Ally Tomlinson moves to Britten after Chloe Styles, her former best-friend, moved there, from their home town, Sydney. With a few bumps and hills along the way, Ally finds the love of her life. But the question is, who is it? But before all this, Ally has to survive the rest of senior year.


8. Seven

Louis and I got into my black porsche, and i sped off to the hospital, nearly getting a speeding ticket. I pulled into the parking lot then walked into the emergency wing, so Louis could get his cast. "You can go now Ally." Louis says. "No. I'm not leaving until you are able to come to school too." I say,knowing he wont change my mind. "Ahh, the same old Ally I remember." "Never have changed, never will" I say smirking, Louis chuckled. 

**Driving to school**

"Is it ok?" I asked Louis referring to his arm. I could still feel the pain in my arm and it hurt."Yeah it just hurts a little." He says, telling me the directions to the school. I pulled up, seeing that there was a Jeep, an expensive one. "Who's is that expensive looking Jeep?" I asked Louis. "OH!! That's Chloe's!!" Lou said.

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