Brothers 2

Niall and Harry both go their separate ways with Marriages and futures without each others on their minds . Its been 3 years now and the guys reunite to prepare for a family and friend filled Christmas and wedding vacation. Although he's excited . Meeting back up with his Brother with Benefits may have been difficult . Not only that but Niall began to realize how much he still loved Harry and thought about him every night . Will a months vacation snap them back in reality or will Niall make Carter Mrs. Horan before Vacation is over


9. Chapter 9.

Liam's P.O.V


I was really enjoying our vacation together . Getting away from the big city had to be one of the most relaxing things I've ever done and to be able to sit back and smoke a million swishers with my bro Zayn , I'm basically living the lifestyle . My only problem is that Amber just cant get away for more than 5 minutes .Ever since I've gotten here she's been making these desperate attempts to make me jealous , and not only that but walking around the house in expensive lingerie LIKE NOBODY IS THERE ! , and flirting with me when that Nash kid is out buying her something ridiculous . Last time she was naked under her new rabbit fur 'scarf'. 

As we speak she was bending over through the glass door hoping I saw but I really just wanted her to go away while Zayn was hella confused . "um.. What the hell is she doing ?" He questioned . "That's what I'm wondering as well .. " I scoffed rolling my eyes . "We broke up a long time ago. I don't get why she still wants to be with me . Its ridiculous .. Doesn't she seem happy enough with that Nash Grier the famous Vine dude ?" I said . "Well material wise " He laughs I chuckle back "Yeah I guess .. " I took a puff and passed it on to Zayn

"You know .. You can't act like you didn't love that hot mess in there" He puffed then laughing "I mean I did . The feeling just isnt the same anymore .. I mean I love her .. but .. I don't at the same time " I said with the most confused expression on my face . ".. Okay .. have you ever thought about maybe .. Giving her another chance " He puffs again then passing it back to me . "What ? . I mean Hell no . She broke my heart and I mean I didn't care ... but now that my music career is bigger than expected I can't be holding onto the past , right now we're in the present Zayn and I have to find a way to the future " I explained looking away .

"Maybe that crazy bitch showing her ass and left over pubic hair , just might be your ticket to the future . She just needs a little fixing . and I know just the person to help you " He smirked at me . Normall when Zayn's high he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about . But this time I think he just might be serious enough, he's smoked more than 6 blunts and hasn't let me down before . 

Niall's P.O.V

It was finally Christmas eve and my mom had decided that we should go to the 'Event' . The 'Event' was a thing where they would throw fancy every holiday or holiday eve in this case . My mom took me and my brother to one before and it was very uncomfortable . I never wanted to attend one again but now I am a sophisticated man and I need an excuse to show off my new white suit , which Carter is going to go pick up for me " We'll be back later on . You're Brother and sister in law are gonna help me pick out a suit as well "Carter said as he slipped on his jacket .

 "Cool . Greg is definitely the fashion guru in the family " I rolled my eyes . It was obvious I was lying , we all know the fashion guru is me .. That had to be the gayest thing I have ever said . He kissed my lips before leaving me in our room . Once I heard the door shut I got out of the bed and thought that I should make myself some breakfast . I grabbed my crutches and began to make my way downstairs as careful as I could be and to the kitchen . 

I flipped my eggs over themselves as I sung 5sos in my head . I heard footsteps walk into the kitchen put that really didn't stop me from hopping on one foot and singing about how perfect they thought I looked . And it definitely didn't take me long to turn around and see Harry watching me as he sipped orange juice . "Shit Harry you scared me " I yelled . "Sorry . I couldn't get over how cute you just looked" He chuckled "Annd I thought I told you whatever we had was done .

 Did you hear that part or do I have to spell it out for you?" I asked hoping over to the table to sit my plate down "How about you moan it in my ear ?" He growled "Harry please " I sighed "You know you can resist me " He said turning me around to face him . This is so stupid . I say I'm done but in actuality he's right about everything about me and what I want .Why did I just wanna give it up to him all the time?. 



This might kinda be a cliff hanger but its not lol

Can you guess what's gonna happen next?


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