Green Storm - Warrior Edition

Destine to be a great warrior cat, Mosskit is a kit with great potential. That is until she gets thrown into a world that she could've never imagined. Abandoning StarClan, being rebuked from her clan, and thrown out by her own family, she runs away. Unexpectedly, she gets picked up by two-legs and becomes a soft kitty pet. That is until StarClan calls her back to the forest. Crossing all the boundaries both StarClan and the Clan cats set for her, she does the impossible.


6. Chapter 4 - Mosskit is in huge trouble (Petalkit)

I stared after the place where Mosskit had diapered. My eyes wide with horror at the thought that Mosskit was going to become fresh kill for that bird. I was thinking so hard that I never even noticed the rustling of the grass behind me as a patrol appeared. A cat stepped up to stand next to me. It was Willowstar. I could feel the pain in my heart at the thought of having lost my only sister. I turned to Willowstar and buried my head in his pelt.

                                                                       .                          .                          .

Once I was safely back in camp and had been given some herbs to calm down, I explained everything to Willowstar, the clan deputy Stoneheart, Shimmerpool, and my mother. They all listened while I spoke, no cat moved, not even a whisker. When I finished my story no cat spoke for almost a thousand heartbeats. My mother was the first cat to speak and I wish that Willowstar would have stopped her from saying what she did.

"I can't believe that Mosskit would do such a thing! I knew from the moment that I saw her that she would be a traitor! But I thought you would be different, Petalkit. You were my favorite and I thought that you would be nothing like Mosskit." She spat the last word. Then stood and stalked out of the den.

Stoneheart stood and started to follow his mate out of the den but Willowstar stopped him, "Let her go," he mewed calmly, "she needs to cool off a bit and come to her senses." Stoneheart paused then came to sit back next to his leader. His eyes seeing something that I could not. 

"Now," Willowstar turned his gaze to me, "we need to discuss your punishment." I lowered my head and stared down at my paws. Isn't losing my sister punishment enough? I almost wailed up at Starclan. Any punishment couldn't be as bad as that. I looked up at Willowstar hoping that he could see the pain in my eyes. 

"Petalkit we will discuss your punishment again later." Willowstar flicked his tail in a sign that meant I was dismissed. I padded out of Willowstar's den and slowly, sulked, toward the nursery. How am I going to move forward without Mosskit? I curled up in a warm patch of sun, thinking about Mosskit. Is she now walking with Starclan? No kit had ever survived a bird attack. All of the thoughts swirled in Petalkit's mind until she finally fell into a deep sleep. 

                                                                     *                                  *                                  * 

I awoke with a start, someone had yowled that the camp was under attack. Springing to my paws I hurried over to see what all of the fuss was about. I peered through the legs of the warriors trying to catch a glimpse at the new cats. They were all dark furred and wreaked something awe full. There was a small grey lump that they thrust forward hissing, "We found this on our side of the border." I pushed my way forward through the legs of warriors to see what they had found. "Mosskit!" I yowled with joy and rushed to my sister's side purring as loudly as a monster, "Your ok!" Willowstar stepped forward then, I could see that he was just as shocked to see Mosskit as I was. He dipped his head to the Shadowclan cats, "Thank you for returning our lost kit." he indicated Mosskit, "would you please tell me how you found her." The lead warrior hesitated then mewed cautiously, "lead the way." Willowstar turned and padded toward this den, the Shadowclan patrol following in his wake. Once they were out of sight in WIllowstar's den the remaining cats split up heading back to their jobs. Shimmerpool hurried over nosed Mosskit to her paws. "Come little one we need to give you a check up." Staying by my sister's side the whole way and stood at a distance while Shimmerpool looked over Mosskit. While Mosskit was being checked for injuries she recited what had happened.

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