Breaking Boundaries

This story follows two woman. Alexandra (Queen) who is trying to rule through chaos, and Krea (Knight) who finds out that everything she had ever known was a lie. They grew up in two different worlds, but under the same roof. Krea was a peasant who's dream was to become a knight. Alexandra was royalty. They had crossed paths at a young age and grew up to become best friends. Eventually the stars aligned and they grew feelings for each other. Bad news... It just so happens to happen when the Cao Kingdom units all other Kingdoms to turn against Queen Alexandra. Can the Queen keep order and peace? Will Krea ever find out about her past? Or fear her future?


4. A New Threat

"By the gods..." Alexandra said breathlessly, her lips swollen from hours of kisses between her and Krea. They were currently in the Queen's chambers, the brunette against the wardrobe with the knights body firmly pressed against hers. Knee pressed steadily between her majesty thighs electing whimpers that died into muffles against Krea's lips. 

The blonde smirked, placing her hand under the shorter woman's chin lifting it to reveal her deliciously tan neck which she nibbled at in delight, as the Queen squirmed. The action earned Krea a little smack on the head as protest, she smiled against her neck and went back to kissing the Queen. 

It was such an adrenaline rush, the smell of her hair, the warmth of her body against her own, and there heart beats syncing up as they went faster. They had been together secretly for a couple months now, when Krea wasn't off on missions and training or Alex running the Kingdom they'd sneak away, today was a rarity the Queen was completely free. 

Krea moved her left hand to lift Alexandra's black and red dress gripping her toned thigh, it sent shivers down her spine. They both jumped when there was a loud knock on the door. Krea ran into Alex's washroom nearly dropping the Queen in the process and jumped into the bathtub while Alexandra rolled her eyes  and chuckled a bit. She fixed herself, making sure to hide the love bite and opened the door.

"What is it?" She said irritated over the interruption.

"Sorry to have disturbed you my lady, but you are needed in the war room." He said plainly.


"Trading gone wrong."

She gave a sigh of defeat, must she hold everyone’s hand. "Very well. Let's go Kevin." She said closing her door behind herself.

Krea stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes occupying her time by thinking about how risky that little make out session had been. They've had closer calls, she couldn't help but smile every time she could have her Princess like that, it was worth it and always was. 

After awhile of thinking about Alexandra, the excitement of almost getting caught and how sweet she tasted, she got up figuring it was fine to leave now. She had training to go to after all. Climbing out of the large tub she made her way outside the Queens bedroom. She was startled as Malcolm grabbed her shoulder.

"What the hell!" She yelled as she side stepped.

"Oh sorry about that, didn't mean to scare you but we're starting train—" Malcolm stopped mid sentence while a cheeky smile creep ed up on his face.


"So..." He continued eyebrows arched high.

Krea started walking not wanting to be any later and joined by her best friend as he continued giving her strange looks "Just say it Malcolm." The blonde lightly chuckled out.

"I know."

Krea was internally screaming as her blood ran cold and skin notably paled.Why does this always happen to me? She thought. "What do you know." She asked hoping praying he didn't—

"You and the queen."

Damn. "Yeah, we're great friends. Not best friends, don't worry, you're safe." She said while smiling and playing it off. Noticing the now worried expression on his face, Krea stopped walking and turned towards him eyes pleading. "Look, you can't tell anyone."She pressed.

"You know I would never do that, Why would I say something that would get you killed. You're like a sister to me Krea." Malcolm said slightly hurt at the accusation.

"Than why even bring it up?"

Malcolm shuffled his feet uncomfortable over what he would have to say to his old friend, she wasn't going to likeit but it was the truth, something he thinks she's avoiding. So he steeled himself and sighed. "Are you sure it's worth it. You putting your life at stake for her? I know she's our friend, but why go this far? Just cutting it off would be less—"
"I love her Malcolm." Krea stated with no hesitation or quiver in her voice, it shocked her to finally say it out like this, but she had never been more certain of anything. All knights risked there lives already for the Queen ,but Krea's not like them her love is deeper then just service or friendship it was love. Alex is her everything and vise verse. "I love her, plain and simple."

He nodded in understanding seeing the same glint and determination in her eyes he did the day they stole practice weapons, the memory bringing a smile to his face. "Well, you never like playing by the rules."


