Breaking Boundaries

This story follows two woman. Alexandra (Queen) who is trying to rule through chaos, and Krea (Knight) who finds out that everything she had ever known was a lie. They grew up in two different worlds, but under the same roof. Krea was a peasant who's dream was to become a knight. Alexandra was royalty. They had crossed paths at a young age and grew up to become best friends. Eventually the stars aligned and they grew feelings for each other. Bad news... It just so happens to happen when the Cao Kingdom units all other Kingdoms to turn against Queen Alexandra. Can the Queen keep order and peace? Will Krea ever find out about her past? Or fear her future?


3. A Point To Prove

It had began to rain, her body was frail from the abuse it had suffered, the sound of water hitting the ground was all she could hear. Krea spat up blood in a series of painful coughs, gripping her stomach and immediately regretting the action as hot white pain ripped through her body. 

The blond currently found herself in the middle of a sparring circle on her knees with almost every knight in the kingdom's eyes upon her, the Queen and Malcolm included. Keven De Campos stood tall before her practice weapon in hand, staring her down, awaiting her next move. She didn't know how this ended up happening, not the battle of arms itself, but how she was losing. 

Sucking her split lip, she remembered the pain that came with receiving it. Kevin's strikes were strong no doubt about that. Given the state she was in proved that much, but that's not all. They were measured hits meant to damage not destroy, the bastard was toying with her and holding back. Gritting her teeth Krea stood up gingerly as the blood from the gash atop her right eye ran down her face.

Alexandra felt sick to her stomach, but she knew stepping in would only make things worse on her friend. Malcolm looked on similarly, but stood silent with his brothers and sisters focused forward. The blonde looked to her left slightly catching the Queen's gaze noticing her worried expression, she gave the brunette a small smile to reassure her. Alex only continued to look on in worry however frustrated at her inability to do anything for Krea. 
The blonde had looked away for too long almost having the side of her head caved in as Kevin took another swing. She brought her weapon up and blocked it, the wood cracking at the amount of pressure, using her better footing to her advantage, she shoved him away with an exhausted grunt. 

The man smiled at the sound as he jumped back,"You have an impressive will, I'll give you that." He said while adjusting his grip on the helm of the sword. In truth she was just as impressed with herself, but her limbs were getting heavy and her breathing had become ragged. Krea had to end this, and soon. 

They went back and forth, sword meeting sword as they collided the clacking of wood echoing through the open field, only being interrupted by the sounds of psychical blows.
 Kevin lifted his weapon above his head attempting to cleave Krea's head in, the blonde took the opportunity to hit the mans exposed abdomen making a direct hit with a harsh right hock which elected a grunt from him. Quickly she tried to follow through with a combination, before even attempting it however the tall man cupped his hands together bringing the butt of his weapon down hard between Krea's shoulder blades, causing a cracking sound to fill the air that made the spectators cringe and the blonde scream out in pain. Holding her head as blood rushed down her forehead.

Alexandra bit her tongue and Malcolm did the same. Both their body's shaking in frustration they had to restrain themselves from stepping in they had to, but that didn't stop them from glaring at the General as his son continued to clobber their friend. Before her body hit the ground Kevin grabbed the nape of her neck lifting her slightly off the ground, their eyes met, icy blue to neutral brown.

"Of all the officers you could have chosen to fight, you had to pick me. Krea your out of your league" He stated coldly. Just then the blonde felt a jolt of pain in her sternum and was sent flying several feet into a nearby weapons rack, that time Kevin wasn't holding back she thought wearily wondering exactly why she had complained about it before. Krea lay flat on her back barley conscious, his words rang in her head 'Your out of your league'. That hypocrite.

"KREA!!!" Malcolm screamed at the sight of his sister not moving, he whipped his head towards Kevin, his eyes filled with fury. Alexandra looked away.

The Generals army cheered to his sons victory. Kevin turned his back on his fallen opponent lifting his sword in the air as he reveled in his triumph, the General himself had not joined in cheering for his son because he had been around long enough to know that only when an opponent has dropped their weapon are they truly defeated. Krea had never let go. 

The thunder began to roar as the cheering died down and all began to notice as Walter did. The blonde struggling to get up on shaky limbs, Malcolm smiled broadly as he took notice "That's right!! STAND UP AND RIP HIM A NEW ONE!!" He shouted. Alexandra at Malcolm shout looked back out onto the field tears collecting in her eyes as she saw Krea rising. Kevin turned dumbfounded that she was still able to even move let alone stand.

