Green Storm - Warrior Edition

Destine to be a great warrior cat, Mosskit is a kit with great potential. That is until she gets thrown into a world that she could've never imagined. Abandoning StarClan, being rebuked from her clan, and thrown out by her own family, she runs away. Unexpectedly, she gets picked up by two-legs and becomes a soft kitty pet. That is until StarClan calls her back to the forest. Crossing all the boundaries both StarClan and the Clan cats set for her, she does the impossible.


8. Chapter 6 - Missing (Petalkit)

     Petalkit woke up the next morning and looked around the nursery. It seemed so empty now that Mallokit, Streamkit, and Flowertail had moved out. Petalkit stood and stretched. She then walked around her mother in search of Mosskit. She circled her mother twice. There was no trace of Mosskit. She must have gone outside thought Petalkit. Petalkit quickly woke her sleeping mother then padded out into the camp. The sight that greeted Petalkit was amazing, snow had fallen overnight and lay on the ground like a glittering white sheet. Petalkit put a paw in the white stuff. It was cold and wet. She laid down and rolled all over, purring. Stoneheart was padding out of the warriors den and stopped to watch his kit with an amused expression before he went to organize the days patrols. 

     When Petalkit stood she was covered in lots of tiny white flakes. Shaking her pelt she called to Mosskit, "Mosskit did you see this?! It's amazing!" Petalkit looked around for her sister. She started to make her way through the snow that came up to her chest fur, looking for Mosskit. Petalkit circled the whole camp looking for her sister. She found nothing. She padded back to her father who was about to leave on patrol. "Stoneheart wait!" She called struggling to reach her father through the snow that was lots higher near the entrance. Something grabbed her scruff and lifted her out of the snow. "What is young'n?" asked Stoneheart setting Petalkit down beside him. "I can't find Mosskit. She's not in the nursery and she's not hiding in the white stuff." 

     Stoneheart looked at his kit for a moment before responding. "She probably just went to the elders den to hear a story."

Petalkit nodded and said a thanks to her father then started her long trudge back to the nursery. Mosskit will be back soon Petalkit told herself. Only she didn't know that Mosskit was in the custody of a twoleg.

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