry, the mage bit into her tongue hard drawing blood and spat it in her mothers face. The crimson red splattered all over the blondes features, letting Krea go as she put her hand on the assaulting fluid. The raven haired girl could have sworn she saw a vein pulse on her mothers forehead as the evil ruler clenched her jaw and practically growled at Krea.

"Didn't your father teach you any manners?" She said while wiping off her face and signaling for Emory to punish the ill mannered country mage and he did with full pleasure. Grabbing Krea by the throat he lifted her off the ground till she couldn’t feel it under herself anymore, tighter and harsher his nails dug into her neck as the woman desperately tried to break free of his grasp. Emory grinned at her failing efforts, it was getting dark, Krea could feel herself loosing consciousness again but just as she was about to give in, Emory waved his free hand in front of her eyes and the aura that spilled from it brought her back fully awake and fighting for her freedom all over.

The taller mage laughed cruel at the pathetic magic user before him, that spell was the reason sleep evade her grasp when she was knocked out from the beatings. He’d use it to make it feel as though she never slept. Charlie stood there, arms crossed, observing it all. Her face emotionless, with a clearing of her throat Emory stopped chocking Krea and placed the gagging woman on the wall hanging from her shackles, the metal cutting through her skin only slightly.

"What… Do you want?” Krea wheezed out, still trying and failing to catch her breath. The walls texture she was hung against made her skin crawl. It felt as though chunks of dead flesh adorned the walls, but she shut the thought out of her mind. Charlie stepped over to her daughter, the rulers eyes locked on to ones glaring back at her.

"Haven't you ever heard of bait?" Charlie asked.

Krea had a slight flashback of her and Malcolm and how she always used him as bait. Karma has a cruel and twisted sense of humor she thought.

“Bait for what? You really think Alexandra would come and rescue me? She's not stupid." Furrowing her brow she pray Alex wasn’t stupid, quick to anger yes, but it doesn’t make her careless.  

"So you think she would just let you rot? That's cold." Charlie puffed up her lips to simulate a whining noise, to which Krea cringed.

"I think you're wasting your time." Krea bit back glaring at her mother, hatred and loathing clear as her eyes sparked like hot blue flames. The maleficent Queen disposed that look, it was the same as the filth father magic, she snarled.   

"Maybe. But here's a plan. I know that your little family reunited with her in the castle, but your little shield is preventing anyone from getting in. So of course, that's a problem that you are going to fix for me."

"Sorry, not happening."

"Fine." She sighed. "You knights always choose the hard way." She contemplated for a few moments. "Well, I guess I will just have to kill you."

"Mother." Emory interrupted. "Sorry to interrupt, but killing her might not be the wisest choice.”

"And why is that?"

“When a mage casts a spell of that caliber, their death could result in the permanent presence of that spell. If that were to happen, even blowing the floor from beneath there feet wouldn’t work. It’ll just get stronger as the mage who cast it bones wither away, their natural herb will keep it alive in death.” Charlie raised her hand as if to strike her son, but retracted it pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed deeply. Noticing the smug grin on the chained mages face she raised her hand once again and brought hard across Krea’s face the sound of the slap echoed for a time before she turned to her son, frustration momentarily gone.

"Than what do you suggest we do." She growled.

Emory looked at Krea with his red eyes glowing deep and as demonic as ever, the mage noticeably twitched as her half brother stared at her malice dripping from his mouth as he spoke. "We break her, and the spell is no more.” He grinned.

"Very well. Let me know when you're done." She walked out and slammed the door behind her, only to hear a woman's painful scream that echoed through the tunnel and to the outside.

Alex jolted up, chills running down her spin and in a cold sweat. She grabbed her mouth and ran to the nearest bathroom. This had been happening almost every morning for a few weeks. Deep down she knew what it was, but that couldn't be possible, Krea would never do that without telling her. Sure she wanted it, but not like this. After washing out her mouth she went out to meet Jordan’s worried stare.

"I know what it is."

"Me too." Alex stated, wiping the leftover gruel from her stomach emptying itself. 

"But it makes no sense. It's been three weeks and you look like you've been pregnant for months. You'll be giving birth within the next couple weeks at this rate."

"But how?" The former Queen questioned worry evident in her voice, a child, a family, the world she grew up in crumbled and her love was else were, Alexandra was beginning to think she was cursed. She clutched her swollen belly and swallowed a lump in her throat.

"I don't think Krea meant to create this. She must have had the idea still in her head while you two were..." She made a series of weird hand gestures before continuing. "Yeah. And it just kind of happened." Jordan finished shrugging and bent down to examine Alex’s belly. The Brunette looked at her unamused and still very much confused.

