A new start

Callie and Camille think there the last wizards left. So they start a Muggle middle school but little do they know there's someone watching them.


2. Survivors?

We yelled and walked around for any survivors.  Not one was to be found. This gryffindors name was katlyn. I told her mine.  She asked me what house I was in. Wasn't it obvious;slytherin. She was a halfblood. For I am a pureblood. Now she said her biggest fear of muggle school was the people. I thought that was silly as she had a wand. Use it.  I have a muggle friend who I asked to stay with untill school started. Till then we were looking where to live since this bratty gryffindor decided to follow me. For I knew how to evaporate as my father already taught me. I'm one to not please. This gryffindor must have figured it out right away. 

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