Ally Tomlinson moves to Britten after Chloe Styles, her former best-friend, moved there, from their home town, Sydney. With a few bumps and hills along the way, Ally finds the love of her life. But the question is, who is it? But before all this, Ally has to survive the rest of senior year.


3. Three

***Skip To Airport***

"Bye Mum" I say as tears flow out of my eyes. "Say hello to your farther for me" Mum says, obviously trying to stay positive. "I will come and visit you I promise" I told her. "Yes you will." she says finally tears falling. "Flight 249, Britten now boarding!!" the speakings said, in a robotic tone. Mum kissed me on the head before letting me go. i walked towards the plane and got on. So many questions were running through my head. What if they don't like me? I was popular at my old school but will I be here? Does Louis have any hot friends? The next thing i knew, every thing was black.

"Excuse me Ma'am?" I opened my eyes to see a flight attendant right in front of me, "We are at your destination" she spoke kindly. "oh. Ahhhh thanks?" I told her. I grabbed my things and walked off the plane. I walked over to where you got your luggage and saw mine was no where in site. "ALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was tackled in a hug from someone unrecognisable, "Umm?" Was what i replied with. "wait, your Ally, right?" "yes, yes I am" I said with a newly found confidence. "Damn. Your sassy, like Louis. I love it." He said with a smirk. "who are you?" I asked confused. "Styles, Harry Styles" Harry said. "Did you just reference James Bond?" I say smirking. "What, Pshhh no!" he said chuckling, and i let out a giggle, hmm nice enough I thought. "come on, Louis wants to go shopping with you." Then it just clicked, "OH MY FUCKING GOSH!!!!" I screamed, "what!!! Did something happen??? Shit Louis is going to kill me!!" He said worried. "No, No just where are my bags!!" I said really hoping he had them "oh, they are in my car." he said calmly. "k" i replied. We walked to the car and he said "So Louis told you he has a mansion right?" "WOOOAAAHHHH really!!!!?????" I said in excitement, "and he must really like you because he has given up his master bedroom for you" He said with a laugh. "huh" I replied slowly dosing off.

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