Breaking Boundaries

This story follows two woman. Alexandra (Queen) who is trying to rule through chaos, and Krea (Knight) who finds out that everything she had ever known was a lie. They grew up in two different worlds, but under the same roof. Krea was a peasant who's dream was to become a knight. Alexandra was royalty. They had crossed paths at a young age and grew up to become best friends. Eventually the stars aligned and they grew feelings for each other. Bad news... It just so happens to happen when the Cao Kingdom units all other Kingdoms to turn against Queen Alexandra. Can the Queen keep order and peace? Will Krea ever find out about her past? Or fear her future?


6. It Begins

Kevin's nose scrunched up at the smell of stale piss and vomit. Loud tavern goers and songs from the bards as the music played. Wenches selling their drinks and body's. It was all damn repulsive, not to mention irritating. The man could barely think over the smell and noise.

He sat alone at a small round table for two. It was the only table with no blood or any other fluids he could find, visibly anyway. The Old Hag was a popular drinking hole for the lowest of the low in the Queen's kingdom. You couldn't wave your hand without hitting a killer, thief, or whore. He hadn't the faintest idea why Alexandra hadn't burned the vial tavern down and arrested everyone inside. Although what he was about to do was treason, he was a criminal just as they were now. he chuckled to himself at the thought.

Taking a swig of his ale, letting the bitter taste wash over his tongue and burn his throat as he enjoyed the irony of hating all the people there, when he was no better. Kevin's loyalty to the kingdom had never wavered in the past, but now? He'd strangle the Queen in front of her subjects if he could, not before crushing Krea and his father under his foot of course. 

The sickening smile on his lips at the thought fell, as a cloaked figure walked into the crowded tavern. They looked in every direction as if they were searching for someone, Kevin recognized him instantly and grunted "Finally." As he gestured, getting the individuals attention. The cloaked man walked through a crowd of drunks and one of the intoxicated slobs made a grab at his arm.

"Give! Meeee what ya got... T- There!" The drunk old man stammered out, pointing a knife at the much taller man. The smaller of the two made a another grab, this time for his pouch of coins. It was the last move the geezer made. 

The taller man crushed the drunken thief's wrist in his grip, causing a howl of pain that cut through the tavern music and caused everyone to go silent. Others started to rise to fight him, but the cloaked man with a flick of his wrist turned his attacker into solid ice. 

There was no screaming from frightened men and women, just a deathly silent atmosphere as those that had wished to challenge him went back to there drinks and slowly the bards back to there singing. 

The man sat across from Kevin as the tavern came back to life with sound and the owners removed the frozen old man. Mages are not to be trifled with, caged or not. Kevin glared at him.

"Was that absolutely necessary?" He snared.

The man put his hood down, and responded "I was merely defending myself" as he ordered his one drink. Mages made Kevin's skin crawl, but they were needed so he pushed back his discomfort and got back at the matter at hand. He hadn't called Rex out just for a friendly drink, they were taking to much time with the plan.

"Why is it taking you so long to do this!" Kevin shouted, slamming his fist on the table after saying 'this', which caused the mage to look up sharply. Rex wasn't startled, just attentive seeing as how for now Kevin was his owner, a fact that made his shoulder blades itch.

"It's taking longer than expected my lord. We have to wait for the right moment." Rex responded evenly.

"And when is that? A few weeks? Months? A year?" Kevin pressed. He hadn't been able to make Commander, so there plan had been set back and now they were taking time they just didn't have Charlie was getting impatient, Kevin was to make Commander, get close to the Queen and kill her in her sleep. Clean and easy, but there was no chance of that now. The failure had angered Charlie and they couldn't afford another or it would be his head she'd take instead of the Queens. The thought making him visibly shake, Rex took a sip of his ale and sighed.

"I will do everything I can to make sure it happens tonight, don't worry ser." He assured.

"You better, my life is on the line mage. Listen... My father, Malcolm and Krea are very close they relay on each other for information. Defense, overseeing knight training, you name it. Take one or two and the Kingdoms defenses falls, so get them when they're alone. They are too much all together."

The man in front of him laughed darkly, Rex loved a challenge although dividing and conquering seemed the 'best' route. He couldn't shake the urge to take the 'fun' route instead, but seeing as how Kevin failed. Charlie was already on edge and he didn't wish to deal with the woman if it all got out of hand. He wasn't known for self control however.

Rex huffed. "We'll see about that."

