Green Storm - Warrior Edition

Destine to be a great warrior cat, Mosskit is a kit with great potential. That is until she gets thrown into a world that she could've never imagined. Abandoning StarClan, being rebuked from her clan, and thrown out by her own family, she runs away. Unexpectedly, she gets picked up by two-legs and becomes a soft kitty pet. That is until StarClan calls her back to the forest. Crossing all the boundaries both StarClan and the Clan cats set for her, she does the impossible.


5. Chapter 3 - Oops... (Mosskit)

Petalkit and I strolled through the forest in search of the stream. The sun was up now so the camp would be active now, but I refuse to return to camp empty pawed. It was amazing to be out of camp and this time I had Petalkit with me so everything was better than before. I glanced back at Petalkit who was staring at the trees above with awe. They were taller than the reeds that lay around camp; much taller. 

We padded along and soon I was starting to worry that we had gotten lost. Petalkit had started to shiver and I knew that soon she would want to go back to the nursery. I quickened my pace until we were running through the grass. I looked over my shoulder to make sure that Petalkit was still keeping up with me. And that's when the ground fell out from under me. I squeaked in alarm as I fell rolling, head over tail down a small cliff. My fur was gathering all sorts of dirt and moss as I fell to my death. All of a sudden I wasn't falling anymore, something had me by the scruff, lifting me higher and higher. My eyes opened a whisker and I was soaring high above the ground. The shadow that followed was of a kit hanging from the talons of a huge bird. That's when I felt the pain in my back. It was razor sharp and made me cry out in pain, as I was carried higher and higher over the land. I'm going to die, I thought, this bird is going to eat me as fresh kill. I cried out again hoping that some cat might save me. 

I looked at the ground, that was now covered in trees that looked like they were filled with little nettles. This must be the birds home. Down in all of those scary trees. I whimpered in fear at the thought of being ripped to shreds by the talons that were holding me against my will. Just then I heard a yowl and I was falling through the air. Wind rushed through my fur as I cried out for help. I landed on the ground with a thump. It felt like I had landed on a lump of fur. Wait... I pushed with my hind paws on the "ground."


I jumped as a voice growled out from below me. I spun around and stood face to face with a warrior. 

"Don't go poking me after I saved your life." The cat hissed, padding around me. "Hmm..." He wondered coming closer giving me a sniff. "Your a Riverclan cat aren't you?" He said stopping his circling. 

I raised my nose "Yes I am."

He didn't seem to hear me and just continued talking. "You don't look that big," he said almost to himself, "my guess is that your no more than a kit." He sat down and cocked his head at me as if waiting for an answer. I opened my mouth to respond and tell him that I was not a kit, when there was a noise behind me and more cats appeared. Big grownup cats and I knew that I was in trouble.

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