Brothers 2

Niall and Harry both go their separate ways with Marriages and futures without each others on their minds . Its been 3 years now and the guys reunite to prepare for a family and friend filled Christmas and wedding vacation. Although he's excited . Meeting back up with his Brother with Benefits may have been difficult . Not only that but Niall began to realize how much he still loved Harry and thought about him every night . Will a months vacation snap them back in reality or will Niall make Carter Mrs. Horan before Vacation is over


1. Chapter 1.

Warning !! The following sequel will cause you emotional distress . This Sequel also contains sexual content and Behavior performed by 2 guys . If you are Homophobe or anything like Liam on the weekend I advise you to click away right now .. ENJOY RETURNING READERRRRSSSSSS❤❤❤


Niall's P.O.V

"Horan Dribbles it back to Rodriguez . Rodriguez back to Horan . Horan kicks for the final goal . AND IT'S GOOOOOOOOD!!!!! . Another win for the COLUMBIA LIIIOOOONNNSSSS!" 

The crowd goes wild !! . I never expected such a big crowd rooting for me . I'm in a huddle with the best Football team of all time in the middle of the biggest field in the us . "OLEE!!" the crowd roars as we retreat back to our locker room . I got in the shower . The hot water rolling down my back . Every time I finish a game . I look back on how much my life has changed since the move . Me and Carter live in a big house on the river side . The campus is 5 minutes away and I have to say its a really good school . Since then I've managed to keep in touch with my friends and my family on the other side . And its really hard not seeing my mum everyday and having my whole Life change 2 days after she came back from her honeymoon with Robin . And the same thing with my brother . He moved back to Cheshire with mum and Robin and everything which really doesn't make a difference because we talk almost everyday . 

Since we moved from Cheshire I has given me and Carter time to get to know each other a little better . Yeah , We've been dating for a while and soon he is gonna be my husband , But I felt as though there was some stuff that wasn't clear between one another . And since we've done that things have been a lot more comfortable and now all I gotta do is count the days away to our wedding day . Only a month and a half left . 

I slipped my shirt over my torso after putting on my Adidas sweats and my jordans . I put on my beanie and my north face before coming out of the locker room and meeting up with Carter who waits for me outside ."You did amazing !" He cheers kissing my cheeks . I let the kiss linger for a while before letting go . I love him so much . "Thanks babe " . I kissed him again before taking his hand . I've never been so lucky to have him before . I didn't stop questioning my sexuality until I started dating him . And I don't regret it not one bit . 

Once we got home , He cooked dinner while I played Fifa on the ps4 and once he got done we ate and he sat next to me cuddled into my arms as we watched the video of the game today . "Did you see my kick ? .. Babe are you watching ?" I asked him . I looked over to him who was looking into my eyes "What ?" I asked . He pecked my lips slowly and softly . "I love you" He mumbles . "Well I love you too ... What's wrong ?" I chuckled nervously .

He chuckled back "Nothing .. Just its getting really close to our wedding . And I'm just I'm kinda nervous .. I know I'm the only guy you've been with and .. I just don't know I just --" "Heey .. I proposed to you for a reason . There's nothing to be nervous of that has to do with the way I feel about you .. I don't want you to feel like I'm gonna question the way I am .. I've done that . I've made my decision . And I'm here and I'm not going anywhere . I love you a lot Carter " I said kissing his cheek . I watched his little face blush and  crunch up .

I loved when he did that .

Just then my phone rung beside me with the Collar ID as Mum❤☕ .

 with a smile . "Ello ?" I answered cheerfully . " Ey my handsome son . How are you ? . How's New York ?" She asked like always . She would always call and say If I didn't like it we were always welcome back . Its been a year and she still says it . "Its good . We won our game today " I told her .

" I heard ! . You're coach sent us the video copy . You looked so handsome !!" She squealed . I laughed . "What's up mum?" I asked . "Well Its inching closer and closer to Christmas and me and Robin were hoping you and Carter would come down to Cheshire for the holidays . We're getting a big vacation home and we invited you're friends , Greg , and Harry " She explains . But at the point when she said Harry's name .. I kinda froze .

"O-Oh . Sounds cool . We'll definitely talk about that " I chuckled lightly . "Oh great . We leave for the cabin on the 2nd of December . You have enough time to think I'm sure . And we can't wait to see you " I heard the joy in my mothers voice . I would hate to decided not to go because of something that happened a year ago . I'm over it right ? ."Can't wait to see you .. Love you too . Bye" I hang up with my mother .

"A holiday vacation . Niall that sounds so awesome . and all the guys will be there and the twins . And your brothers . I know you haven't spoken to Harry in a while "He explains . "Yeah .. Can't wait" I say . It was weird .

I felt like a I left something .. Like I left someone I shouldn't have behind .


OOOOOHHH ITS THE BROTHERS KICK OFFFFFF LOL GET IT . BECAUSE HE PLAYS FOOTBALL . AND THEY KICK .. Anyway . So heres the first chapter of brothers 2 I hope you guys enjoy , xx HTB👑💰


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