"It's an order Rex." Kevin said weakly as Rex's eye sparked alive with killing intent.

Krea sat cross legged atop a stone examination table in the castles infirmary. The arrow that had gone clean through her bicep caused a wound that had begun interfering with her training. She was never one to come to get checked relatively ever, she found it a waste of time. A fact that her friend Jordan, the castles doctor, found irrupting to say the least. 

The blonde couldn't ignore it any longer, however, as lifting her sword was now becoming a bit of a struggle. Jordan looked the arm over, making sure it still had all the proper movements. Next she checked for muscle tares, it all seemed fine given the situation her friend had been in, but she soon saw the problem and shook her head slightly.

"Why didn't you let me check this as soon as you came back?" Jordan asked in a frustrated tone.

"I didn't really notice any pain until I picked up my sword, sorry." Krea said feeling much like a child as she was being semi yelled at for her inaction.

"It's alright." She grabbed Krea's ear playfully. "You only waited a week, it's infected, but not as bad as it should have been .You're very lucky." She said as she released Krea smiling sweetly. The blonde rubbed her ear in mock hurt humoring her friend, but as she placed a hand on her now wrapped bicep, she remembered the face of the knight the arrow hit after it had went through her in an effort to protect him. It was a twisted mess of pain, fear, and the realization he must of had that he was going to die. She shuddered.

"I guess you could say that." She answered soberly.

"How have you been?" Jordan lightly asked noticing her friends crest fallen face.

"It's been rough. Sleepless nights watching over the gates making sure no one gets near the Queen." She sighed. Damn Kevin."

"Any luck with the rat?" The doctor inquired as she helped Krea off the tall examination table.

"I have my theories, I just need to find proof for them." Krea stated while moving her bandaged arm every which way, testing its mobility and finding it loose enough to be comfortable and tight enough to not get caught on anything.

"Well, I know you can do it, after all no one is as tough as you" Jordan said hopefully.

"Thanks Jordan."the blonde responded earnestly.

Krea and Jordan had been friends since they were kids, though Jordan's study's had kept her more indoors for most of her life. She still made time for the blonde when she cooked up a scheme or mischievous plan, they were a hand full when put together back then. They met through there parents, Krea's mother and father were long time friends with Jordan's. 

While Krea dreamed of being a Knight as a child, Jordan's goal was to be a healer on and off the field of battle. After reviewing Krea's physical chart, Jordan looked to the blonde.

"Okay, I don't recommend any fighting anytime soon." She stated sternly.

"How long exactly?" Krea asked. No fighting with all that's been going on? That was the last thing she wanted to hear.

"A couple weeks. You must allow your body the proper rest. Further stress on the arm could lead to the infection becoming worse and spread through your body, you have to rest Krea, no other way around it." Jordan said with all the professionalism she could muster. Her friend had always been stubborn about these things, so Krea had to understand this was serious.

"You know I can't do that. What if we're attacked?" The blonde stressed, what was she supposed to do just stand there as the enemy took the kingdom and carried Alex out of here like a sack of potatoes?

"You couldn't even if you tried. As I said before, the infection would spread. How are you with your left arm?" She said looking at said limb as the blonde moved it. She hated limiting Krea like this, but if she didn't set limits it would be a lot worse later for her friend.

"I mean I've trained with it, but I'm not ready to take on the enemy." The knight grimly put. Jordan sighed, Krea was their best chance at defending this place if the worse did come to pass. Her professional opinion aside, Krea might be able to still use her right arm if given some herbal supplements to fight the infection, because in all honesty, was she just gonna let the Queen get dragged out of here like a sack of potatoes.

"Than rest for as long as you can. Until there is no choice. I'll have something for you if it worsens." Jordan reasoned.

"Aright." Krea went to the door, hand on the knob as she turned her head back she said. "Thank you."

"Anytime." Jordan responded as the door shut behind the blonde.

Making her way down the large hallway Krea noticed Kevin talking to a monster of a man. She doesn't think she's ever seen anyone that huge, it was damn near nightmare inducing. They both seemed to be whispering to one another, the larger mans voice was deep and raspy that of a dragons if it had the ability to talk. 

Krea couldn't shake off the growing feeling of something being very much off.What business did a man like that have being here? And why was he talking to Kevin of all people? Well she wasn't going to find out by just standing there, hopefully she wouldn't end up fight, hopefully. She walked towards them cautiously.

