Green Storm - Warrior Edition

Destine to be a great warrior cat, Mosskit is a kit with great potential. That is until she gets thrown into a world that she could've never imagined. Abandoning StarClan, being rebuked from her clan, and thrown out by her own family, she runs away. Unexpectedly, she gets picked up by two-legs and becomes a soft kitty pet. That is until StarClan calls her back to the forest. Crossing all the boundaries both StarClan and the Clan cats set for her, she does the impossible.


2. Prolouge

Surrounded by trees in a starlit place the cat called out, “Hello? Starclan?” As if an answer to her cry a cat walked out from the trees her silver pelt looked like it was made out of stars.

    “Mistystar,” the first cat exclaimed bowing her head in respect, “Why do you bring me here?”

    “I’m afraid I bring bad news,” Mistystar said

Oh, no. Not more bad news. Riverclan can’t take any more bad news.

    “What is the news?” asked the first cat with dread.

    “Riverclan will lose lots of warriors this leafbear and Willowstar is in grave danger. But there is a prophecy.” Mistystar said “Moss will unfreeze the river and save the dying Willow.”

    Moss will unfreeze the river and save the dying Willow.’ What does it mean? Why did Starclan always have to make things complicated? But the first cat knew better than to say that.

    “Thank you, Mistystar.” The first cat mewed back as the vision started to fade.

    “Oh, and Shimmerpool, do not tell the clan about this it is not their time.” And with that Mistystar disappeared and Shimmerpool woke up with a start. The cats outside calling “Where is Shimmerpool?”

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