Breaking Boundaries

This story follows two woman. Alexandra (Queen) who is trying to rule through chaos, and Krea (Knight) who finds out that everything she had ever known was a lie. They grew up in two different worlds, but under the same roof. Krea was a peasant who's dream was to become a knight. Alexandra was royalty. They had crossed paths at a young age and grew up to become best friends. Eventually the stars aligned and they grew feelings for each other. Bad news... It just so happens to happen when the Cao Kingdom units all other Kingdoms to turn against Queen Alexandra. Can the Queen keep order and peace? Will Krea ever find out about her past? Or fear her future?


9. Guardians

Krea held her new weapon, dubbed The Dragons Tails. Having the appearance of the letter X, each end had a blade with a sharpness that would be the envy of any rouge. Not much for finesse, the large weapon had a black base with limbs of purple and crimson red being at the edge of each blade.

The gorgeously crafted weapon had felt so foreign in the ex knights hands at first, but her blisters and newly callused stricken hands were a testament to her near mastery of it. The weapon was no more separate from her heart to her chest now. The weight of it held that of all the warriors before her their responsibilities, strength, regrets, and hopes. She carried all of it with the colors of her new banner.

Dripping with sweat, she held The Dragon Tails tightly. Confident in her every move as she swung it about, the melody of steel cutting through the air surrounded her then a clang. Roux shot at her from a distance each arrow aimed at her vitals, but none ever making there mark as her younger sister spun the X shaped weapon, deflecting cutting through or out right destroying the arrows before reaching breathing distance. The attacks continued until Roux had inevitably ran out of arrows, making her way to Krea, she tossed her quiver aside.

Krea tossed the Dragon Tails in the air it's blades moving at the speed only the wings of the creature its named after could match. Than grabbed one of the daggers at her side and threw it at the tree her sister pointed out. The blade sunk deep into the bark as she raised her arm high, Krea caught the weapon as it fell her strong grip bringing its destructive dance in the wind to an end. She looked to her sister, a smile playing on her lips.

"You've gotten a lot better at handling the weapons destructive force, quite impressive." Roux was in awe of her little sisters progress with there family weapon to say the least, but her magical abilities still left a lot to be desired.

"Can I get an answer to the question from before?" Krea asked.

"Which one? You've asked a lot." Roux smiled as she made her way to the full quiver behind Krea.

"How did the weapon end up choosing me and for what purpose?"

"Ah right that, well many years ago our father didn't even have that weapon in his possession. He in fact fought with nothing but a magically enhanced spear. It had been useful enough, but one day it proved less then effective on his most powerful and conflicting opponent. His brother, our uncle, nearly defeated him." She spoke soberly, not out of hate or grief, buy it was out of respect. Killing a sibling was not something she'd ever wanted to contemplate.  Roux admired

"Wow, our family is really messed up."

"Yes well… Extremely long story short, he said The Dragon's Tails came to him from the earth after his magic and blood laced hand touched the ground. Whether it came to his aid because of his sense of duty or desperation in the heat of battle or maybe it was simply attracted to his magic who can say, but it chose him. He ended his brothers life and used The Dragon Tails ever since as a weapon against injustice." 

Krea was blown away by her father, to have summoned such a weapon even by accident was beyond remarkable. The woman's mind boggled at the fact she now commanded a weapon of the same caliber, she meddled with hers watching it as it's blades shun in the dimming sunlight what mystery this object may hold she couldn't even begin to fathom. Just then a question made it's way into her mind.

"Why don't you or Scott have one?" Krea inquired.

"Well I am no mage so… That's an impossibility." Roux responded in kind as her eyes wondered to the slowly setting sun beyond the brush of the forest. Camp would need more food if their people were to go to battle with any kind of energy. Walking closer to the edge of the forest floor, her back was to her younger sister. She observed the paths before her and decided to take the one less traveled by the other hunters and even herself. Krea was saying something, but Roux's mind was already to laser focused on her hunt ahead to completely hear her.

"Right, sorry." Then the ex knight wondered 'then why not Scott?' her sister interrupted that thought as she spoke to her clear and kind.

"That's enough for now take a break you could use one, I'm going to get us some dinner." Roux said before taking her bow and running off into the woods to catch what ever creature was unlucky enough to be caught in her line of sight.

Krea watched as her sisters form disappeared into the dense wood, putting the large X shaped weapon on her back making sure it was securely in place. She walked over to the edge of their small camp opposite of the direction her sister had ran off into. She was about to go into the woods before being stopped. "Where are you going?" Scott said walking up to her.

"Get a better view of the sunset."

"Mind if I join? I'd like to get to know my little sister a bit more." He smiled warmly.


"Queen Alexandra!" Walter shouted, jogging towards the brunette who was fully armed.

"What is it."

"We have reinforcements. It wasn't easy, but they are strong and loyal."

"And are you sure we can trust them?"

"With every fiber of my being, yes."

"Alright then, I'm glad we have men now. It's not much, but its better than none. Start training them immediately."

"Yes ma'am."

Jordan walked up to the shorter girl. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine." She answered to quickly.