"Kevin." She called out. The two men looked her way, the taller of the two visibly making a face of annoyance and disgust before being sent away by Kevin with a light push. Kevin looked back at Krea as the large man disappeared down the hall. The blonde was planning on pursuing, but was blocked by the brunette man. He looked down at her in that condescending way he always did. Gods he made her blood boil just by existing at times. Kevin looked her over, making her skin crawl in the process.

"How's the arm Commander?" He spat out the title like it was bad ale.

"Fine. Who was that man?" She demanded more then asked.

"A new recruit is all. I was just showing him around." He said in a matter fact tone.

"Why have I never seen him before?" She snared, his tone only enraging her further. The mans presents was a damn cancer.

"Do you really know everyone's face by memory?" He asked.

"No, but I think I would remember a man the size of a hut." She angrily stated, moving to step past him, but he blocked her way. Krea clenched her fists.

"I did say he was new. Look, I know you've been stressed out because of the possible threat to the Kingdom, but don't let your paranoia scare off a new recruit like that. You said so yourself, he's the size of a hut, we need that tank on the battlefield right?" He stated, confidently and without hesitation. Krea hated him, but he was making sense. Asshole.

"Fine I guess." She turned to walk away, done with this whole exchange.

"It isn't working you know." Kevin stated before she even took a step, he needed the Queen to be closer.


"Alexandra, she's not... Doing anything. She's just acting like a kicked puppy sulking, and when I try talking to her now it's like she's not even there." Krea stared daggers at him, he had some fucking balls she'll give him that. Mentioning Alex like this after what he made her do, even asking for help it seemed.

"That's not my fault, I did my part. If she doesn't find you interesting it's just her good taste." The blonde had it with this guy. In fact, if it wasn't for her bad arm she'd clobber him till he went blind, but she wasn't wasting her one opportunity to fight on him.

"Look, I really am sorry." Kevin tried, stubborn bitch just get over it already the man thought. If Krea wanted her back, he'd be happy to bury them together after the plan started.

"No your not." Krea walked up to him. They were face to face now, hers being scrunched in anger. "I had to give up the love of my life because of you and now you want me help in trying to make her fall for you? Listen to the words that are about to come out of my mouth. Go. Fuck. Yourself." She practically hissed the last words and turned around on that note.

"I need you to prove that you've already forgotten her." He called out to her retreating form. He couldn't let her just walk away, he needed the Queens trust. Charlie demanded it and he wasn't about to disappoint again. He grabbed her injured arm and she winced, but met his gaze with on swayed fury. "Don't make me hurt her." Kevin stated giving her arm at tight squeeze.

Krea ripped her arm away and stormed off, this won't ever end will it? Break Alex's heart, lying to herself, being at the damn mercy of that bastard De Campos. She gritted her teeth to the point her gums bled, her stomach twisted into knots. I'm sorry Princess.

Alexandra walked with Walter, making there way onto the field to observe the knights training. Jordan who had tagged along to make sure Krea hadn't chosen to ignore her previous medical advice by joining in the training. Krea straightened up to Jordan, ignoring the stares from both the Queen and Walter. Taking a deep breathe while staring at her old friend, she gulped.

"Jordan, don't let what I'm about to do change our friendship." The blonde stated quickly and quietly.

"Huh?" Before Jordan could question her, Krea's lips were on hers and were moving in sync, which caught her fellow knights on the field attention as they cheered and whistled for their Commander. 

Alexandra couldn't believe it, her blood drained out of her body at the display. Steeling herself, she walked past the kissing women, her goal to make it back to her corridors without killing anyone. Krea pulled back once the cheering from her fellow brothers and sisters in arms died down. Jordan wiped her mouth, as she looked at her friend shocked and questioning.

"Please tell me that had a cause." She stated she looked on confused.

Krea's eyes went cold. "Yeah, unfortunately." Kevin is going to die by her hands, she thought in bitter anger towards the man. The thought of him actually comforting Alex after this made the blonde slightly dry heave. 

Then she noticed something. The man that Kevin had been speaking to, the one he claimed was a new recruit was no where to be found on the training field. She was never good with small details, but that man was no small anything, Kevin had lied.

"Great work today! We always need to be prepared, now you all have your jobs, tend to them." Walter bellowed at the Knights as they dispersed.

Krea walked up to Walter, this has to be said now. "We need to talk about your son." She stated bluntly.

"Is that so?" He inquired whilst walking to the training weapon shack.

"Yes. I have reason to believe he is the rat." That got Walters full attention as he faced her, a look of concern played on his face.

