Anything to you

Four girls Jessie , Carly , Kayla , and rose they start a punk rock band but little did they know they run into 5 seconds of summer.
" did we mean anything to you guys at all?"


26. Love is the thing that matters right now

Jessie's point of view 

Luke-" you mean a lot " 

He finally answered my heart skips a beat 

Jessie-" that's all I needed to know " 

So I really do mean something to him just like he means a lot to me. 

Carly's point of view 

Calum-" of course you mean a lot too me " 

Carly-" and you think it's ok to kiss my sister " 

Calum-" I'm really sorry Carly your the one I want " 

Carly-" I guess we can work this out somehow" 

Kayla's point of view 

Michael-" you mean so much to me " 

Thank god now I can finally say I love him I kiss him and he kisses back the one thing I miss was him .

Rose's point  of view 

Me and cuddle and watch movies until he starts kissing down my neck and comes up to my lips I gladly let him enter but we stop cause I know I wouldn't 

Rose-" I love you ash " 

Ashton-" I love u too rose ".


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