Breaking Boundaries

This story follows two woman. Alexandra (Queen) who is trying to rule through chaos, and Krea (Knight) who finds out that everything she had ever known was a lie. They grew up in two different worlds, but under the same roof. Krea was a peasant who's dream was to become a knight. Alexandra was royalty. They had crossed paths at a young age and grew up to become best friends. Eventually the stars aligned and they grew feelings for each other. Bad news... It just so happens to happen when the Cao Kingdom units all other Kingdoms to turn against Queen Alexandra. Can the Queen keep order and peace? Will Krea ever find out about her past? Or fear her future?


14. Breaking The Ice

"Get this thing out of me!!" Alexandra screamed as her nails dug deeper into the bed frame, causing splinters the brunette hadn’t even taken notice of, a string of curse followed each wave of pain. The Queen had already bitten through all the wood pieces the medic had given her. Alex never damned her strong jaw more intact she never damned so many things all at once. Her lowers felt like they would explode and her whole body would follow shortly after.

"You need to stay calm Alex. It takes time. You need to stop pushing and just breathe. It's too early to push." Jordan instructed the Queen as calmly as she could, given that they where being stormed and experiencing the ‘miracle’ of birth all at the same damned time. Grabbing a new wash cloth she placed it on the brunettes head, handing her a wooden goblet of ice for her to chew on. Alex accepted gratefully the cold of it some how made her contractions more bareable. Just then another contraction hit the Queen. She squeezed the goblet and snapped the neck of it clean off, grabbing onto the neck line of the medics clothes once again she hollowed out.

"Have you even done this before!"

"No. I'm going with my instincts." Jordan said straight faced.

There was a moment of stillness and silence as Alexandra processed what just came out of the woman’s mouth. "Please tell me you're kidding."

Jordan just shook her head and wiped off some sweat from her forehead. "Wish I was."

The Queen calmly let go and looked forward as she mouthed out through tight lips as her eye twitched "I am going to trust you."

"Good. Because I'm the only one that is qualified to do this. I'm going to barricade the door in case-" Jordan cut herself off mid sentence. Not wanting to finish that sentence as she grabbed heavy objects to block the door.

"No one gets past us! We are the only ones that stand between Charlie getting to the Queen! This will go down in history! We have taken out hundreds with our few. Lets take out thousands more!” Walter gave out a war cry while holding his blood stained sword up in the air. The heavy scent of death filled the air and their lungs, but they would not run nor yield as their lives, families and nation was on the line. He turned towards the large opening that leads into the woods to see torches being waved to signal the next attack. "This is where we END them." Walter snared as he got ready for another fight.  

Krea was running for what seemed to be forever, making her way to the smoke. She didn't think that it would take her this long. She had run into a few men that were retreating, or just sending word to the Cao's. She cut them down not thinking twice she didn’t have the time or patient. She stopped on top of a hill that gave her a clear view of her long ago home, turned into a battlefield. She looked around and saw thousands, maybe millions of all the Kingdoms just waiting, anxious to attack. 'They need an advantage.' Krea thought.

While thinking of something, she was interrupted by heavy breathing coming from behind her. This wasn't a humans breathe. She clutched her daggers that were attached to her belt. As she made a 180 turn, she was met by a fierce red dragon staring down at her. She backed away, tripping over her own two feet and roughly fell down the hill before being stopped by something hard. It didn't hurt her. When she rolled over, she saw that it was the same dragon that had scared her before. She backed away, still on the ground, but using her arms to keep her back off the ground.

She got up and ran in the other direction before running head first into the dragons leg knocking her back. She got to her feet yet again, confused on how this dragon moved so quick and quietly. She pulled out her daggers and readied herself. "Stop doing that!" She shouted. The beast just stared at her, it didn't look like it was going to attack. She looked into the dragons eyes and noticed how blue they were before it's head bowed down and stayed there, waiting for approval. Krea reluctantly walked towards it and slowly reached her arm to pet its scaly skin. It wasn't very large, it seemed to be a new born, but it was still twice her size. "What are you?"

