Green Storm - Warrior Edition

Destine to be a great warrior cat, Mosskit is a kit with great potential. That is until she gets thrown into a world that she could've never imagined. Abandoning StarClan, being rebuked from her clan, and thrown out by her own family, she runs away. Unexpectedly, she gets picked up by two-legs and becomes a soft kitty pet. That is until StarClan calls her back to the forest. Crossing all the boundaries both StarClan and the Clan cats set for her, she does the impossible.


7. Chapter 5 - Rejected (Mosskit)

As I explained the whole story of my encounter with the bird and Shadowclan, Shimmerpool checked me over for any injuries. Petalkit listened with a shocked expression. When I finished my story Shimmerpool was done searching and patching up injuries Willowstar entered bringing news. "Shadowclan just left and they had quite an interesting story to tell." Willowstar glanced in my direction, "as I presume Mosskit has already told her story and a kit that causes that much trouble must be punished." I bowed my head, I knew that it was wrong what I did but I had good intentions. If only Willowstar could see that. "I think a reasonable punishment would be holding off your apprenticing ceremony for another moon or two, until you know what it means to follow the warrior code."

WHAT?!?!?! How could Willowstar do that? I knew that I had made a mistake but all kits do it's how you learn. I couldn't bring myself to meet Willowstar's gaze as I whispered, "yes Willowstar." The leader nodded and left the medicine cat's den.

Petalkit ran up to me wailing, "Oh Mosskit, I'm so sorry."

I pulled away from her, "Easy for you to say," I growled, "you haven't been punished." I stalked out of the den then. I wanted to be alone, for Petalkit didn't know my pain. She didn't know the feeling of rejection, the feeling that your whole clan didn't want you anymore. I curled up behind the nursery in a clump of reeds. I lay my head on my paws and tried to sleep. My pelt was hot with shame as sleep overcame me. 

                                                                                *                           *                           *        

Half a moon had gone by since I had sneaked out of camp, met a Shadowclan, and got a horrid punishment. Now I walked around the camp like I didn't exist. No cat took any notice to my presence as I padded toward the fresh kill pile. I hadn't eaten since sunrise and my belly was growling like an angry fox. I stood over the pile of fish trying to spot a small one. There! I reached forward about to grasp the fish in my jaws when a huge paw swatted my aside. I rolled on the ground getting covered in dust. I sprang to my paws looking for the apprentice that swatted me away from my lunch. But no apprentices were around, only my mother who stood growling at me. I cocked my head, why would my own mother let me starve? She just stood there lips drawn back in a snarl like I was an enemy cat wanting some food. I took a step forward. She swatted me back again hissing "naughty kits don't get to have full bellies." I glared at her. Did she want me to leave again? Because it seemed that if I ever wanted to eat again I would have to hunt for it myself. I turned around and padded back over towards the nursery. I sat down to wash myself and kill time. When I finished grooming Willowstar was calling the clan together. I watched as cats gathered around. Streamkit and Mallokit padded out of the nursery with sleek coats, holding their heads up high. They must be getting apprenticed today. I watched from the back of the crowd with ears pricked to listen to Willowstar. But I was too far away to hear anything and too short to see anything.

I slumped to the ground as the ceremony continued. Everything was silent except for the low voice of Willowstar as he talked to the new apprentices. The clan started to chant out their new names, "Mallopaw! Silverpaw!" The voices were so loud and it reminded me that I might never get my own warrior name. Or ever be apprenticed. I yowled in frustration but the sound didn't travel far as it was drowned out in the chanting. I turned around and suck through the entrance tunnel. I ran through the reeds as fast as I could hoping to fall off the cliff again. If they found me dead they might be happy. I pushed myself to go faster until I thought I was running as fast as a leopard. A leopard that could bound over any fallen tree, defeat any warrior that tried to stand in your way. The only thing a leopard couldn't do is jump over a rock. I tripped over a stone and flew, rolling head over tail. My paw throbbing in pain as I tried to put wait on it. I wailed in pain but still started to limp my way away from camp.

I walked until the sun diapered and a light rain began to fall. My injured paw was numb with pain and coldness. I limped through the trees looking for a place to hide and stay dry. My belly growled with hunger and I thought of Petalkit asleep in the warn nursery. I stopped and thought about everything that I was leaving behind. As I stopped a cold wind picked up and I smelled something strange. It burned my nose with its stench; its warm stench. I followed the smell as quickly as my half frozen legs would carry me. I stumbled out into the open and saw ginormous beings with silver pelts and bright glowing eyes. They were rushing by on a black surface giving off their stink and warmth. One rushed by me blasting me with its awful smell and sending me flying backwards. I rolled in the rain soaked grass away from the strange monsters with glowing eyes. I didn't get up then. I stayed where I lay waiting for Starclan to come. The sounds of the monsters were fading into the distance. I felt something strong pick me off of the ground as I fell into darkness. 

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