Brothers 2

Niall and Harry both go their separate ways with Marriages and futures without each others on their minds . Its been 3 years now and the guys reunite to prepare for a family and friend filled Christmas and wedding vacation. Although he's excited . Meeting back up with his Brother with Benefits may have been difficult . Not only that but Niall began to realize how much he still loved Harry and thought about him every night . Will a months vacation snap them back in reality or will Niall make Carter Mrs. Horan before Vacation is over


2. Chapter 2.

Harry's P.O.V


Packing for a month long vacation is something I never had to do in my entire life . It is absolutely stressful and when you're fiance is as childish as a 12 year old its even harder . I continued to pack my bags while Louis stood in front of the mirror fixing his outfit . "C'mon babe . You have to finish packing . We leave in an hour .. You already look amazing" I said . "I know . I know .. I'm just nervous . I fix my clothes when I'm nervous " He whines . " Okay well I know that ... But why are you nervous " I sat on the bed . Louis walks over sitting onto my lap . "Because .. I haven't seen your parents in a year .. And your mum isn't quite fond of me .. I just don't want to make the same mistakes from last time " He sighs. Step mum Maura doesn't really like Louis . And it may of had something to do with my dad not liking him from the beginning . He definitely doesn't like him now that he's my fiance but theres nothing my dad can do to change my mind about him . Louis is my life . I kissed his lips softly  "don't worry about them . I love you . And that's all that matters " I say making Louis smile . I loved his smile . 

Since I moved out the house , Louis enrolled in college and plays football for the team and I opened up my own bakery . I have 4 different locations around London and one in the U.S . Louis and I both are doing something we love and that's all that matters . My father left me to take care of things on my own and I think I'm doing fine for someone who didn't graduate with honors . Who said I needed my dad or anything I learned in school anyway .  

I finally finished packing and got Louis to finish his packing so we could load up the car and get ready to leave . As we were on our way out the house my step mum called to make sure we were getting there safely . "Yes . We are on our way now " I told her . "Oh good . Everyone's coming ." She squealed . I laughed . I just couldn't wait to meet back up with everyone .

Niall's P.O.V

We were finally landing in Cheshire England after only an 8 hour flight . Carter slept the whole ride and I was texting my mum . I couldn't sleep on the flight even if I tried . We got off the plane and a bell hop carted all of our stuff to our rental car . I had my mum text me the address to the vacation home which was only a few minutes away but might be even longer with all this snow on the ground . 

We pulled into the long drive way of this big house with several big windows . It looked like barbie's dream house ... Well that's something carter would say . "Its beautiful " Carter said amazed by how big the house was . I pulled in behind a all black car .

There were a couple cars already there . I held Carters hand as I knocked on the door of the house . From the way she was standing and the tattoo on her legs I knew exactly that it was Alex. "AHH!! MY NI -NI!!" She squealed . I laughed as we fell into each others arms . I barely recognized her at at first . She's grown up . "Oh my gosh !! .. Look at you guys ! . ZAYN!! Niall and Carter are here !!" She screamed . Soon everyone was greeting me . Liam and Austin grew up too fast though . Is it bad to say Liam was beautiful ? .

The whole time me and Carter talked to them  about our engagement and our life in New York . The stories were so detailed that I was literally catching an American Dialect . It was amazing to laugh and drink hot chocolate with my friends once again . "We've really missed you guys around ." Alex says . "Oh we have too .. We would always think about you guys while we planned the wedding and everything . Now I think all our wishes are finally coming true " Carter smiles planting a kiss upon my cheek . They Aww at us .

I blushed trying to keep my cool around them . I'm obviously the man in the relationship . "Anybody want some fresh baked cookies !" My mom said bringing a tray out . Everyone just dived in . She kissed my forehead before returning into the kitchen . Not even 30 seconds later the bell rung . "I got it " I said kissing Carter before getting the door . I ran to the door as I heard banging on the door . "Hold on !!" I shouted . I unlocked the door and opened it . He was looking at the grown but then his eyes met mine ..

".. Harry" I said . "Niall ?" 




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