"Do you have any proof?" He asked carefully.

"Not physical proof but-" She was interrupted.

"But nothing Krea. Look, I know he can be an ass-"

"Can be?"

"Okay. He is an ass, but he's still my son. I don't believe he would ever betray the Kingdom, let alone the Queen. He fancies her ya know."

Krea rolled her eyes My left tit he does. "Sorry Sir, for the assumptions."

"You need to get some rest Krea. It's been a long week for you, and we need you at your best." He lightly chimed.

Krea didn't say anything, just started walking to the barracks. Who was that man? She thought lastly before continuing on her way. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the stables that her and Malcolm would secretly train in, gods it had been so long since she'd been here. Her nostalgia getting the better of her she went inside. As soon as the blonde opened the door there was something... Off about the atmosphere. 

There was burnt hay and black marks on the walls. Why would someone start a fire in here. She looked to her left and noticed a leg sticking out from a horses stable. The blonde ran over and what she saw made heart sink, it was her best friend with burns and other wounds all over his body.

"Malcolm!" She knelled down next to him examining his chard form. "Help!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. "Please! Somebody help me!" She checked his pulse it was weak, but there. Without hesitation she grabbed his arm and put him over her shoulder. Lifting his limp body, trying to leave the stables. Krea then noticed that the fire seemed to have a mind of it's own as it jumped from the hay stack and engulfed the support beams in flames. If she hadn't seen it, she'd never believed it. She sped up her strides making it out before the flames seared them both. 

She was out as soon as the door way caved in, the smoke quickly alerting everyone near by. Jordan was the first that came running over with a few people who had buckets of water. "Does he have a pulse?" Jordan asked kneeling down to examine Malcolm.

"Barely." Krea responded rapidly, how could she let this happen if Malcolm if he...No she couldn't. Wouldn't let that happen!

"Help me lift, we need him in the infirmary. Now." They both carried the man to the castle as Walter and the other Knights fought the fire.

They put him on the table ripping whatever was left of his shirt open. "How bad is it?" Krea asked never taking her eyes off Malcolm.

"These are third, even fourth degree burns. It's hard to say Krea, but I need you to leave the room." Jordan stated.

"I'm not leaving him!" The blonde shouted.

"You have too!" The doctor shouted right back.

Krea's eyes watered. She squeezed his hand one last time and walked out of the door. She placed her hand on the shut door, his burned body the sight of it, made her want to...I'm so sorry Malcolm. She thought as she turned and was greeted by Walter, sweaty and covered in ash.

"What's happened out there?" He asked.

"I don't know. What should we do?" Krea questioned, what could they do really.

"It's your call Commander" Walter simply stated.

Krea was shocked that he put so much trust into her, but then again he wouldn't have given her the title Commander if he didn't. Krea thought for a moment before speaking.

"It's obvious that wasn't a normal fire. Someone openly attacked Malcolm, and now that someone is possibly in this castle. I want all entrances to the castle under guard, no one leaves or gets in. Send a small group of hunters to search around for any intruders, make sure any one who can't fight is indoors and safe. Walter, you and the best of the knights guard the  front door." She said every order with authority and a sternness in her voice that was fitting of the title Commander.

"Right away, what of you though."

"I'm going to my quarters for my armor and I'll join you at the entrance."

"Ma'm!" He saluted before running off to get everyone into position and get suited up himself.

Krea walked past the Queens door, she didn't bother knocking.

"I know you can hear me Alex. Stay in there, we could be under attack. I'll come and get you when it's safe."

There was no response, but she knew her words had gotten through. She continued down the hall and finally made it to her room and noticed her door was slightly ajar. She walked briskly through and studied every inch. There was nothing missing or miss placed. Maybe she just forgot to shut it. 

She went to her armor and heard her door shut. "Alex?" She asked before turning around and coming face to face with the walking hut of a man that had spoken to Kevin. He grabbed her shirt, lifted her up and threw her across the room and into a table as it broke into pieces.

"Light as a feather." His deep voice boomed.

She quickly got up, trying to ignore the pain shooting through her arm and now ribs. Running at the man, she dug her shoulder into his midsection, but to no avail. He didn't move an inch, his lips curled up into a snare as he locked his arm around her neck in a tight grip bringing his knee to her chest and sternum. 

