Allura hasn't always been a Cronan. In the beginning, she was only human, but she was changed by the man she fell for.


1. Chapter One

My eyes fluttered open only to catch a glimpse of bright fluorescent lights and quickly shut again. My head throbbed with a newly discovered pain, and I was overwhelmed with a sensation of being lost. I tried opening my eyes again, but my brain wouldn't permit the action.

So with my eyes being so stubbornly shut, I honed in my sense of hearing, trying to listen for anything that could give me a hint as to what my surroundings were and where the hell I was. I heard faint footsteps growing louder as they came near. They never became very loud; this person was obviously very lightfooted and swift.

"Allura," My name was spoken in a calm and collected voice, "Open your eyes." The voice was feminine, and although it was calm, it was not calming. The voice was ominous and sent a shiver down my spine. I did as the voice commanded and tried to open my eyes, and finally I did, and I was greeted with the same bright fluorescent lights above me. I moved my head so I could look down at myself. I was wearing a rough, white hospital gown. My hands and feet were restrained and a thick leather belt ran across my waist, holding me down. I could still flex my fingers and toes, of course, but I couldn't get up and leave if I wanted to. And I did.

A tall, slim figure moved into the light, as graceful as a phantom, and she stood above me. I managed to faintly make out facial features: Sharp cheek bones, full, dark red lips, and piercing green eyes. How was it even naturally possible for someone to have such bright eyes? They seemed to glow amongst the silhouette and burn into my own blue eyes. "Finally, Allura. I have been waiting for you to wake." A faint smile crept over her rosy lips and I shivered once again. "There is someone I'd like for you to meet," She paused slightly, taking a breath before continuing, "He's waiting in another room for you." At this, her smile grew larger and, at this point, creepy.

Two large men who were standing behind her began unstrapping me, and I was lifted from the cold metal table. I wriggled and fought to try to escape their grip along with whatever fate they had planned out for me. But I was not strong enough. Whatever strength I had, the giants suppressed with ease. I silently cursed for my failure, knowing that whatever happened, I was at the mercy of these people.

They carried me out the door of the small, bright room, and down the cold, dark corridor. The woman took a key from the pocket of her dark gray pants suit and unlocked the door. The latch clicked and the door opened with the grinding sound of metal against metal. I winced at the sound, but I wasn't nearly as worried about the door as I was what was behind the door. The henchmen carried me through the doorway and crossed the room, dropping me on the cold, hard, concrete floor. I nearly cried out in pain, but was able to hold it back.

I was unable to see my surroundings. It was dark. Way too dark. My eyes began to adjust as the door was shut and the giants were gone. Yet I still felt a presence. An entity, if you will. A faint sniffle came from somewhere in the room. I couldn't pin point it since the sound echoed throughout the entire room. Then a small, yellow light bulb flickered to life, illuminating a few feet around it, but it was enough for me to see the figure huddled in the corner of the room.

I slowly crawled a bit closer, trying to be quiet. I wanted to see the sniffling figure, but I didn't want to get too close. As I got closer, I could make out that the figure was sitting against the wall, hugging their knees to their chest. The figure's face was hidden, and they were also wearing a white hospital gown. The person lifted their head, and I studied the face of a man who was clearly broken and beaten. His eyes were the same bright green as my captor's, but they seemed more natural, more vivid. Within those eyes hid a million stories, and I could tell I was in a few by the way he looked at me.

"A-Allie?" He asked softly, his voice nearly breaking as he spoke. It was barely audible since I was close enough to him, but any farther away had I been and it would have been lost in the empty air.

"You... you know me?" I asked as he gazed at me and a tiny bit of hope sparked in his eyes. It quickly shifted to a sad expression when he realized I didn't remember him.

"Allura, it's me. You know me. Billie." His voice finally broke and he struggled to continue, "You don't remember me?" A tear fell from his eye and he scooted closer to me, making me back away a little. He reached out his hand, trying to reassure me, and I don't know what convinced me this man could be trusted, but I crawled back towards the man and allowed him to caress my face in his gentle hand.

He studied my face as if he hadn't seen me in decades. "Allura, what do you remember?" His words triggered a sudden image of the windshield of a car breaking and the airbag bursting from the steering wheel. I heard sirens and voices hurriedly communicating to each other. And then I saw him. Running towards me as I laid on the ground in agony. I saw his lips moving as he knelt beside me, but heard nothing anymore. I snapped out of the vision and looked at him, tears springing to my eyes.

"Was I... in a car crash?" I asked hesitantly. His lip quivered as he answered, "Allie, You died in a car crash."

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