Brothers 2

Niall and Harry both go their separate ways with Marriages and futures without each others on their minds . Its been 3 years now and the guys reunite to prepare for a family and friend filled Christmas and wedding vacation. Although he's excited . Meeting back up with his Brother with Benefits may have been difficult . Not only that but Niall began to realize how much he still loved Harry and thought about him every night . Will a months vacation snap them back in reality or will Niall make Carter Mrs. Horan before Vacation is over


6. Chapter 6

Niall's P.O.V


"God I never noticed how heavy you were!!" Carter shouts carrying me into the house. He didn't have to but he insisted "I'm fine babe I swear" I laughed as he sat me down on the couch in the family room . He sighs "I know I'm just so mad he always has to be a dick to you when you don't even say anything to him. I swear when I get my hands on him--" "I'm okay ... I swear" I stopped him in the middle of his sentence.

He smiles. He climbs upon my lap luckily my right leg was the one broken . He laid on my chest and kissed my neck several times. He knows they calm me down . "Well thanks Carter. Whatever happened to helping us carry in the groceries!" Amber shouts. "Whoops sorry I was making sure Niall was okay. " He gets up .

"Well help us put everything away." Alex said giving bags to my dad. That's when Harry walked in. His face was still red and flustered mixed with the cold and our little moment in the locker room.

It couldn't help but admit it was amazing. I haven't felt him in a long time. I haven't heard the way he moans in a long time or say my name. His eyes pierced through my skin as he licked his lips resembling the way he licked my -- "Niall what happened ?!!?" My mum came running.

She sits by my side looking from me to my broken ankle . "Oh..I just uh ..fell" I told her. "He's lying . Louis tripped him . He hit his head and passed out. Now he's under concussion watch" Carter blurts out. I really wish he didn't do that. " Where's Louis ?" Mum shouts . "Mum .. I'm fine its over its done with. I'm okay .." I say looking from her face back to Harry's who stood there sexily . "I'm okay .." I said again.

She sighed calming herself down "Very well then sweetie . Alright everyone. Lets get back in the Christmas spirit . I have a bit of Christmas decorations that still need to be put up if you guys would like to help" My mom smiles. Everyone gladly agrees and follows her to get the stuff.

I would see Harry look back at me and smirk . I couldn't help but smirk back but look down quickly not to catch any attention from anyone else. 


As everyone was up doing something like hanging up the many stockings or putting things on the tree , I was sitting on the couch putting popcorn on a string like the crippled person I am. It was actually entertaining. Well the eating the popcorn part at least. I also had a nice view of Harry's ass at the moment. I always would think about how good his butt looked in black jeans and nothing else. Thinking about it , I made sure nobody was looking and threw a piece of popcorn at his ass making him turn around.

He smirked at me as I laughed kinda quiet. But of course to ruin the moment Louis walks over and starts whining in his ear like always. Hazzy this Hazzy that , oh shut the fuck up !.  Harry leans down and gives Louis a peck on his lips and and a hug before going back to doing what he was doing. I had to admit , They were a pretty cute couple. And the way he treats Louis is simply amazing .

I wouldn't say I'm jealous though. I heard a sigh and I was startled until I realized it was just Greg. "So .. That's our stepbrother . The infamous Harry Styles "he says looking at Harry which made me look at Harry. "Yeah.. And there's his husband . Louis " I said without a nice expression . "Whoah. Sounding a big tart there little bro .. Why so mean to him ?" He chuckles . "Because if you haven't noticed the mans evil . Its prick at its finest" I scowled at the elf figure standing next to Alex laughing . Greg laughs "Trust me .

He's obviously have some things going on he just doesn't want to admit . But you .. You have a family and a fiance and a very hot step brother" He says playfully .l laugh . "Yeah yeah .." I shrug. "Cmon you know you want to admit it... Because I'm your older brother . I know everything about you .. And I know FOR SURE . You aren't just thinking of him as a step brother .. I mean he's just your stepbrother .

" He says before getting up and walking off . I bit my lip . Of course he knows everything. Why is my brother so observant ?


Everyone was in bed and well of course I forgot the crutches downstairs so I had to crawl down the big staircase and hop to the kitchen to get me some egg nog and doughnut holes .. I'm a midnight snacker. I was leaning against the counter eating the doughnuts and playing on my phone when I didn't feel someone sneak up behind me and scare me . I screamed a hearty Irish scream . "Sorry" Harry laughed .

"Yeah yeah . Very funny .. " I roll my eyes smirking . "You know you really shouldn't be on that foot " He states the obvious . " I know but I left the crutches down here and then I got hungry .. So .. " I shrugged . "Oh yeah .. Midnight snacker" He reminded himself making me chuckle . We caught ourselves in silenced he was starring at me like he always used to when he would walk down the hallway with Louis by his side .

Then he walked over and took him in his arms . I pulled him closer and he sat me upon the counter . "Niall .. I just wanna know ... Like . Since you left .. " he began to say . "What about it ?" I questioned . . I knew what he was going to say . I just wanted to hear him say it . "Did you ever think about me .. us ?" He asked his face aligned with mine . I was gonna say yes but . "Ni .. " Someone said . 


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