She grunted in pain and was thrown like a rag doll once again, landing against her door actually cracking the hard oak on impact. The man lifted her sup. Her feet were no where near the ground and gave her a right hook in the stomach before lifting her completely over his head and throwing her straight through the door, landing the blonde in the hallway groaning in pain as her attacker stepped out of the room to loom over her.

Alexandra heard a loud thud and some commotion from the hallway. Krea's room was just down the hallway the Queen was dying of worry, she has to get out. She was about to open her door, but was startled as it opened and Kevin rushed inside, locking it behind him.

"You do not want to go out there right now!" He yelled, standing between her and the door.

"Why? What is happening?" The brunette asked frantically.

"The castle is under attack your majesty! Mages and brutes are trying to take control, Malcolm was already taken out, I have to make sure you're safe!"

"Malcolm was- Is Krea out there? Is she okay?"

"I don't know my lady."

The large man connected to the blondes face yet again, this time causing a crunching sound. Her nose had been broken and possibly her jaw. She kneed him in his manhood and flipped him over her head into one of the knights showcases. He landed on his neck and was dazed.

"That sounded close! I have to see if they need help!"

"No Alexandra, I can't let you!"

"The hell you can't!" She grabbed his sword from his holster, pressing it on Kevin's throat causing blood to drip on the floor. "Let me out!" She ordered darkly. Kevin put his hands up and stood aside as the Queen unlocked the door and ran towards the noise. She noticed two figures on the ground, one looked very familiar.

Krea used the wall to help her up and left blood and sweat on the wall. She ran at the man and gave him a right hook while he was on his knees and it made a loud body cringe crack that echoed through the hall. Krea felt the pain in her arm and let out a scream. Out of the corner of her eye the blonde finally noticed Alexandra standing there in shock, then the man before her made eye contact with the Queen. 

He tried charging at the her, but Krea ran into him and sent him to the wall. A regrettable action to be sure as the Knight felt a sharp sting on her hip. Krea looked down and noticed a blade that had impaled her, placing her hand shakily on the wound she fell to the floor taking a knight armor display with her. The man finally finding his balance came at her, but was stopped short as a sword came at his neck.

"Back off!" The queen snared. Alexandra's blood was at a boil. This fat bastard is gonna pay she thought heatedly as she glared up him. She looked back at the blonde, it was just like that time when Krea was proving herself to become a knight. She was beaten and battered, back then Alex couldn't interfere, but now? The brunette snared imagining Kevin before her on that day.

He just smiled. "And what are you going to do with tha-" His sentenced was cut short and Krea looked up to see the mans head cut clean in half as his huge body crumbled to the ground in a bloody heap.

"Nice one." Krea coughed.

Alexandra went to the woman's side. "I'll take you to Jordan."

"Wait." Krea coughed. "I can't go in there."

"You need medical attention."

"Malcolm is in there, he needs all of Jordan's attention for his wounds."

"She can handle you both."


"No! I can't lose you Krea! Not like this. I understand if you don't want me anymore, but I will NOT let you die."

"I love you."It was a whisper, due to the lack of air. Before Alex could process, Krea continued. "Besides, I can't die yet, we have a waterfall to get to." Alex hugged the blonde, a little to tight causing her to cough a bit.

"Sorry. Let's get you to Jordan so you can keep that promise." 

"Kevin is the one who did this. He's the traitor." Krea mumbled.

"Kevin? But he's..."

"Where is he?" Krea asked.

"In my room." Krea tried getting up but was stopped by the queen. "I have a better idea. If we make it out of this, than he'll pay. For everything."

Krea just nodded and let the girl helped her to the infirmary. Krea was passed out by the time they got there.

"What happened!?" Jordan asked.

"I don't know the whole story." She helped the doctor get Krea on the table by Malcolm.

"Is she going to be okay?"

"I don't know."

"What about Malcolm?"

She sighed. "I don't know."

Alex saw both of the people that she grew up with and loved, both with fatal injuries. It broke her heart. She went to the window and noticed a few mages taking out her knights. A few were all Charlie needed. "You might wanna hurry."


"We're going to have some company soon." Alex stated.

"Hold them back!" Walter shouted as he brought his sword down into the Cao kingdoms knight shoulder, hacking his way straight through the armor and flesh. Blood splattering on his face as he heard the bones break and the muscle tare. 

Walter in a line of his finest officers stood tall, defending their Kingdom's main gate from the enemies advance. The body's of the knights who fell in the beginning of the siege only further fueling his and the remanding troops fire to fight. 