"Oh! Before you head off to train the Lieutenant wants to see you."

"Where is he?"


"Alright. Are you coming?"

"I wish. I have to go to the war room with the De Campos kid. Rumor has it that war is coming. Who knows, I'll see you tonight right? We're all having diner?"

"Hell yeah! We spent two hours hunting that bear down. He's ours!" She said as she tapped her stomach gleefully.

They shared a laugh at the memory. They were not hunters. Krea was good at tracking people, not animals.

"What do you mean he's dead?!" Alexandra shouted, here voice echoing off the wall.

"He was out to deliver some goods to the Cao Kingdom, when he was ambushed and butchered by a small army, they took the goods and left him to rot." Anders, Alexandra's cousin and Ambassador said.
"I do not think that is by any means a sign of war." Danielle, Anders sister and the Princess of the Kingdom, pointed out.

"Stealing our goods is one thing, but killing one of our men, who was unarmed I might add is a different matter all together." Alexandra looked around the room to see Anders nodding.

"It's unforgivable. We must make this known and confront there leader to avoid more bloodshed."The brunette firmly stated.

"Queen Charlie Cao? That's suicide!" Anders said, raising his voice.

"We have been allies with that land since before we were born or so I thought but if she means to provoke me into a war she's wrong. I will go myself and bring a few knights as well as my bodyguard, Walter and give them a warning." Alexandra reasoned. She couldn't believe Charlies gale, openly attacking and killing her merchants, just leaving the body there for the crows, what was she thinking? The brunette gritted her teeth, this had better not be a declaration of War or Gods have mercy on Charlie.

"Alexandra." Malcolm cut in, all eyes on him in shock, some even angered at him for speaking out of turn. He gulped. "Sorry. Queen Alexandra. If I may..." He waited for approval to speak. Alexandra smiled and nodded.
"Thank you. If I may be so bold, I don't think that's a very good idea. You should stay here if anything happens to you, this place will go to hell. Excuse my french. I am not saying you can't handle yourself, but I think you should just send a small, trained group of knights to deliver the message." He finished of firmly.

Alexandra thought about this, maybe Charlie was anticipating Alex going herself and planned to sack the castle in her absence, Malcolm was right. "Very well. Only on one condition." The brunette said pointedly.

"Name it." He said, still getting stares for the way he talked to her.

"You'll pick out who goes. You know these men and women better then I, search among them and find the ones who would not hesitate to die in this kingdoms name. I will bless them as they go, bring a group of people tomorrow at dawn." He nodded as the meeting went on.

Krea had finally made it to the armory. The place was dimly lit by the sun setting through the open doors. She looked around at the haystacks and piles of wood and weapons.
"Ser De Campos?" She walked around and heard something behind her. She turned around and was met with a spear nearly piercing her chin and jumped back. She was met with a very tall mysterious man.

She let her reflexes kick in as she pivoted and rolled forward to avoid another blow and grabbed a long sword from the many on the floor. She turned to face the man as he was bringing the spear down, she side stepped, it hit the hay and she stomped on the wood as it cracked separating the blade from the rod. 

He jumped back abandoning his now broken weapon and pulled out his sword from his stealth, a brilliant blade that Krea remembers personally crafting. Their swords clashed together, causing loud ringing sounds to echoed in and out of the armory. She was kicked into the air and hit a rack of wooden swords falling to the ground as they piled on her.
She was starting to think that this wasn't a test anymore, so her survival instincts took over. She lifted her legs and kicked up, using the force to bring herself to her feet again, immediately blocking his powerful strike. She pushed him back, stunning the man as she went to the ground sweeping his legs, the man fell. She was on top of him, knee to his neck and sword ready for the fatal hit.

He simply dropped his weapon and put his hands up to show she had won, removing his hood to reveal Walters grinning face.

"Sir?!" Krea said shocked.

"Good job." He said, straining for air.

She quickly got off and helped him up. "I was going to kill you!" She shouted.

"Well that's what your suppose to do, all attackers should be seen nameless, faceless, no hesitation Krea." The man said as he soothed his throat.

The blonde dropped the sword and fixed her clothes and hair. "What was that for, just a lecture?"

