Short imagines

This is just a bunch of short imagines I have created with the boys. I hope you guys really enjoy them! I also will do personal imagines just leave your name, what boy, and if u have an idea what u want the imagine to be about please put your input! Or if u want me to surprise u that's fine too! Enjoy you guys!! <3


7. Prom

~Imagine 5 Prom~

Your going to prom with your best friend Liam. Just as friends even though you liked him more than just a friend. He bought you a beautiful dress and he got someone to do your hair in long bouncy curls. You couldn't believe it. "Thank you so much Liam for everything you do for me." You say giving him a hug. "No problem. I will do anything that makes you feel like a princess." He says smiling at you. Later that night you got into the beautiful dress and did your make up. You got some water and you heard a knock on your door. You went and grabbed your purse. You opened the door and it was Liam with his black tux looking all handsome. He just stands there keeping his eyes on you. "Liam?" You say looking at him. "Oh I'm sorry you just look so breathtaking." He says grabbing your hand. "By the way I rented a limo for us." He says leading you to the limo. You guys finally arrive at your prom and you gaze at it. It's so beautiful you just couldn't believe that this night is happening. You thought to your self... "Can this night get any better?" Just then Liam asks you to dance. You happily nod your head as you both head out onto the seance floor. You guys dance for a while and then a slow song comes on. He grabs you by the waist and pulls you close to him. You put your arms around his neck and rest your head on his chest. "I love you." He whispers. You smile at yourself. "I love you too." You say. He pulls you away and kisses you passionately. At that moment you knew that this was the best night of your life and a night you would never forget.

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