Anything to you

Four girls Jessie , Carly , Kayla , and rose they start a punk rock band but little did they know they run into 5 seconds of summer.
" did we mean anything to you guys at all?"


15. At the party

Jessie's point of view 

It's been almost and hour so I take a few shots my vision starts going blurry but I just keep drinking and dance on the dance floor with Casey until someone grabs my arm it was Luke 

Luke-" wanna dance " 

No Jessie your drunk! 

Jessie-" sure " 

The dancing lasts for a couple minutes until I follow Luke to a room he starts kissing down my feels good but I don't want to take it too far so I just push him off 

Jessie-" I'm sorry " 

I ran and got into the car tears streaming down my face feeling so bad for leaving Luke like that.

Carly's point of view 

Me and Calum just dance along to the music until a blonde catches his eye he goes over to her but I stop him

Carly-" I thought we were together "

Calum-" well I guess we're not " 

I run outside and sit on the porch I'm a little drunk but not much as Calum was so I go over to Jessie's car and sit in the back seat crying.

Kayla's point of view 

Surprisingly I'm not drunk cause I was gonna drive us home tonight anyway what the hell its been 15 minutes since Michael had to go get something or so I thought I see him dancing with Caroline the most popular girl in school the one that made my life a living hell she gets everything I run outside of the house go into the car and see Jessie and Carly crying 

Kayla-" what happened " 

Jessie-" I ran out on Luke " 

Carly-" me and Calum broke up " 

We all have bad nights but I'm not gonna leave until rose leaves.

Rose's point of view 

I barley drink anything but water Ashton never came back I go outside and see him kissing a blonde so I walk over to Jessie's car and get in 

Kayla-" okay off to home " 

What did those boys really want?


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