A new start

Callie and Camille think there the last wizards left. So they start a Muggle middle school but little do they know there's someone watching them.


5. The change

not to lie school is hard especially being  placed in the advanced math class even when I have no idea how to do math.  How did that happen I asked myself.  There is a lot of homework we have to do it is was boring like boring nonstop for it that's all that's all middle school boring.  I mean don't get me wrong it's not like we didn't get homework at all at Hogwarts it's just different.  Extremely different.  Sooner than later I began to become friends with Kaitlyn.  I mean we only have each other who are wizards or witches.  In middle school many people get asked out.  And at Hogwarts it was the same but here it's just different.  I have gotten asked out twice but with  I answered no. Kaitlyn has gone asked out once. She said no she had no idea what it was so I told her to say no.  I finally explained to her that it was the  same thing that happened at hogwarts. She then got it. Anna seem to love middle school.  She already had  a boyfriend. Here at River Creek there are some idiots. And rude people. Anyone that stepped In my way got tourchourd after school. First I would secrectly say one word with out then seeing me. That one word was purchased for kids to Al with out then seeing me. That one word was Pertricus totalus. Then I would say another work. This word would be Crucio. And I would torture them and tell  they learned their lesson.  Now I was careful. I didn't want to  torture them too much. I just got a good laugh out of it.  And I would  stop.  Then make a run for it.  Yeah you might think I'm evil stupid fruit mean but I am a slytherin so. 

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