They all knew this would be hard fought and with the intel Krea had given them, he shuddered to think of the magic wielders who would possibly be joining the battle. The man had faced his share of mages, but an entire army? Well at least his life wasn't boring. He looked back at his fellow warriors some injured most exhausted, he gritted his teeth. They would not lose here.

"They will not get past us! Stand your ground! Do not falter!" He roared, lifting his blade high the Generals comrades joining in the action, steeling there hearts and minds as they continued the fight with twice the vigor. The last man of the tenth wave fell as the clanging of swords and shields died down to a cold, almost time stopping silence. Walter had taken a knee, the man was old but he never showed it in battle, but the way the body's were piling up it appeared more and more like a slaughter. 

The crows had already begun to swarm the open field, clawing and pecking at the fresh corpses. The sight wasn't exactly good for morale and the stench of this much blood even made seasoned warriors like Walter nauseous. They couldn't let there spirit wavier now. Using his blade as support, Walter struggled to make it back on his feet. Finally seeming to get his balance the old warrior felt a rumble shake the earth, his imagination maybe? 

It happened again, this time it sent Walter back on his ass. Walter hustled to get back on his feet calling his remaining knights to him. They created a new wall of defense with their shields as the man looked to the horizon. There he saw the cause of the ground trembling, Cao's banner and flags were risen high as Mages and Warriors chanted in unison, blocking the sun with their numbers that stretched from one castle corner to the other. 

The veteran warrior's mouth was a gape. In all his years he had never seen so many magic wielders unbound, free, and unfortunately for his exhausted troops, battle ready. The mages began fires in the town beyond the castle, civilians screams were heard as ash filled the air, his knights couldn't do a thing for them, but hold the line and defend the castle. If anyone survived, his men would find them gods willing. Making the earth tremble with there marching alone? those damned bastards he thought in anger. The Cao's numbers were great and their power was terrifying, but they would not be defeated in will. Walter gave out a battle cry that matched the might of a dragon, his men once again joining in the rallying call. Whatever happens now is in fates hands and fate favors the brave.

Alexandra was turning her corridors inside out looking for armor, weapons, anything. She'd settle for a magical gem stone at this point. Her father had always kept things like that hidden in case of emergencies, Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst had been the mans calling card, but unfortunately for the brunette, he was always so damn secretive about where anything helpful might have been. Here she was, taring her room apart and still nothing. 

The battle raging outside was visible out her window. The Queens Knights were struggling as they had no means of magical defense. Countless body's littered the ground and beyond that, her land and it's people burned. The scent of ash and burning flesh loomed in the air. It was horrifying, all her father had built and Alexandra managed to destroy it and what was left, she didn't even have the tools to defend. "Damn it all!" She shouted, covering her mouth right after the foolish out burst. The Queens eyes fell on her bedroom door still wide open as she hadn't a mind to close it in her rush. 

They couldn't have made it into the castle. There were knights guarding all the entrances, not to mention the hunters on defense in the castle itself. If anyone made it through, they'd have disposed of them, still. Her fear of a breach was fully realized as screams echoed through the hall, followed with the sound of several people running her way. Quickly she hid behind her dresser. 

A few men rushed past her door, all uninterested in the seemingly empty room. All but one, he walked in slowly observing the large room before shutting the door as he went further in. Alexandra held her breathe, not moving a muscle. Was she trained to fight? Yes. Did she have the ability to kill if need be? Yes. All of that made her no less frightened. She never fought a mage and if this man was one, she briefly remembered Malcolm's body chard practically lifeless. Magic was not something to take lightly. 

The decision of revealing herself ultimately wasn't hers however as the tall man lifted the heavy dresser with an arm gesture. Slamming it into the door to block escape. That answers the 'If he's a mage question.' Alexandra stood up facing him frightened, but unwavering. Fear is no reason for weakness, before an enemy after all mage or no. His hooded face revealed practically glowing crimson eyes that met her dark brown, both refusing to look away. One thing stood out to her. Whoever this man was, he looked somewhat like Krea.

He stepped forward expecting the Queen to step back, but she didn't budge. Rather it was out of new found bravery or paralyzing fear, Alex couldn't say. "What luck." He breathed out, smiling. His dark brown hair was pulled back and his once red eyes turned into a brilliant emerald green. "The Queen... All alone and defenseless." 

He took another step forward, the woman still not moving an inch. The man chuckled going to touch her face and almost getting his neck sliced open as Alex's dagger grazed his throat. The green eyed man grabbed her wrist, twisting it and disarming her. The blade fell with a clang and Alex fell with a thud against the wall after he kicked her in the stomach for good measure.