“Yes. Well your delightful demonstration of loving making aside, I meant how did another woman get me pregnant?” Alex said pointing at her baby lump. Jordan got up from her examining and put her hand up top her chin as she spoke.

“Well Krea is a mage. Her herb in her healing magic is used to repair cells as all mages, but instead of healing it was focused on the idea of creating a new life sense that was Krea’s mind set at the time… A family.” The medic finished the slightest bit of bitterness on behalf of the Queen slipping into her voice.    

"Okay that explains why I’m pregnant, but not how I'm four months in just a few weeks?”

"As I said, life energy is used to repair the skin cells of a wound. Transferring life energy into the womb both creates the baby and excels the rate it grows inside of you. Your body goes through the changes faster because the babies cell count is higher."

The brunette rubbed her now round stomach as a tear rolled down her face.  Jordan winced, she of all people knew what family meant to both the mothers, having lost half of it to sickness and the other to a blade, this child was all Alex and Krea could call their very own family made by the love they shared. The mage is still nowhere to be found however and like back then there family is shattered. The medic placed a hand softly on her friends shoulder trying to reassure her. “You should be happy, this baby is made of the love you and Krea share, better yet you’ll meet it soon.”

"I am… Truly I am, but it would be better if Krea was here to share this with me.” The Queen said in hushed and saddened whisper almost to quit for Jordan to hear, she hugged the small brunette hoping to calm her before anymore tears fell. The stress wouldn’t be good for the baby or her, Alex rested her head on the woman’s chest quit sobs being heard every so often as she rested both her hands on her belly.

"She will be. Roux and Scott are going to find her and are going to bring her home." Jordan said, letting go of the Queen and wiping stray tears away from her friends face as she took a few calming breaths. Alex nodded still unsure of Jordan’s words, but for now calm enough to manage a withered smile before both there attentions went to the rooms door.

Scott came into view in the door way and gestured for Jordan to follow him to the hall, as he disappeared from view Jordan gave Alex’s shoulder a firm squeeze before follow the man out the door. "Any news?" She asked, when they thought they were far enough that the Queen wouldn’t hear. Scott's expression was dark and Jordan's hopes were crumbling.

"We heard screaming in the woods. It wasn't to far."

"How can you be sure it's her?"

"Because I can feel jolts when she's in pain. Something all three of us have, it's why we're so close."

"Do you know where they came from?"


"So what does this mean?"

"We wait for more screams and follow them." The hurt on Scott's face said it all, and the bags under his eyes far more. The man and his sister hardly slept and when they did they’d only be out for ten minutes at most, Krea would of loved having such devoted siblings earlier in life. For a short second Jordan thought how different it would have gone for Krea and Alex to meet in a different way, she only saw them both smiling more. Jordan snapping out of that thought not wanting to dwell on ‘what ifs’.

"What happens if Krea...  Doesn't make it? Will the shield go down?" Jordan saw the anger in his face by her statement. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay." He said cutting her off. "The Queen is the main priority. No Queen means no Kingdom. A last spark of hope my father would never let fade no matter the…cost, if she dies, the force field stays, not as controlled but strong. I'm just afraid of her mind and body shutting down, that’s when it could shatter. If her mind is destroyed or heart clouded by hate.”

"What happens then?"

"Then we have a war coming our way."

Alexandra held a hand to her mouth to stop the renewed sobs as she overheard everything. "Krea." She whispered.

It had been a few weeks since the encounter with her mother and Emory. They had her arms still raised above her head, but she could stand on her own now. They had to keep her leveled now as the torture intensified. She looked everywhere for something to pick the locks so she could get out of this hell hole and back to her life with Alex. She had a promise to keep. The door opened once again, this time with a woman she had never seen before. She was holding a tray of food and looked like she didn't belong.

Green eyes met blue as she set the tray on the table and grabbed the clay cup of water. She held it to Krea's mouth and she accepted it. If she were to escape, she can't be dehydrated. "I'm sorry that they are doing this to you." She said. Her voice sounding angelic.

"Why are you apologizing if you're with them?" Krea asked.

"Because I'm not with them. I'm just a slave that doesn't agree with this and wants to help." The girl looked young, a little younger than herself but spoke with such wisdom.

"Who are you?" Krea asked.

"You ask a lot of questions. My name is Lily. Lily Rivera."

The name brought a tear to Krea's eye remembering her last night with Alex. "Okay Lily, why do you want to risk your life to help a stranger?"

"Again with the questions." The blonde smiled showing off perfect teeth. "I've been overhearing them talking about attacking Queen Alexandra. I know that you're the Commander so you need to go protect her and the baby."

Krea's eyes widened. "Baby? What baby!"

"She's due at any time apparently and you need to stop the Cao's from harming them." The girl said before going to the table to grab a pin. She placed it in Krea's hand and kissed her on the cheek. "Good luck Krea." She said before grabbing the tray and running out.

