Green Storm - Warrior Edition

Destine to be a great warrior cat, Mosskit is a kit with great potential. That is until she gets thrown into a world that she could've never imagined. Abandoning StarClan, being rebuked from her clan, and thrown out by her own family, she runs away. Unexpectedly, she gets picked up by two-legs and becomes a soft kitty pet. That is until StarClan calls her back to the forest. Crossing all the boundaries both StarClan and the Clan cats set for her, she does the impossible.


4. Chapter 2 - Sneaking Out (Mosskit)

     “What was it like?” asked Streamkit.

     “Did you see a Shadowclan warrior?” Mallokit wondered.

     “Were you scared?” Petalkit whimpered.

     "It was amazing!" I told them, "All of the smells and the ground is actually harder outside of camp. there were reeds, trees, and even another river!"

     All of the other kits stared at me with their mouths open, like they were amazed that the world outside of camp was filled with so many plants. I held my nose high, I was now the coolest kit in the nursery. Pride swelled in my chest as Flowertail called us over. We all scampered over to her, Streamkit and Mallokit tumbling over each other in a race to reach their mother first. We all came to a halt in front of her. 

     "I have a surprise for you all," Flowertail purred as she wrapped her tail around her paws. "Reedpaw is going to teach you some fighting moves. Isn't that wonderful!"

     Streamkit and Mallokit squealed with joy and started bounding around Reedpaw asking a thousand questions. I was to shocked to move. Real warrior training! How exciting. Petalkit on the other hand looked up at Reedpaw with frightened eyes. She was shaking from ear to tail tip.

     "All right," Reedpaw mewed as Flowertail went to sit next to Murkywater who had just come out of the nursery. "Squat down like this." Reedpaw demonstrated, "Then your enemy won't see you coming, because you will be hidden in the reeds.  Mosskit, pretend I am an enemy warrior and jump on me." I bunched my muscles together and got ready to leap onto Reedpaw. 


     I turned around to see Murkywater rushing forward. She grabbed me by the scruff and pulled me away from the other kits. "I told you to stay away from the bigger kits!" Murkywater snapped. She signaled for Petalkit to follow, and padded back to the nursery with me swinging from her mouth. 

                                                                                   .                  .                   .

     That night I couldn't sleep. I kept fidgeting in the bedding. The walls were too thick and I was burning hot. I rolled over again and looked at the giant mass of fur that was my mother. Next to her was Petalkit, who was also tossing and turning. I stood up and quietly padded over to Petalkit. 

     "Hey," I whispered poking her, "Want to go outside with me?" 

     She sat up and yawned, "Why? Can you not sleep?"

     "Yes, and it's too stuffy in here. I need fresh air." 

     "Alright, I'll come but just for a little." 

     We both sneaked out of the nursery, not waking any of the other sleeping cats. The air outside was cool and refreshing. I stopped outside of the nursery, breathing in the smells. I looked around the camp. Everything was dark and there was not another cat in sight. The ground was damp beneath my paws. It must have rained. Petalkit sat down beside me and I pressed against her noticing the shivers that were passing through her fur.

"Its so strange," Petalkit whispered, "being the only cats outside."

I nodded in agreement, then put my head on my paws. I must have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes I could see the faint glow of the rising sun. The camp was still quiet and I would be a while yet when the first cat awoke. I stood up and stretched shaking away sleep. Petalkit was beginning to stir as well and soon we were sharing tongues, brushing out all of the lumps of fur. My belly growled. I looked to Petalkit to see that she too hungry.

"Lets head back into the nursery and wait for Murkywater to wake up." Petalkit suggested.

"Wait," I said stopping Petalkit from entering the nusery, "I have a better idea. Lets go out and catch Murkywater some fresh kill."

"What!" Petalkit exclamed, "you want to leave the camp without permission?"

"It'll only be for a little while, no one will even know that we left."

Petalkit didn't look convinced.

"Please, Petalkit." I begged.

She looked from me to the nursery and back again. "Oh, all right I'll come." She mewed at last. I gave a little squeal of delight and raced to the entrance. Creeping out of the entrance with Petalkit behind me, we watched for the guard. There was no one in sight. Instead of pausing to wonder why there was no guard pelted through the forest. I am the happiest kit in the whole forest! I thought as I passed trees on the way to a stream that Shimmerpool had shown me the day before. I was so excited that I didn't even hear my mother wail; "My kits! My kits are gone!"

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