Brothers 2

Niall and Harry both go their separate ways with Marriages and futures without each others on their minds . Its been 3 years now and the guys reunite to prepare for a family and friend filled Christmas and wedding vacation. Although he's excited . Meeting back up with his Brother with Benefits may have been difficult . Not only that but Niall began to realize how much he still loved Harry and thought about him every night . Will a months vacation snap them back in reality or will Niall make Carter Mrs. Horan before Vacation is over


7. Chapter 7.

Niall's P.O.V

"Ni ..." I heard the voice of none other than my boyfriend coming into the kitchen . I pushed Harry away , Maybe a bit too hard as he hit his back against the table and fell to the floor . Carter walks in , he looked like he was crying . "Carter .. " I said out of breath but in a concerning tone. I slid off the counter as carefully as I could not putting pressure on my right leg .

He was wiping his eyes and was literally stiff as a board . I grabbed his hand and it was shaking . "Carter what's the matter.." I asked him putting my hand on his face . "I had a bad dream ... You left me and you didn't come back and I was scared . And I killed myself--""Whoa whoa whoa ... Why are you having dreams like that "I cut him short. He started to cry again . I was confused . Why was he having dreams like he was?.

Harry still on the floor in pain he looked at me I looked back at Carter . "Carter answer me .. " I said . He looks up at me as I run my thumb over his red cheeks . " I'm just scared to lose you to someone else . If there's someone out there who's better than me just tell me okay--" "Theres nobody out there better than you .. Why would you think something like that " I ask him . I

know Harry hearing this will make him be on my ass about it later but I don't really care right now "I-I don't know .." He cries falling into my arms . I couldn't help myself but to wrap my arms around him . I closed my eyes not to look Harry in his and To not notice him leaving .

"You're crazy if you would think I'd leave you for anybody  .. I love you" I tell him . "I love you too" He says tears still running down his cheeks and seeping through my shirt. We've never had a problem like this before . I always tell him I'm not going anywhere but it sucks to know that he doesn't believe it . I don't know what I'm gonna do about that .


The next morning Me and Axiel woke up on the couch and my back and my ankle were on fire . I had to get him to stop crying and I was too tired to go upstairs so I laid there with him in my arms . Luckily Carter wasn't that heavy or I wouldn't have a foot right about now . As slept I got up grabbing my crutches and going upstairs to try to take a shower . After that I put on some jeans and a black sweater and sat on my bed combing through my wet hair . There was a knock on the door and I told whoever it was to come in . It was just Alex .

"Hey do you have any hair gel , Zayn left his at Home and he's pissed " She chuckles . I chuckle back "Yeah on the dresser" I pointed . "Thanks" She sighs grabbing it . "You look tired " She pointed out "Ugh. I know. I woke up thinking I was just gonna get a snack and then Carter woke up crying and scared and .. I felt bad yah know because he's never done something like that before . I only went downstairs for a second " I sighed. "Does he have separation anxiety or something ?" She asked leaning against the wall .

 I chuckled lightly "I don't know . I love him . and I don't want him being scared that he's gonna lose me or that I'm gonna leave him because I never would do that to him .. I love him and .. If there was a way I could just get him to believe me " I shook my head placing my head in my hands . She sighs "Did . Carter ever tell you about someone named Joey ?"She asked suddenly . I looked up at her . "Um .. No? . Who's Joey--" "Nevermind . If he didn't tell you I wont . " She walks out . "Wait!" I shouted . She turned back "Tell me .. Please . Maybe it'll help me " I Sighed . She then shuts the door and proceeds with this Joey person . 

"Me and Carter have been close for a long time especially during Freshman year .. Carter knew he was gay and so did I but he could never understand to accept it which explains why he came out so late . And one day he met a guy just like him. Lost , confused.. Joey. Joey liked Carter, Carter was literally all he talked about, Around this time he asked Carter to go on Vacation with him and some friends and Carter had hope that he would finally understand who he truly was through this friendship with Joey who only wanted to fuck.

Carter wouldn't let him put the moves on him. So after vaca they came back and 2 days later we had school . And suddenly Joey found someone else.. He liked some other guy and went around pretending he didn't know who the hell Carter was and that same week rumor went around that he ran off with this guy to California and we never seen Joey again.. And Carter was heartbroken " She finishes."...Wow.." I mumbled .

"Yeah .. Wow .. And its around that time he's probably having flashbacks and stuff .. And you're the first person he's been with that he's been so happy " She shrugs and with that exited the room . And now I don't know what to do . I'm stuck thinking that it was only a bad dream , but it was reality that he thinks will happen again . I cant . I couldnt .

That means this thing with Harry couldn't continue .. It can't continue .

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