"Do not lie to me Alex. I'm a doctor remember? I know your sick. It might even be the flu that's going around."

"I said I'm fine Jordan. Just leave me be."

"I can't do that. If you keep going like this, it will worsen and you'll be down for who knows how long. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to say your coming with me to get looked at, or I'm forcing you."

"I am your queen and YOU will DO what I say. Got it."

Jordan gritted her teeth. "Yes... Ma'am..." She walked away quickly, balling her fist.

Alexandra coughed a little bit, but soon straightened up and walked to a log to get a view of the sun setting.

"So you were the first female Commander huh? That's odd."

"Yeah, I was surprised myself." Krea said. They had been watching since the sun started to set and it was almost done.

"I'm glad we all found each other. We were weak all spread out like that."

"When do we make our first attack?"

"Tomorrow maybe. You've only been training for a few weeks. What has it been? A month?"

"A month and two and a half weeks."

He chuckled. "Having that much fun I see."

"Don't get me wrong, I love how I'm finding out what I'm capable of and all, but this is so different. I have no control of my future anymore."

"That's the fun part." They both looked as the sun had dropped down passed the mountains. "I'm going to head back to camp for diner, coming?"

"I'll catch up. I just need some alone time."

"Sure." He started walking but turned around, "If you're not back in thirty minutes... I'll just wait longer."

Krea laughed. He always said that when he was leaving. He was never good at goodbyes. Krea got up and walked a little bit more up the hill. After taking a little longer than expected, she looked down at a camp where she saw Walter and a couple dozen men and women training. 

She than saw Jordan by what she would assume was both her and Malcolm's grave, crying. She wanted nothing more than to comfort her friend, but to them she was dead and Krea intended to keep it that way. She did a little half circle around the camp, still staying out of sight, and that's when she saw her.

Her now long dark brown curly hair, wearing dark silver and red armor that looked to made for a King in battle. The same armor that Krea had made for her. The woman had her great sword on her back and was looking out into the night sky. The cool brisk air and howling wind made her hair blow to the left, covering her face just the slightest. She could still make out the little details that she loved so much. She climbed down the hill slowly and made her way to the walls of the camp. Staying crouched and avoiding the guards. She had a lot of practice with Malcolm, doing this during their rebellious faze.

She noticed a man walking towards her so she hid in a bush. He stopped right in front of her. A few minutes had passed but this guy wasn't moving. She didn't want to hurt him, but she had to get a closer look at Alexandra. She stood from her crouching position and wrapped her arm around the front of his neck, squeezing the air out of him slowly. He lost consciousness as she slowly led him to the ground and dragged him into the bush. "Sorry buddy." She whispered and made her way to where she could get a clearer view.

Krea had no armor, just her daggers so it was easy for her to move around without being detected. She made it to a tree in the woods and watched the queen, her queen. She looked so sad and angry, but one thing caught Krea's attention. She looked sick. Her usual tanned skin was pale and even with the cool air she saw sweat on the girls face. She instinctively took a step forward and stepped on a branch that made a cracking noise before stopping in her tracks. Eyes wide as she looked at the woman in front of her study the area. "Shit." She muttered.

Alexandra stayed long after the sun went down, it was the only time she felt like everything would be okay. Making it through another day was a huge accomplishment for their camp. She coughed a little more before looking around to make sure no one saw. That's when she heard something crack in the woods. She looked around frantically, gripping her sword that still lye on her back. She saw a dark figure in the woods. She couldn't make out much because if her blurry sight, but it was definitely female. "Who's there!" She shouted. She then saw the figure run back into the woods. She attempted to go after her, but was to weak. "Damn!" She shouted when she was sent to the ground from exhaustion.

Krea slowed to a walk when she layed eyes on her camp, all the weeks of training had really helped her stamina. She was relieved when she walked into the invisible force field, at least that's what she calls it, she's not good with actual names. All she knew is that they were invisible and she liked it that way.

"What took you so long?" Scott asked, taking one last bite of the cooked meat on the wooden table.

Krea saw everyone sitting around the table. "Sorry about that. I got side tracked a little bit." She didn't lie, she was just stretching the truth.

"Join us." Aden said, holding a hand out to the only open seat at the edge of the table directly across from him. She smiled and took it happily. "So. I don't mean to ruin diner for you so early Krea, but we have an opportunity. Charlie is sending a small group of men to search for Alexandra and we intend to stop that from happening. We might encounter other mages."

"Like Emory." Roux said in spite.

"Yes love. Like your brother. It is very likely, but we all know what has to be done. There are six of us now, we are ready for the first attack. We will be stealthy."

"Why is our first attack something like this?"

"We have someone on the inside of your Queen's camp and word has it that she is getting very ill. Can't stand very well, let alone fight. We are to fend off anyone who attempts to take advantage of that. Quietly of course." Krea nodded in approval. "Now everyone... Enjoy the rest of your meal."

They ate, laughed and drank. Trying not to think of what tomorrow might bring. Krea couldn't help but think about Alex. She knew Jordan was an amazing doctor, but what if they don't have the medicine.

