A new start

Callie and Camille think there the last wizards left. So they start a Muggle middle school but little do they know there's someone watching them.


9. Kate's side of Ben

This is a chapter from Kate's view!!!




Me and Ben have been dating for about 4 weeks now. He reminds me of my ravenclaw boyfriend. As soon as I layed eyes on him I knew I loved him I don't use my wand that much. I know Hayden crucios people. I've seen her do it before. Hayden is a dark person. Very mean and cruel, but I can't do anything about it. I am the prettiest girl in the school. Or at least I think and Ben does too. I am also brave , courageous and nice. I have short light blonde hair and greenish eyes. I love muggle school for it is quite fun.



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