The beast looked up and rubbed its nose at the necklace hanging from Krea's neck. "There's no way. You can't-" Krea thought about any sign that this could be true. "Dad?" She thought about old conversations, anything she could've missed. She knew they were meant to kill dragons, its what her family have done for years, but be one? After death? Or just at all? That's twisted. "Look. If you really are my father, I need your help defending the Kingdom."

The animal backed away slowly. "Can't you communicate in any way?" It looked down. "Great. Can you at least be my back up?" Her necklace lit up as she said that and it reminded her of what her father said.

'If you ever need me, I'm always there. This necklace will save your life.'

"So if I need your help.... I can summon you?"

The dragon nodded his head once. "Why show yourself now?" It was silent but Krea put it together. "Right to make yourself known, got it." She turned to look back at the hill she had fallen from than looked back at her father. "Scott's gone... I couldn't... I couldn't save him. I'm sorry dad." She looked up through hazy eyes and saw what she swore was a smile, before the dragon nodded, spread its wings and flew off. "Not the weirdest thing that's happened." She said out loud as she wiped away a stray tear and climbed up the hill, focusing on the task at hand. She watched as her friends fought for their lives. Scott had taught her a few spells on how to control weather. She smiled at the memory as she shut her eyes and held her arms out.

Walter brought his boot to the woman's chest that had tried to swing at him. She hit the ground with a thud as his sword was brought down into her chest. He twisted it, causing a gurgling sound to escape her lips. He ripped it out and swung it to get any access blood off. That's when he noticed the sky becoming a dark yellow and gray and thick fog started to fill the area, the enemy was blind, but his men could see. Not much, but they had the advantage. "Keep focused! We have the upper hand!"

Alexandra screamed in pain as yet another contraction happened. "I'm sorry! I have no medicine!" The medic shouted not out of anger or hast but pain of her own as she made the mistake of trying to hold Alex’s hand earlier.


"I mean, I can try my office." Jordan knew it was dangerous, especially leaving Alexandra behind, even for a few minutes, but she had too. "I'll be right back."

Alexandra's eyes grew wide. "I didn't mean anywhere outside of the room!"

Jordan walked up to her and handed her a throwing knife. "Just in case..."

"You can't go!"

"I have to try! If there's even a chance of me having something, than I have to try. Give me five minutes... Tops..."

The woman took down the barricade, grabbed her bow and ran out of the door, shutting it behind her. She heard another scream from the room and ran down the hall. She had to go to the bottom floor to get to the closet full of medicine. She just hoped that Walter had still been able to hold the gate.

Walter had brought his sword up to attack a heavy attack from a man on a horse. He used his strength and pushed his sword up to make the man lose his balance. Walter took one of his daggers and sliced the animals feet. Making it fall to the ground and on top of the attacker. Walter took this time to put the horse out of its misery before dealing with the trapped man. He was distracted for a second too long before an arrow came flying through the air and started to drop down. He was brought down hard by someone grabbing his shoulder. He heard a loud ping as the arrow bounced off. He stood to meet familiar blue eyes. "Krea?"

"It's good to see you again old friend."

"I thought they killed you?"

"I can't die that easy." She smiled.

Walter saw a man come running from behind Krea and threw his dagger at the man, nailing into his chest. Krea gave him a grateful smile as she dropped the sword and held both her daggers at the ready.

"Let's finish this." She said as confident as she could. You stay and guard the gates, let me see what damage I can do with surprise."

"Your the cause of the fog?"

"Of course." She smirked. "I'll be right back." Was the last thing she said before disappearing into the smoke.

"A mage." He whispered under his breathe.