"Well well... Looks can be deceiving." He chimed, picking up the dagger while rubbing his throat. The brunette couldn't believe she missed, arm wrapped around her stomach she cautiously stood up. Alexandra glared at him, some fear leaving as irritation started to take over. She had a temper and the way he stood there, cocky over his little victory more then rubbed her the wrong way, but he was dangerous and flying off the handle wouldn't help.

"Who are you!"Alexandra demanded, through gritted teeth.

"Oh forgive me, where are my manners? My lady..." He bowed. "My name is Emory. Emory Cao."

"A Cao? Charlie had only one son." She said not believing a word out of the mans mouth. Alex hadn't heard of Charlie having another child, a mage son at that. She got her answer on the 'how' as the mage dead panned.

"Yes well my mother was a whore or rather still is, but it's her life, I won't dictate how she lives it, through her I was created after all." His eyes glowed red again briefly as he looked back to Alex.

"Did she send you or do you have your own agenda? " The Cao kingdom was invading obviously, but her murder. Was he to carry it out? If so, why he hadn't he done it yet? This didn't make any sense, what does Charlie want?

"Your majesty, what kind of question is that? My mother sent me and the army, however my mission is not to kill you. If that's your worry, we want your Commander. What was her name?" He trailed off as he thought of it, whirling the dagger still in his hand.

"Krea." Alex whispered, covering her mouth.

"Krea! Yes. Krea Bu, The damned wench that killed my brother and tied his lifeless body for everyone to see. A mother and nations revenge really. Now why don't you make yourself useful." He threw the blade cutting the side of Alex's face before hitting the wall with a thunk. His voice dripped with pure hatred, eyes glowing red as he closed the distance between them so fast she never even saw him move a muscle as he had her against the wall. "Tell me where Krea is!"

Krea woke up in a daze, she blinked several times before attempting to move, her body ached and her mouth felt extremely dry. Moving her head to the right, the blonde came face to face with Malcolm as he laid next her on a separate examination table. He looked so calm, still, dead. 

She tried reaching for him to get any sign of life to know her friend was still here, before her hand could even so much as graze his forehead, he mumbled something incoherent. Krea breathed a sigh of relief. Sitting up slowly as she felt every one of her muscles scream in protest. The Knight couldn't afford to lay there forever, she moved to hop off the table and just then her head pounded as she was harshly reminded of what had put her in this state. 

Memory's came to her too quickly to process, but one was a constant. She has to get to Alex. Jordan walked back into the main room after rummaging in the back to find Krea attempting to keep her balance as she held her forehead in pain, she rushed to the blondes side dropping the box of herbs she had been holding.

"Easy there Krea, you were beaten pretty badly not to mention stabbed." Jordan explained as she helped her friend stand, placing her in a nearby chair. The doctor went back to the box and handed Krea an almost blood red leaf, the blonde looked up at her confused. "Just eat it." The knight did as she was told, it was extremely bitter and tart but in a matter of seconds her head stopped pounding and with that of the way she ignored the psychical with ease. Standing up and moving about to make sure she still could.

"You always manage to get beat up by large hairy men" Jordan joked. Well half joking, it was starting to become a fact frighteningly enough.

"Yeah, tell me something I don't know." Krea groaned as did a few jabs in the air, she can't believe she got blindsided by that hut with legs. How could she have missed him? She has to regroup Alex, Jordan, and Malcolm are all in the infirmary so they should be safe till she gets back with weapon. They could still win this as long as there are no more surprises.

"Well..." Jordan said, making Krea look at her defeated and honestly afraid to find what else she didn't know. The doctor rubbed the back of her neck uncomfortably, trying and failing to find the right words.

"What? Spit it out woman!" The blonde said lifting her arms up to further express her impatience.

"Alexandra isn't here anymore." Jordan blurted out, she swore she saw a vain the size of her index finger appear on her friends neck. Well that can't be goodshe thought as her friend went about the room pacing back and forth swearing and trying to calm herself, but mostly swearing. The blonde stopped before looking at her intensely.

"Where is she?"

"She went back to her chambers to look for something." The brunette said she'd be back soon. Three hours ago, shit. Grabbing Krea by the shoulders firmly, Jordan tried to calm her down.

"I'm sure she's fine. You trained her-" She was cut off the blonde not listening to a word, well so much for calming her down.

