Anything to you

Four girls Jessie , Carly , Kayla , and rose they start a punk rock band but little did they know they run into 5 seconds of summer.
" did we mean anything to you guys at all?"


9. Band practice

Jessie's point of view 

Jessie-" you tell me that you loved me was that just a lie " 

Carly-" or did you really care about us " 

Kayla-" all I want is the truth no matter how good or bad it is just don't leave me broken hearted " 

Rose-" so should we sing this one " 

Jessie-" I don't know if it's good enough " 

Meg-" hey some cute boys are here to see u " 

Carly-" Meg don't bother them " 

Meg-" whatever " 

The boys come down 

Luke-" nice practice " 

Kayla-" thanks " 

Calum-" but a little bit boring " 

Rose-" think you can do better " 

Michael-" oh yeah " 

Carly-" alright show us what you got " 

Evan-" rose mom wants us home " 

Rose-" alright bye " 

Jessie-" bye " 

Luke-" well maybe next time"

Then they leave

Carly-" wow such jerks "

Kayla-" yeah but they still have 6 more rules to break "

Meg-" can I date the one with blonde streaks "

Carly-" no he's my boyfriend "

Meg-" oh okay "

Then Meg leaves

Jessie-" and how are you gonna do that "

Carly-" as Kayla said they got rules to breaks"

Kayla-" so all we gotta do is watch them break them but one at a time "

Jessie-" nice plan "

Kayla-" thanks "


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