A new start

Callie and Camille think there the last wizards left. So they start a Muggle middle school but little do they know there's someone watching them.


8. Magic an muggles

Magic is the success to my world. Without magic where would I be. I wondered to myself. Me a muggle. I couldn't imagine myself without magic. Poor muggles. For me any mudblood is a muggle who should not be here. For I believed in the perfect pureblood society. Halfbloods were ok. Don't think I was a deatheater or anything. I'm just unique. It made me laugh to myself. I'm not a trader. I don't like the dark lord at all. He was greedy, selfish and snakelike. I also like being my own ruler. I am determined and cunning. That's what I like about myself most.  

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