"Out of my league?!?" Krea bellowed the elements seeming to respond to her as the thunder intensified, and lighting neared. The woman stood tall gripping her sword with new found strength, all her life she was told that in one way or another that she wasn't any better then dirt because of her class and how she was raised. She glared daggers at Kevin with eyes of ice that seemed to glow with fury. "Everyone always look down on me for not being born into greatness, for being a peasant, for not wearing cloth made of silk and embedded with jewels, but today I'll show you all that true greatness is earned and not given and that....Is a point that I am willing to die proving!" She screamed as the elements raged, joined now by the cheers of Malcolm and his fellow Knights. The General smiled approvingly at the sight.

Kevin snarled making him look bad in front of the troops and his Father, she's dead."Enough!" He shouted, running full speed at Krea as she did the same. There swords collided once again, neither budging as the wooden weapons cracked do to the pressure Krea was actually matching his strength, a fact that seemed only to infuriate the man further. 

Eventually they couldn't take the strain any longer, the swords snapped in half, it was hand to hand now Krea smirked. The blonde wasted no time in moving at what seemed like twice her speed, nailing Kevin in the nose and breaking it. The man barely had time to scream out before he was met with a right high knee to the ribs, twisting her body as Kevin hunched over in pain and confusion, Krea landed a fierce right kick to the side of his head. 
The woman stood there breathless as Kevin's unconscious body fell to the ground in a heap. Krea fell to her knees exhausted, everyone stood there in stunned silence for what seemed like forever, the rain being the only constant noise. Malcom was the first to break the silence "KREA! KREA! KREA!" he cheered until all the knights joined in making her name into a rallying call. 

She grinned happily at him, blood stained smirk and all, she looked high and low for the Queen in the crowd, but she had vanished. She wanted to see those beautiful soft brown eyes after the fight as Alex cheered for her, but it seemed she wouldn't now. Alex seeing her all battered like this must have infuriated the brunette, Krea touched the dried blood on her lip and still felt the rain washing her fresh blood down her face. "Damn it"

"Krea!" Walter De Campo's voice ripped her out of thought. She straightened up as the tower of a man approached. The knights went back to training as the General made his way to the blonde, accompanied by two medics that removed Kevin from the field. "I don't know how you managed to bring that kind of strength out of yourself after the beating you took, but I don't much care." He paused, seeing if Krea would retort, seeing that she wasn't he continued. "I like your spirit and would be honored to have you as one of my Knights. Be at training tomorrow." Is all he said before turning and walking away to attend to his son.

She stood there just staring after him, Did that....did that..just?? A warm sensation moved through her body, all her hard work. Days and weeks of training till her hands bled she was finally a Knight! Krea jumped around laughing, that is before her body reminded her painfully of her injuries. She fell ass first on the grass and sat there enjoying the cool wet field beneath her as rain dripped down her face and looking to the castle she whispered "I did it Princess".

She later got to her cottage after getting much deserved congratulations from all the knights and Malcolm. Closing the small wooden door with a thud she was welcomed by silence in the empty home. "I'm home" the blonde quietly said into the empty space. She sat down sore and bruised, Krea felt happy but at the same time saddened thinking of the one person that could change that, "I wish you were here Alexandra." She whispered.

The queen felt a shiver run down her spine. She was in her Chambers thinking of what she had just witnessed.
Why did she do that?
How could she be so stupid?
Doing something like that without preparation!

The questions kept coming and she didn't have the answers it ate away at her, not knowing. She should be there with Krea taking care of her, the blonde hadn't exactly left the field in the best shape. A bright white light filled the room through the window, followed by a loud roar of thunder that shook the floor just slightly, Alexandra sighed deeply grabbed a satchel of herbs and left her bedroom.

Krea winced in pain while putting a cold wash rag on her split lip, well no one ever said fighting him would be easy. She refused to look at her reflection in the mirror, the blonde was sure it felt worse then it looked. She had spent most of her time cleaning herself up, but the deep cut on her forehead wouldn't stop bleeding. She heard a loud rumble of thunder, followed by her door slamming open.

"What the?" She got up, clenching her stomach the pain not fully registering as the sight before her was extremely rare, soaking wet dark brown hair covering her face, and shivering. "Alexandra?" the blonde breathed out.

"Why'd you do it?" She asked shutting Krea's door behind her more gently then she had opened it.

Krea cocked her head to the side. "Why'd I do what?" She asked confused.

"Don't play dumb with me! Fighting Kevin like that out of nowhere with no plan, I know your not that stupid!" The brunette stated with bite.

This took the blonde back a bit, but those words for some reason she couldn't explain angered her. "That suppose to be a compliment Princess? I'm flattered." She spat back sarcastically. "I don't owe you an explanation, if anything you owe me one! You kiss me, run away, flirt openly the next day with the De Campos bastard and don't even stick around for my fight with him! What's your game!?"
Alexandra looked a little stunned. She had never heard that tone from Krea. "Krea...did.."