"I did the same thing to Kevin a few days ago."


"I'm seeing who I should make Commander."

"What happened to Lu?"

"He has a sickness that the doctor says can not be cured."

"That's horrible."

"It is very disappointing, yes."

Krea straightened up, remembering who she was talking to and hid her emotions.

"How did Kevin do?"

"Well, not what I expect of my son that's for damn sure he put up a fight, but was messy with his tactics and simply could not beat me."

"I'm sorry to hear that, I thought that your son would get the promotion by default."

"I am not one to play by favorite, you have the makings of an amazing knight. Your selfless, strong, brave, and above all else, you treat the men and women under you like family. You deserve this position. You've earned it"

"Really sir?"

He smiled. "I know you've got what it takes kid. So what do you say? Will you be my second in command?"

"It would be an honor sir."

"Fantastic! I will make the announcement tonight. Congratulations, commander. Take the night off."

"Thank you sir." She said while walking away with a huge smile on her face.

"Oh and Krea."

"Yes sir?"

"Please, call me Walter."


"You should get that looked at." He said pointing at her wound that was dripping down to her shirt.

"Right... I'll do that." She turned and walked away.

"He just attacked you!?" Alexandra said while placing the cooked meat on Krea's table.

"Yeah! It was crazy, but really exciting. I love a good fight."

"I can't believe your Commander now." The brunette said proud.

"I know, it's like a dream come true." She said while placing the last glass of wine on the table by the three plates.

"You know what that means?" She said huskily while taking the brunettes hand.

"What?" Alex asked smiling.

"I'm one step away from being Lieutenant. Which means I could be your...personal bodyguard." Krea added a little more emphasis on the word personal. She cupped the brunettes face and gave her a passionate kiss. 

The door opened and Malcolm came running in. Causing the queen to back up and turn red, but it was stopped when Krea didn't let go of her hand and pulled her closer. Alexandra was confused, but let it play out.

"Your the Commander now! And I had to find out from Grier? Of all knights, Grier!" He paused and looked at the two girls in there embrace.

"Hey Alex."

They had started calling her Alex because Alexandra was to formal. She just smiled until it dawned on her why Krea didn't immediately let go of her when Malcolm waked in. She mouthed 'you told him!'

Krea just shrugged, looking like a guilty puppy. She directed her attention back to the man."Yeah buddy, sorry, I couldn't tell anyone."

"You told Alex."

"She already knew. She's the Queen."

"Oh... Right... Well is diner ready?" He said, sitting on the floor.

Alexandra whispered in the blondes ear, "We'll talk about this tonight."

Krea gulped, but enjoyed the presence of her two best friends. They finished there meal and cleaned up before sitting in a circle.

"I'll be right back." Alexandra said while making her way to the bathroom.

When the door shut Malcolm leaned in. "I need to tell you something."


"Kevin likes Alex."

"Wait, what?"

"Yeah, he plans on wooing her because as far as everyone knows she's not taken."

"You have got to be kidding me. That's ridiculous."

"I'm sorry Krea, but it's true, he has it all planned out."

"Well Alex would never go out with that ass."

"It wouldn't look good if she doesn't at least try. You know that."

Krea gritted her teeth before she heard a knock on the door. She walked over to see that the man of the conversation was right in front of her, his face red with anger.

"He made you commander!?" Kevin shouted.

It took everything she had not to hit this man, one for yelling at her, two for trying to court her princess, and three he was just a prick really.

"Look, he made the decision not me. Besides, it's not my fault that I'm better with a sword than you."

"Krea Shoa Bu." The fact that he said her full name made her a bit nervous.

"I will get the spot as Commander, I don't care what I have to do." He went face to face with her.

"Consider that a warning." He stormed off and she shut the door behind her.

Not only was he going to try and demote her somehow, but he was also going to attempt to steal Alexandra. "Shit." She had to watch her back and more importantly warn Alexandra.No. You can't tell her, she'll just worry. She thought to herself. She was so conflicted. Just take it one day at a time. She thought. Tonight she would focus on her friends, tonight was a night, to make memories.



This is going to have a lot of spelling errors, but I am so busy with work that I don't have a lot of time to edit. I will for sure after this weekend. Let me know what you guys think of it so far? Comment, I don't bite.

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