"Are there any men inside?" Krea said as she broke away and looked out the window, the court yard entrance had been ripped apart. "Shit." Jordan looked out as well.

"Oh gods..."

"I have to go after her. I need my armor." Krea stated, she wouldn't let them have Alex. Ever. Jordan nodded and headed back into the herbal room, coming back out in seconds with said armor in hand along with remedy's she had prepared.

"I brought it for you after Alex dragged you back here, I kind of figured you'd need it. Look, your arm and now the rest of you body is vulnerable don't push it, me and Malcolm over there would like to see you in one piece when you get back. Imagine him waking up to finding out I let you get killed. I'd never hear the end of it" She said finishing with a smile as she handed the blonde her armor.

Krea walked over, a grateful smile on her face as she started to gear up. "Thanks, Are you coming?"

"No. I have to attend to Malcolm." She said looking over at his sleeping form.

"Will you be okay?"

"Of course, just go get Alex" Jordan said while making a 'shoo' gesture with her hand.

Nodding, Krea made her way to the door before walking out she simply said "You better be alive next time I see you." As the door closed behind her.

"Same to you Krea." Jordan responded to the silent room.

Krea left to the lower level running full speed up the stairs, she needs back up.

A huge shadow cast upon the men outside, causing the fight to stop as they looked up in horror. Walter realized what it was by the way it's roar threatened to shatter the very sky apart. He had never seen one this close before. It was blood red and had wings the size of a which could stretch from their kingdom to the Cao's land, maybe further. They kicked up the dirt all around them as well as dead troops, blades every thing that couldn't fight against the powerful gust. It was the largest monstrosity he had ever seen, it could... No it will devour them all, but no he had to focus, it didn't appear to be headed to the battle. Focusing back on the fight.

"You really think I would tell you? Your as stupid as your mother. I'm not saying a word!!" Alex struggled to say as her throat was being squeezed.

"Oh really?" Emory immediately snared. "Well, if I can't find her than I can take you I suppose. Than Krea would come to me fighting through it all for you. Oh... Mother would be so very pleased, not only will we be able to torture Krea, but we can rid this Kingdom of the Queen and take it for ourselves." Emory loved it when a plan came together all he has to do is keep Alex locked up somewhere and when Krea comes rushing, oh yes vengeance will not be swift- His thoughts were interrupted as Alex spat at him.

"You'll die before you can even leave this room with me you damned pig."

"Feisty. I like it. You will be very useful to me." He said as he wiped his face, resisting the urge to end the bitch.

Emory made his way to the door, but before he could even begin the spell to move the dresser it broke into pieces as Krea burst through. She wasted no time charging at the him. Dropping the Queen, he lifted his hand and created a protective energy shield which as soon as it made contact with Krea's blade, the blonde was launched back and landed on the floor dazed. Then with a flick of his wrist, a gust of wind sent her slamming into the hallway wall.

"Krea!" The queen shouted. Three other knights filed in ready to fight the man. Each swing was precise, but Emory was growing bored of it quickly and used a small incantation. He took care of them one by one as spirits ripped them to shreds.

He chuckled. "Well... That was fun." He turned around facing the downed blonde, fire now engulfing his hands. "Now that I have Krea, I don't need you anymore." His eyes glowed red as a fireball came Alexandra's way. Krea didn't know how, but jumped in front of Alex as the fire was melting her armor. She grabbed her blade, twisted her body and ran at the mage, grabbing a fallen knights shield, blocking any fire attacks that came her way. 

 Once she was close enough, the woman swung at the him, cutting Emory's arm open. He gripped his arm as the cut started to expand and burn him "This is... YOU DAMN COW!!" The man screamed as he fell in mind numbing pain. Krea smiled Thanks Jordan. Dropping her sword, her injured arm got the best of her. She looked up and the man had vanished. She felt the heat from the burning metal and quickly made work of taking it off. Alexandra took a blanket and covered the blonde with it to put out the fire.

"What did you do to him?" Alexandra questioned as she removed the blanket.

Krea took a moment to recover. "Ask Jordan."

Walter came in just then, blood covering almost his entire body, a look of both confusion and horror. "Every mage vanished. Every last one of them as if it never happened. What exactly are we facing?"

Alexandra remembered Emory's words "A vengeful mother." She breathed out.

Another knight came rushing in. "Is it over?!" He said with a hopeful tone.

Alexandra and Krea looked at each other, both frightened. "No." Krea said standing up slowly. "This is only the beginning."

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