Brothers 2

Niall and Harry both go their separate ways with Marriages and futures without each others on their minds . Its been 3 years now and the guys reunite to prepare for a family and friend filled Christmas and wedding vacation. Although he's excited . Meeting back up with his Brother with Benefits may have been difficult . Not only that but Niall began to realize how much he still loved Harry and thought about him every night . Will a months vacation snap them back in reality or will Niall make Carter Mrs. Horan before Vacation is over


3. Chapter 3.

Louis is just .. Sexy . as . OMG ❤ 

Harry's P.O.V


Were my eyes playing tricks on me ? Or was this really him ? . Last time I seen him , I kissed his lips and he left . I thought I would never be standing in front of him looking him straight in his blue eyes , and yet . I feel I still love him . "Harry ?" He says in shock . "Niall ?" I question myself . " H-hey" I stutter out getting a cut of "Hi-" as a reply "Who was it Ni ? .. Harrryyy Its been a while " Carter says in excitement as always .

He grabs onto Niall's waist and I notice the big rock on his finger . I smile and chuckle lightly "It's been too long " I force out through my pain .

"Baby you're gonna have to get the rest of the bags . The one with all your boots in it is pretty heavy" I hear Louis's voice behind me . I quickly turn around to help him Carry some of our bags in . That's when he stopped and looked up . He was obviously looking at Niall . And you couldn't miss his evil glare .

His blue eyes turning their dark shade .

"Hey Louis !" Carter says . Louis ignores him carrying the bags in , sitting them by the door with the rest of them and walking away to greet everyone else literally brushing Niall's shoulder aggressively . "What's wrong with him ?" Carter asked in a worried and curious tone . I just shrugged .

"Long drive I guess" I sat the rest of the bags down "Well hurry up Haz we were just in the middle of catching up with everyone . Come on babe " He grabs onto Niall's hand .

He turns back and looks at me for a second but turns forward as he hears everyone laughing in the large family room . Does he ever think about me .. Or us ?

Niall's P.O.V

Its amazing to know that everyone is still playing football . Everyone was talking about their records on their teams and their many awards while sipping on light alcohol . I just kept quiet , I only wanted to hear about them right now . I was excited to know about how everyone was doing . But I couldn't get the shock out of my head of seeing Harry for the first time since I've moved . His long hair touching his shoulders and how perfect he still looked .

The only thing ugly was his boyfriends attitude . I would know . He hasn't stopped mentally planning to kill me for the last 30 minutes . "So Niall how about you and Carter . You haven't talked at all " Alex comments . " Oh .. Um well . I guess I should say everything's kinda different in America .. Just playing football , in school , the usual you know " I shrug . I hear a sarcastic chuckle come from the left side of the room where Louis was sitting . " You sound kinda talkative over there Louis . How about you and Harry " I fold my arms , I can't believe I even had the balls to do that . "Just holding Captain position at Brunel University .

One of the best schools in England and um . Harry owns his own bakery . Isn't that right babe?" He hugs up on Harry . "Oh yeah , 4 stores so far . Its going pretty well . What can I say ? .. I learned from my mum so .." He smiles to himself . "You're mum made the best birthday cake . Remember on your seventh birthday when she brought all of those cupcakes to school for you and you vomited all over them !!" Zayn shouts making the entire living room laugh .

I just smile . I wasn't there so . And that's kinds gross . "And Amber's dumb ass said it was in the shape of a turkey " Alex blurts out making people laugh even harder . "Speaking of Amber , where is she ?" I asked . "Oh . She should have been here a while ago . When me and Zayn left she was waiting on some guy so ." Alex sigh . Not even 10 seconds later there was a knock on the door .

My mum runs towards the door . "QUEENS HERE !" I heard .

"Oh boy .." Alex covers her face . She walks through with a large pink fur coat on and some tall heels . And who couldn't miss the very tall boy on her arm . "Alex you were supposed to wait til Nash came to leave !" She folds her arms . "Who the fuck is Nash ?" Zayn furrowed his eyebrows .

"Me . " The tall boy said . "I'm Nash .. Amber's boyfriend ?" . His voice was deep and scary . "Oh ." Zayn said and looked straight at Liam to find his reaction . Pretty flat . "Oh .. Hey Liam " Amber said in her 'trying to be sexy' tone . " Hey what's up ?" Liam smiled and folded his arms . " Oh .. Nothing . Just got settled in a new penthouse . Nash bought for me " She plays with her nails . The must unattractive thing ever . "Oh really . Sounds pretty cool " Liam says with no expression except the fact that he doesn't give a fuck .

"Very .. Anything for my baby " Nash buds in stopping the conversation to make out with Amber in front of everyone . "Well anyways . I'd like to make a toast to Family . Who'd ever thought we'd still be the same fuckers after high school " Austin holds up his drink making everyone laugh . He all join in the toast . I couldn't help but notice Harry's hand and a tattoo that says 'Half a Heart' . I tried not to think of its meaning too much . But every tattoo meant something . 


I finished getting ready for bed in me and Carters bedroom bathroom . We had a beautiful view of the outside on a walk out balcony . Though its snowing it was still perfect . I walked towards the bed laying on Carter's lap as He scrolled through his Tumblr like always . "Carter .. I'm not sure what's going on .. Its pretty weird seeing my brother after so long .. I don't know I just feel --" "Don't worry maybe you just miss him a lot " He says not looking from his phone .

I chuckle taking his phone out his hand "Seriously .. Just be serious with me for one second ... I just feel like some things were unsaid when I left and I'm not sure what to do " I said .

He sighs "Niall its just you haven't seen him a little over a year . He's changed , you changed . You both are just growing up , Its a part of life and its okay to feel weird or feel like something wasn't mentioned . You guys just need to take some of this vacation to go back to being close and what not . I can tell he's missed you alot . Louis too " He mentions Louis .

I roll my eyes at the sound of his name . "Oh I feel the love in those death stares" I joke . He laughs kissing my lips several times .

"C'mon . You know your brother loves you of course . Just stop worrying " He says grabbing his phone in the process of kissing me and gets back on Tumblr , but this time laying ontop of me all clingy like . I like when he does it .

I sighed closing my eyes trying to ignore the banging on the wall coming from the room next to me . Harry and Louis of course . I chuckled "oh yeah .. He sure does love me " 




I'm in the process of catching up on everything so just be patient and I hope you will like the story ideas coming . YASSSSSS okay bye!!!!❤❤ 

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