Jordan came to the end of a corridor and stopped against a wall before peeking around the corner. She saw three men. She couldn't sneak past them. She readied an arrow before turning the corner and whistling while she ran down the hall. One man turned just to be met with an arrow to his neck. Jordan jumped in the air and kicked the wall to give her more air. She spun around to add more force as her bow made contact with the second mans face. She landed with a thud and ripped the arrow sticking out of the first's mans neck. She looked behind her to see the last man running away. She Readied the arrow yet again and shot it at the man, getting him in the spin and sending him to the ground, paralyzed.

Krea crouched down and moved briskly through the woods, bobbing and weaving around soldiers. The misty fog blocking her every move. It seemed endless, she had been around the entire castle, looking for anyway to attack from the inside and move out to make the army disorganized and spread out. The only thing she saw was an escape route, one that wouldn't stay open long. She knew Walter and Alexandra wouldn't leave. They would die before running away again. Then it dawned on her, if what Lily was talking about was true, than Alexandra was pregnant. Her and that baby come first. She quickly started to make her way back to camp and her Queen.

Jordan ran into the room empty handed, blood covering her face.

"That was longer than five minutes Jordan!" Alexandra shouted as sweat poured down her face.

"There was nothing, it was raided. Give me a second to sterilize."

"I'm doing this naturally!?"

Jordan stayed silent. She clutched the handle of the knife before noticing an enemy running into the door, she tossed it lightly in the air and grabbed it by the tip of the blade. Something Malcolm taught her as she threw it at the attacker and it impaled his neck.

"Whoa!" Jordan shouted.

"I think it's coming!" Alex shouted.

"Here we go..." Jordan said while positioning herself by the woman's entry.

Krea was grabbed roughly by the back of her hand by a monstrous hand. It had dragged her far into the woods and away from enemy lines. She was dropped harshly to the ground and got the wind knocked out of her when a boot connected to her sternum. She recovered quickly and sent a strong gust of wind towards her attacker that sent him back a bit.

She heard a dark and evil laugh as the large shadow moved towards her. "Well well well. Who do we have here? Not a lost soldier after all. My name is Arcadius, Arcadious Cao. And who might you be?"

"A traveler that made a wrong turn."

Before Krea could take another breathe, she was slammed and pinned to a tree by the very large man grasping her neck. "I do NOT like liars little girl. My mother taught me some manners, something I think you should quickly learn. Now I will say this one last time. My name is Arcadious Cao and you are?"

"I have got to stop meeting my family like this, it is getting pretty awkward." Krea said. trying to break the ice.

The mans grip got even tighter, she couldn't take a breathe of air. "What did you just say!?"

The man noticed the hand that was grasping his wrist was slowly sliding down as her eyes began to close. He loosened his grip just before her eyes opened and shouted, "My name is Krea you son of a bitch!" That's when he felt a sharp pain in his Pelvis. He let go of his grasp as Krea fell to the ground catching her breathe.

He laughed at the girl's attempt before he fully understood who this girl was. Krea Bu, the legendary Commander of Alexandra's army. The same girl that murdered his brother Briggs. He was brought back to reality when he saw Krea sprinting towards camp. He smiled as he pulled the dagger out of his pelvis and threw it towards the moving woman.

Krea could hear the whizzing sound of the metal flying through the air and ducked out of the way as it flew past her. She hid behind the closest tree, catching her breathe.

Jordan gave a girlish screech when she saw the baby's head emerging.


"I think it's time to push now."

"I wasn't supposed to before?"

"I don't know I've never done this. Remember?!"

"Jordan... If you don't get this demon spawn out of me... I will STAB YOU!"

"Than push!"

Alexandra screamed in pain, clawing at the wooden table until blisters formed under her nails.

"I see the face! Just keep pushing!"

Alexandra gave it one last hard push before the baby was completely out and being wrapped up by Jordan. "Is it okay?" Alexandra asked worriedly.

"She's perfect."


"It's a beautiful girl."

