All about love

What is love? That's something i'm trying to figure out.


1. Defenition of love

Unconditional love, does it even excist ? I’d like to believe it does. But to love someone under all circumstanses, must be hard. I have loved once and it was hard. I don’t say it should be easy but when you find yourself in that that same situation you once swore you would never be in again. It makes you wonder is it worth it. is it? To love someone so much it hurts too much. Never getting back the same input you give.

That’s when I put my hands up and say ’ I give up’. I don’t want to think myself as a quitter but sometimes I think it’s nessesery. We all deserve better than that. Someone who loves us as much as we love them. And maybe even more. To be equal to oneanother. What all that means I don’t know yet but I’m hoping one day I do.

But how do you know you have met The one? Do you? But if you don’t, how can you be sure that person isn’t just slipping away from you. In movies I have seen too many times two persons maddly fallen in love, then suddenly something happens and it tears them apart. They both move on with  their lives. And after years maybe even after decades their realise they never stoped loving each other. But it could be too late now. I hope i never find myself in that situation. I once swore i would never give up on love and i’d like to keep that promise.

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