Brothers 2

Niall and Harry both go their separate ways with Marriages and futures without each others on their minds . Its been 3 years now and the guys reunite to prepare for a family and friend filled Christmas and wedding vacation. Although he's excited . Meeting back up with his Brother with Benefits may have been difficult . Not only that but Niall began to realize how much he still loved Harry and thought about him every night . Will a months vacation snap them back in reality or will Niall make Carter Mrs. Horan before Vacation is over


8. Chapter 8

What the hell ?

Niall's P.O.V

Once everyone woke up this morning it was already about 2. That's when we decided to go out to brunch . I have never been out to brunch before, or even any restaurant with a broken ankle , therefore this should be quite the experience. Everyone was laughing and enjoying Greg's stories about when he was on base while I comforted Carter who didn't wanna join in the conversation . I could tell he was still upset and shaky from last night and I was doing my best to get his mind off of it but it didn't seem like he was cheering up at all. 

He was looking down playing with the loose thread on my sweater as the ice melted in his lemonade. For once I couldn't believe he wasn't on Tumblr. "hey. you don't wanna join in? Greg said he knew someone who needed a singing coach ..."I said to him . He shakes his head. " I don't feel like talking right now babe" He mumbled . I nodded trying to leave him alone as much as possible , But I just couldn't . "Carter" I mumbled . "If I did something wrong you can tell me--" "You didn't I'm fine " He immediately said trying his best to make me shut the hell up . "I must have done something if you don't want to answer me --" "I said YOU DIDN'T!" He said shouting to the best of his ability. He then sighed "I gotta go to the bathroom
He gets up from under my arm and walks away . So much for caring .

"What's up with the skinny kid?" Nash asked making Alex punch him in the arm "You mean Carter? ... *SIGH* Is he okay Niall?" Alex asked . "Yeah. He's just been up all night that's all" I forced a smile taking a sip from my Sprite. I looked away from everyone else noticing Harry's eyes on me and I quickly looked away ."Is everything okay with you and Him?" My mother asked .

"Of course " I said making it seem like last night didn't happen at all . "Oh good" She sighed in relief . "Yeah ." Louis then buds in . Of course nobody asked for his input on anything. "Would be a shame if something would've slipped out . Maybe with you and someone else at the table--" "Shut up Louis!" I shouted . "Hey hey .. No need to get defensive.. I was just saying .. isn't that right Harry?" Louis sassily puts a kiss on Harry's lips to make him forget what he was gonna say . It was disgusting , but I'm putting an end to this right now .

 "Harry , a word" I got up from my seat grabbing my crutches . Harry gets up to and we make our way out side . "Okay look I swear I didn't say anything more about us --" "It doesn't matter anymore , because this is done !" I exclaimed . He gave me a confused look "What?" He questioned .

I sighed "Harry .. I can't take the guilt anymore .. Especially after what happen last night you seen his face and you heard everything he said to me . I feel like all these flashbacks and stuff are because I'm not doing what I should be as a Boyfriend .. as an almost married man . and neither are you ! . Whatever happened between us is over okay .. ?" I said and with that walking back into the building .

It took a lot in me to not turn around and take back every bit of what I said with tears rolling down my face . But if this gets me closer to relief with Carter . This I don't care about . 


It was later on in the night and everyone thought it would be a good Idea to watch Disney movies together .  Tomorrow was Christmas eve and yet , I still haven't decided on a date for the wedding . With everything going on , I even doubt he'll still wanna marry me . I sat on my bed after changing into my pajamas waiting for Carter, Only because I was scared to walk down the stairs by myself .

He got out the shower and changed into his pajamas and continued to run his fingers through his hair . I didn't know why until I looked in the mirror to see his face full of tears .

"Carter are you okay ?"  I carefully got off the bed and hopped over to him . He shook his head now . "Why ?" I questioned . I took each of his hand in mine waiting for him to answer me . He was trying "You can tell me " I whispered wiping the tears off his face. "I-m so-ory . " he cried .I was confused enough to chuckle at his apology "Sorry for what babe ?" "I-I pushed you away .. You knew something was wrong and it didn't tell you " He said through his sobbing .

I sat down in the vanity chair "Well can you tell me now?" I asked him . He nodded and sat down upon my lap . At this point he was calmed down enough "I'm pretty sure Alex told you about Joey" He rolls his eyes at the name "Yeah .. She told me what he did" I watched him wipe the tears from his face . "Well ever since then I didn't think I would trust someone again . And when you came around you seemed too good to be true.. and I was afraid of losing you .

It wasn't just last night something like that happened . It would be whenever you are gone for games in other places and even when we didn't live together in highschool . and I would always wonder why the hell  you didn't let me go .." He shook his head rubbing his eyes . "Because I love you that's why . I don't wanna let you go . Hell I don't wanna lose you either. and I have never been in a relationship like this either but I'm happy that I am. You changed my life coming to this boring ass town expecting not to make any friends , but then I met you and I'm happy I did " I admitted .

And for the first time a smile appears on his face . "I love you Niall" He whispers ."I love you too " I said and with that hugged him tightly letting him wrap his arms around my shoulders. Things are definitely starting to look up . Its just going one step at a time 



so what do you guys think ? Will Niall stick to his word with Carter . OR  will he turn back to be with Harry ?




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