Ally Tomlinson moves to Britten after Chloe Styles, her former best-friend, moved there, from their home town, Sydney. With a few bumps and hills along the way, Ally finds the love of her life. But the question is, who is it? But before all this, Ally has to survive the rest of senior year.


2. Two

It has been ten years since my former best friend moved from Sydney, Australia to Britten, England. I still remember that day... I don't think I will ever forget it. Today is the day that I'm moving. Yup!! That's right! I'm moving to England, for my 17 birthday!! I am going to live with my big bro, Louis!!! He said that he has his own house, a few blocks from the school. I look around my empty room then, grabbed my carry along shoulder bag, that contained, my phone, a charger, my macbook pro, my laptop charger, and a few pairs of extra cloths, just in case one of my bags goes missing. walk down stairs to find my step dad walking out the door with my luggage...

Such a nice man.
"Good Morning Honey!! Have you packed all of your stuff?" My 41 year old mother asked. "Yes!!!! I'm soooo excited!! I haven't talked to Chloe for ten years!!! And I'm going to the amazing school WestBridge High!!" I state enthusiastically. Then I quickly remembered I have to say goodbye to my first love and first boyfriend, Luke Hemmings.
I excuse myself from the conversation and ran outside to our secret place, the lake. We found it three years ago and I guess the sight was just to beautiful for us to just forget about it. I see the blonde boy and immediately sadness washed over me. I walk over to him and place myself in his lap.
"I don't want you to leave baby" he says. "I don't want to leave you" I say back. Leaning myself into his toned chest. He grabs me and turns me around so I'm facing him and places his soft kissable lips onto mine.
I will never forget how much I love him and how much I will always love him. I pull away from the kiss and look into his icy blue eyes.
"Luke? I'm moving today... And I don't think I can do long distance relationships... I'm really sorry... I will always love you" I say, tears threatening to fall. "Hey, don't cry it's ok, I understand. I love you too... Remember you will always be my number one" he whispers into my ear, while wiping away the droplets of tears. He gives me a short but passionate kiss, that was full of love, and let me go.
"I will call you every night... Even if we are not together... If something's wrong call me and I will get a flight over to you, no matter what the cost . I love you Ally Tomlinson." He says to me, I could tell he was about to cry. "I love you to Luke Hemmings."

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