Krea didn't hesitate, she quickly began to pick the locks. She was never any good at this part. She managed to unhook one, but the door came open so she wrapped her free hand up. Her eyes grew wide when she saw who they pushed into the room. "Scott!"

Scott was tied up and beaten to a pulp, he was hardly recognizable. A large man and Emory entered the room, the large man with Scott draped over his shoulder and Emory twirled a dagger around his finger glaring at her as the large man through Scott to the ground. "Last chance Krea, bring down the barrier or your brother dies." He said as he gave said man a sharp kick to the ribs, Scott’s pathetic groan of pain followed by blood seeping through his mouth.

"I swear if you lay one more hand on him I'll-" She was cut off by the large man bringing his boot to Scott's back and sending him to the ground face first, so he lay spread out before her feet. Scott groaned his swollen beaten eyes appearing to tear up as he looked up at Krea, mouthing something illegible.

"You'll what?" Emory smiled, as he looked upon the failed efforts of his half brother attempting to speak.

"I'll kill you and mom." Krea snared as the words came out as dark as her voice allowed.

The man laughed in amusement as he grabbed Scott by the hair and held a knife to his throat so Krea had the best view to watch her brothers blood drain, his eyes glowed crimson red as he glided the dagger just enough to draw blood. "I have a hard time believing you."

Krea worked on picking the lock on her other hand, hoping they wouldn't notice in the darkness she just had to keep him talking. Scott can’t die, first Malcolm due to her actions, then her father she couldn’t lose him. The mage worked more frantically as the dagger went deeper into her brothers throat.  

"You have three seconds Commander. Three."

"I don't know how." She bluffed.


"Please!" She begged.

It was early silent before the unthinkable happened. "One."

It all happened too fast, she got the final lock picked right as her brothers throat was sliced open. Blood splattered her face as she cried out and jumped on the large man, wrapping his neck with the chain and bringing all her weight down on it. The man was struggling for air before Krea was forced back by a gust of wind and sent to the wall. Instead of falling, she was being held up by a spell of Emory's.

"This way you can't get out. Do I have to do everything myself!"

Krea was beside herself, crying uncontrollably. He left the room and went right to Charlie. "It better be good news!" She shouted.

"It's done mother, the force field is down, I can feel it."

"Good than send in your men and end this before I have to."

"What about the baby."

"If it's born, bring it to me, if not, then so be it."

"What about Krea?"

"Leave her there to starve."

"Yes ma'am." The man said before running to collect his men.

"How can she still be missing!?" Alexandra shouted. Holding her stomach from a sudden pain. "Now Scott's missing too!"

"I don't know." Jordan stared. "I really don't."

Alex felt the baby moving around and buckled her knees a bit while a liquid stream went down her legs and created a puddle on the floor. Walter ran in and slipped on it, not catching himself in time. "What is this!?" He shouted as the liquid seep down his chest.

"Walter! It's time, help me get her to a bed."

"What!? No it can't be time!"

"And why not?"

"We're under attack. The force fields are down."

Alex began to break down, her thoughts raced Not Krea! They couldn’t have no! SHE WOULDN’T BREAK her mind screamed, hot tears rolled down her face as her physical pain and grief began to meld. Her screams at losing her knight nearly ear piercing, she was at the edge of a total break down.

"Keep it together Alex! Krea's not dead. Be strong for the baby!" Jordan tried shouting over the weeping brunette. "Walter I'll take care of this, you go out and help the soldiers. How many do we have?"

"Enough to by you some time."

"Good enough. Go!" He walked up to Jordan and kissed her passionately on the lips.

"In case I never get the chance."

Jordan was shocked ,but smiled and watched the man retreat back into battle then turned to Alex. "It's you and me hon, don't worry, we'll get through this." She said while putting the brunette's arm around her shoulder.

“Just make sure I don’t lose the baby too.” Alex said, trying to keep her composure.

Krea stared at her brothers lifeless body. She couldn't cry anymore. She had to get to Alex. If what Lily said was true, than they need her. She felt a vibration from the floor. 'That can't be good.' She thought. She used every ounce of power she could to break the invisible force field holding her there. She hit the ground with a thud and crawled to her brother. "I will avenge you Scott. And your lover that Charlie stole from you."

She got up slowly, before going to open the door. She still had some energy, but not enough to fight. She opened the door to see Lily holding up a potion. "It's not much, but it will help get your strength back. Good luck." She ran off yet again. Krea drank the cold blue liquid and she felt the life circulate through her veins. It was a long tunnel, but she made it outside to the woods and noticed large flames coming from the direction of the castle.

"I'm coming Princess." She said before running in the same direction.

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