A new start

Callie and Camille think there the last wizards left. So they start a Muggle middle school but little do they know there's someone watching them.


4. School begins


 Now me and Anna  along with Kaitlyn  started our first day at  River Creek middle school, muggle  middle school.  There was nothing left to do. Me and Kaitlyn both happen to get the same homeroom teacher Mr. Walkmen. Who lucky even seem niceish. Already though he had favored the gryffindor  no surprise there.  My schedule looked like this 



                  Social studies 

                    Advanced math 


                         Science ( which I thinks muggle potions) 

                            Drama or technology 

               And language arts?                             

                         I meat a very interesting student named 

Josh. He showed me around. The last words he told me was middle school is the freakin dumbest place on earth. I met up  with Kaitlyn and we walked home together and talked about our    day.  More like she did all the talking. 

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