Anything to you

Four girls Jessie , Carly , Kayla , and rose they start a punk rock band but little did they know they run into 5 seconds of summer.
" did we mean anything to you guys at all?"


16. Wake up with a hangover and getting ready for school

Jessie's point of view 

I wake up with a headache and remembered what happened last night I scroll through Twitter and see a picture of Luke and a green hair girl kissing my heart breaks i look at the time I have to get ready for school so I pick out a white tank top , gummy bear leggings, dark blue vans, and a black sweater I straight my hair go downstairs grab a apple , backpack , keys and headover to Carly's house.

Carly's point of view 

My head hurts but I pick out a swag long sleeve shirt , shorts , boots , bracelets, and a beanie I only apply light pink lipstick straight my hair I go downstairs and grab a cupcake 

Meg-" good morning " 

Carly-" what are you happy about " 

Meg-" the party last night " 


Carly and Meg -" what " 

Mom-" why was Meg at a senior party last night" 

Carly-" honestly I didn't even know she went" 

Mom-" Carly go to school your fine but Meg your grounded " 

Meg-" it was worth it " 

I see Jessie pull up and jump into the car 

Carly-" did you see Meg at the party last night " 

Jessie-" no " 

Carly-" wonder what she did there ?"

Maybe Casey knows.

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