"You wanna know why I did what I did? Huh!?" She sighed. "That little kiss meant so much Alex. I never knew I could ever feel a connection like that with anyone let alone my best friend, my Princess. It scares me and you don't even seemed shaken, then you left. Just ran away before I could even udder a word. Next thing I see, is you blushing over sir chest hair. All when I could do nothing but think of you and how perfect you were! I took action. Sure it was stupid and reckless, but I needed to get your attention. I needed-" Krea wasn't just fighting for her dream she was fighting for her Queen. She stopped in the middle of her sentence and moved closer to the stunned woman before her. Krea took her hand and carefully moved the wet brunette hair behind the Queens ear, revealing those hazel brown eyes she's grown to love. "You, Alexandra. I need you." The brunette leaned into the blondes cold, yet warm touch. "May I?" Krea asked breath tickling the brunettes lips.

"You'll be killed or worse if we do this...I can't—"

"I can take care of myself" Krea whispered, mimicking Alexandra's words that night in the barn, as she drew her closer.

Alexandra knew that this would only end badly, that she could lose Krea all together, but even so, if the blonde was willing to risk her life just to be together. She nodded. Krea leaned in, lips slightly parted. Than cold lips touched hot it started slow, as they began moving their lips in sync, they felt as if they were meant to be attached. Alexandra pulled away, causing a nervous feeling in the blonde's stomach.

"I need you too." The Queen whispered laying her head on Krea's chest at the selfish proclamation.

They embraced and soon became completely warm, lost in the moment.
"Why are you going to risk your life for me?" Alex dared ask. Sitting the blonde down to heal the cut on her head. Reliving the painful memory that happened earlier that day.

"The same reason your letting me." She winced as the herb made contact.

The brunette looked the girl up and down. "Still getting yourself in trouble."

"It's all I know how to do."

"I'm gonna have to stitch this."

"Really? Will it hurt?"

"I don't know, I haven't had stitches before." The brunette said honestly as she started on the blonde.

She hissed in pain at the contact, but soon relaxed as the closeness of the brunette was overwhelming her need for the woman. It scared her knowing how much she actually needed Alexandra. She thought back on when she convinced a very young Alex to go outside of the castle. They were fifteen and the princess thought it was the most exciting thing in the world. The risk was worth it when they made it to the waterfall that seemed to always be so colorful.

Krea was brought back to the real world when she noticed that Alex was cleaning her hands. "Do you remember our trip to the waterfall?"

Alex was taken back as if she were there again. "Yeah." Alex said while walking towards the battered blonde and grabbing her hands. "It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen."

Krea smiled at that. "Not as beautiful as you Alexandra. I think I knew that I wanted you even then." Their closeness became to much for the brunette as she led Krea through her small home into her bedroom, sitting on the bed as Alexandra stood before her. 

"Lift your arms." The brunette demanded.

Krea rolled her eyes and did as she was told, the damp shirt was thrown to the corner. Alexandra looked at the blonde in the candle lit room. Beneath the bruises, she saw the toned body that she stole glances at during training, placing a gentle hand on the smooth surface, Alex marveled at the new found privilege. 

It wasn't manly, but just perfectly fit. She was interrupted in her exploration by the blonde standing up, and asking her to turn around. The brunette did as she was told and felt butterflies in her stomach, Krea sharing in the sensation.

Krea unbuttoned the long red dress revealing bit by bit the woman's perfect curves, she began kissing the brunette's neck and moving down to her shoulders as she slowly slipped the rest of the dress off. It hit the floor and was kicked aside, Krea was pleasantly surprised by how little effort a dress really took to remove. 

She thought there would be more layers placed to make the Queen look beautiful, but no, her Princess didn't need such things she was just perfect. Her tan skin was just as soft as her lips. She couldn't help but smile at how lucky she was to see Alex bare under all that power, was a truly beautiful woman. That’s when brown eyes met blue as Krea laid above Alex both bare and it was all so overwhelming. "Are you okay?" Krea asked.

The brunette smiled shyly and nodded. What better way to lose your virginity than by your best friend, and the person that you're falling for. The person you trust with your life.
Krea knew she had to go slow with her, it was the queens first time and the blonde was determined to make it special. Her wounds would have to wait besides, who could focus on pain with this naked beauty in front of them. They kissed and as there bodies became closer it deepened. The blonde looked into the brunette's eyes, asking for permission. She saw nothing, but lust and consent. That night, would change them forever.

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