Short imagines

This is just a bunch of short imagines I have created with the boys. I hope you guys really enjoy them! I also will do personal imagines just leave your name, what boy, and if u have an idea what u want the imagine to be about please put your input! Or if u want me to surprise u that's fine too! Enjoy you guys!! <3


2. Beach Day With The Boys

~Imagine 1 Beach Day With The Boys~

You're on the beach with the boys. They are all In the water, but you refuse to go because it's freezing. The boys all get out and pretend that they've had enough, and start talking to you. In the blink of an eye, the boys grab your arms and legs, and start to run towards the water, and they throw you! You try to get mad at them but you know you can't, and so do they, so, you guys have fun in the water for the rest of the afternoon.

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