"Come on Krea. I'm not very fond of hide n seek. He said while making his way to the tree where he last saw the woman. He quickly ran around to see and empty spot. When he turned around he was met with a strong fist to his cheekbone that sent him to one knee. Malcolm had taught her how to do a leaping punch a few months before his... Incident. She readied her one dagger as the man got up and spit out some blood while smirking. The weapon that he pulled out was huge. The fog wasn't as thick so she could make out the type of metal. It was stained red from his previous victims and made out of black steal. Only one other person besides Krea could pull of making a sword like that. And it was the man that raised her. 'Did he work with the Cao's before he passed?' Krea thought.

Her thoughts were interrupted as his sword was being swung at her knees. She quickly jumped over it and sliced Arcadious' collar bone. He just laughed, "You can't hurt me Krea."

She went to take another swing, but he blocked it with his arm plate, grabbed her wrist and brought his sword across her hip. She didn't show signs of pain, instead, just kicked the man hard in the gut before doing a spinning kick to knock the sword from his hand. "Look at that, you're a fighter. Are you going to strike down an old unarmed man?"

Krea knew this was Emory's brother. Nothing would stop her from getting back to Alexandra, but this is the brother of the man that hurt Alex, that almost killed her friends and sent an arrow through her fathers chest. He was going to die. Slowly.

She threw her dagger into the dirt a little ways away and smiled. "I hope you put up more of a fight than Briggs, because that was just child play." She said mockingly.

This caused the mans face to redden and his fists to clench. He came charging at the girl and rammed his shoulder into her abdominal, sending them both into a tree and cracking it with the pressure. Krea hit her head, making her vision blur. She felt something inside her well up and burned her insides. It was a mixture of hot and cold and it caused more pain than what Arcadious was doing. After every hit he landed, the feeling intensified.

Her eyes glowed red as her hands engulfed in flames and she pushed the man back, lighting his chest on fire. She felt in full control as wind started to circle around the man, causing a tornado like form to keep the man centered. She threw a fire ball and caused it to light up. She could hear the screams of the man as the air was being sucked out of him and he was being burned alive.

She clapped her hands together as a loud crash of thunder shook the floor and lighting struck across the sky. She intertwined her fingers as the fiery tornado spun faster and got skinnier, creating more force. She motioned for the tornado to die down as she moved her arms apart with enough force to split the tornado and it disappeared.

She witnessed the man lying on the ground. Krea walked up to him and stepped on his chest. "Child play." She said as she ripped the necklace with his family crest on it. She wrapped it around her own neck and looked down on the man with a smile. "Tell Briggs I said Hi." She began to run to the castle leaving the man to die painfully and slowly.

She regrouped with Walter. "Well?" He said breathlessly.

"We're surrounded."

"There's no opening for attack?"

"There's one for an escape."

"You're not considering running are you?"

"That depends."


"Is Alex pregnant?"

Walter smiled just a bit before nodding.

"How far along?"

"She was in labor last time I saw. I kind of slipped on her uh..." He cleared his throat trying to think of the right word. "Liquids." He stated awkwardly.

"Where is she!?"

"Top floor."

Krea looked at the top and saw a window that had been open. "Alex!?"

Alex looked around. "Krea? She whispered. "Krea!" She tried getting up, but was stopped by Jordan.

"You're not ready to move just yet." Jordan made her way to the window. "Krea!" She said sticking her head out. "It's really you!"

"Yeah! Is Alex alright?"

"Yeah she's just recovering!"

"Hows our baby!"

"Perfectly healthy. Come up and meet you're baby girl!"

"I'll be there in a second!" Krea turned towards Walter with the biggest smile on her face. "I'm a mom." She said happily.

"Congratulations Krea. Why have they stopped attacking?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe they need to regroup?"

"You know that's a lie."

"Whatever it is. It's giving me time to see my baby and Alex. Even for just a second. Keep an eye out and shout if something happens."

"You got it." Walter smiled, happy to take a breathe. As soon as Krea was about to go inside, she saw movement from the corner of her eye, she turned to see Amory and a few other men.

"Walter!" Krea shouted. "We have company!" Krea went down the stairs as Walter and the last few went in front of her to protect her. "Jordan! Keep them safe!"

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