It was early in the morning, sun was barely rising. Krea couldn't get any sleep. She rushed over to Scott's tent and found it empty. "Shit." She walked around looking for the tall man to find him in a tree. "Mind if I join?" She asked.

"If you can." He said while smirking.

Krea had been doing nothing but training so she knew how to control her magic. She pointed at the ground and did circles with her hand as a tornado like form brought her feet from the ground and lifted her to the top of the tree until she grabbed a branch and sat down next to her brother. "What are you doing up here?"

"I always meditate before a fight. It soothes me and makes me prepared if... Well the unenviable happens." He said with a smile. "Most people fear death, I only embrace it. What about you. Do you fear death?"

"I'm already dead." She mumbled under her breathe. It was true, she wasn't alive without the queen. It was dark and depressing and lonely, even with her family surrounding her.

"Sorry, I didn't hear you." He said moving closer.

"No I do not. I just hope that my actual death means something."

"Actual death?"

"It's hard to explain. Look I need a favor."

"I knew you wanted something." He laughed. "I'm pretty positive that I already know what it's about, but please amuse me."

"It's about Alexandra."

"Ah yes. Your love. I know what you want. Its herbs or some kind of medicine. Right?"

"Yes. Do you know of any potions or anything we can mix."

"If she has what I think she does and she's gone this long without treatment, than it will take a lot more than those to treat her."


"What are you willing to risk to save her?"

"My life."

"That's odd that you say that."


"Because it involves a spell that could very well take your own life for hers."

Krea took a deep breathe. "If it needs to be done. Than so be it."

"I don't want to lose you sis. I'm just starting to get to know you."

"I know you'd do the same for one of us."

He took a deep breathe and pondered for a moment. "I will teach you."

"How long will it take?"

"It depends on the person." Green eyes met stormy blue. "A few days maybe?"

"So be it. We just need to hold out til then. If anything happens to her Scott-"

"I know Krea."

"You do?"

"I used to have someone."


"His name was Thomas. Thomas Blackstone, he was a mage like me."

"Full mage?"

"Yes. This is before they tried betraying everyone. Before we were so powerful and well known."

"What happened?" Krea said softly, as if one little word could break him.

"We were discovered. He took the fall and said that he took advantage of me and forced-" He cut himself off with a sniffle and choked back a sob. "And forced me to do those things. He was the love of my life and they took him away from me. I eventually told them that I loved him. So they hung him, chopped him up and burned him right in front of me. They would force my eyes open and torture me in the chambers. That was my punishment. It was the worst year of my life. Of course, that's when Aden came to my rescue and I knew he was my father just by the looks of him."

"I am so sorry Scott. No one should ever have to go through that."

"It was all at Charlie's command. That damn woman does that to her own child. I just wish we could kill her and get it over with."

"We will. Soon enough." They scooted closer to each other as Krea leaned her head on the man's shoulder as they watched the sun rise.

Aden walked up to the tree an hour later, fully armed and horses ready. "It is time."

They both nodded and got down before getting ready and mounting their horses. They all had face paint. Same colors, but different designs. Krea had red paint from a little above her eyebrows down to the bridge of her nose. Black lines on the outskirts of it and Purple covering everything else. It's design meaning fierce, quick and agile.

"Roux! Krea! You two go to the top of the ledge for a vantage point! Scott! You wait on the side with the men and I will cut them off in the middle of the road! Move!" They all went their ways and moved quickly to get to their positions. They hid their horses and had been waiting for over an hour.

"They should be here by now." Roux said anxiously.

"Be Patient." Krea said, still kneeling down.

"What if we got the wrong information." She was interrupted when they heard talking and horses running.

They both smiled and got down, Roux took out her bow and started aiming, waiting for her signal. They were stopped at the sight of Aden. He stood there, weapon in hand and a terrifying smile on his face. "Where do you think you're going." He said in a dark, deep voice that almost sounded demonic. His eyes glowed red as fire came bursting through his palm and at the carriage as soldiers jumped out. There were a lot more than expected. Dozens.

"Heavens." Krea said under her breathe. She looked behind her to see Roux sending arrow after arrow into the air, hitting every target. She noticed her group being surrounded and felt useless. She took out both of her daggers and jumped off of the ledge, landing on a mans shoulder blades as she dug both blades into his neck and did a shoulder roll to lessen the impact.

She saw a man running at her, she ripped one blade from the mans corpse and threw it to impale the mans eye. Krea ran passed the small army and took down anyone in her way until she stood beside her father. He nodded at her. She grabbed her Dragons tails and held it in the middle. Her father did the same. Her eyes glowed blue as did his and they raised their weapons and a huge wave of water was sent towards the army ahead of them. Destroying anything and anyone in their way.

When everything cleared, it was silent. All eyes were on them. "That was interesting." Scott said while wiping blood from his face.

Krea and Aden looked at each other, trying to understand what happened. How they were so in sync.

"Let's go home." Roux said after jumping from the ledge. "We'll talk about it then. The queen is safe for now. We did our job."

Not a word was spoken on their journey to camp.

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