Short imagines

This is just a bunch of short imagines I have created with the boys. I hope you guys really enjoy them! I also will do personal imagines just leave your name, what boy, and if u have an idea what u want the imagine to be about please put your input! Or if u want me to surprise u that's fine too! Enjoy you guys!! <3


3. Secrets revealed

~Imagine 2 Secrets revealed~

You and Harry have been dating for a while now but nobody really knew except for the boys, of course.

You would get a little upset when it came to the interviews and they asked who had girlfriends and.. of course Harry wouldn't raise his hand or say anything.. Sometimes you really didn't mind because you trusted him.

Then one night at a short interview at the red carpets live, you were watching, waiting for the boys to do something silly until the question came up.. The interviewer said,"So lads speaking of girls are there any special ones at the moment?" And for the first time in 6 months Harry raised his hand and said,"I do and her name is (Y/N)." Your heart just melts right away.

After the red carpet you and Harry decided to go out and have a really special dinner and he looked into your eyes and said,"(Y/N), I love you so much and I'm glad people now know who you really are and how important you are too me." Then he leaned in for a long and passionate kiss.

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