Short imagines

This is just a bunch of short imagines I have created with the boys. I hope you guys really enjoy them! I also will do personal imagines just leave your name, what boy, and if u have an idea what u want the imagine to be about please put your input! Or if u want me to surprise u that's fine too! Enjoy you guys!! <3


1. Authors note 😁

Hey everyone I'm new at this so I'm just gonna say I'm Nikki I'm 16 years old and I'm a former fan of one direction. I used to be obsessed but I've calmed down quiet a bit. Niall is my all time favorite and Harry is a close second. To start off I'm not going to write an actual fanfic yet. Just so you guys can see how I write I've written a couple short imagines for you guys. These are mostly innocent imagines but once I start actually writing fanfics I will juice my writing up a bit by adding some sexual content for those who are interested in that. Anyway I hope you enjoy love you guys xoxo 😁💕 ~Nikki~

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