Ally Tomlinson moves to Britten after Chloe Styles, her former best-friend, moved there, from their home town, Sydney. With a few bumps and hills along the way, Ally finds the love of her life. But the question is, who is it? But before all this, Ally has to survive the rest of senior year.


1. One


Hi! My name is Ally Tomlinson. Yes, you guessed it. I am Louis Tomlinson's twin sister. He lives in Britten and I live in Sydney so we don't really know each other that well. I have long light brown hair, big blue eyes, and freckles on my nose. You may be wondering why I live in Sydney, and Louis lives in Britten. Well, our parents split up, and I chose to go back with mum while he stayed with dad. I am seven years old and attend the second grade, with my best friend Chloe.


It was the day that I was dreading. My best friend, Chloe Styles, was moving to Sydney. She said she was going to go to a little primary school, along the beach. (Made up) " Ally?" Asked a sad Chloe, "I will miss you" she said, tears falling. "I will miss you too Chloe" I cried to her. "I will tell mummy and daddy to let me talk to you" I said hugging my best friend since kindergarten. "And I will tell mummy to let me talk to you" Chloe said. 

"Chloe, Harry!! Its time to go!!" Mrs Styles shouted. We hugged once more, before Chloe ran off.

Little did I know that, that would be the last time talking to my nerdy companion Chloe Styles.

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