Anything to you

Four girls Jessie , Carly , Kayla , and rose they start a punk rock band but little did they know they run into 5 seconds of summer.
" did we mean anything to you guys at all?"


6. Morning pick up part 2

Kayla's point of view 

*phone rings * 

Kayla-" ugh!!!!! What " 

Jessie-" wake up " 

Kayla-" I hate it when you do this " 

Hangs up the phone 

I pick out a stripe top, Blue light ripped jeans, and combat boots then brush my hair and curl the tips after that I grab a gronala bar and head out to Jessie's car 

Jessie-" takes you that long to get ready " 

Kayla-" shut the hell up " 

Carly-" next off Rose's house " 

Rose's point of view 

I pick out a streets of Europe sweater , flower leggings, and my blue , green , and pinkish vans then I curl my hair. I go downstairs and see my brother Evan doing his homework then I hear Jessie's car pull up

Rose-" bye Evan " 

Evan-" bye rose " 

I sit in the back next to Kayla 

Kayla-" now off the the hell hole " 

Rose-" NO SWEARING!!!!" 

Jessie-" *laughs* lets go " 

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