Adopted by Dan And Phil

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'Hi, I'm Katie, I'm 14 years old and I'm an orphan. One week before Christmas. My mum and dad passed away in a car crash and I ended up here. In this shit hole. No one else in my family could take care of me because I don't know them as I've never been allowed near them, due to reasons I've never found out.'

14 year old Katie's parents died in a car crash and she ended up in an orphanage one week before Christmas. She finds out that there are five couples willing to adopt a teenager to make their Christmas special, but when she finds out that one of those couples are her idols Dan and Phil, she tries everything that she can to make sure that she gets chosen.


2. Chapter 2

Katie's POV

My plan is to walk in and keep calm, don't let them know that they are expecting you Katie. Just don't!

I finally get called in, I don't look at who's sitting in the seats, I just walk past and pretend like I don't care. I sit on the seat on the other side of the desk trying not to look up. Hiding my inner fan girl. I start playing with my thumbs to distract my self, still not looking at the two people opposite me.

"Hey" a very familiar voice said. OMG IT WAS FREAKING DAN HOWELL LIKE HELP ME. I was about to melt.

"Nice t-shirt you have there" another voice said. PHIL OMG. Why did I wear this t-shirt. They're going to know I'm a fan and they'll never take me. NEVER!

"Hello? We're up here" they both said at the he same time. My head slowly raised up and I brushed my hair out of my face with my hands.

"Hi." I awkwardly said, "I'm Katie"

They both looked back at me "Hello Katie, I'm..." Dan started saying with his hand stretched out before I cut him off.

"Dan, Dan HOWELL, and that's Phil, Phil Lester. I already know guys. The t-shirt?" I said awkwardly and then instantly blushed.

"Aww look at her Dan, she's blushing!" Phil cooed.

"Shhh" I said going redder. "You're making it worse!" I said covering my face with my hands.

"Phil, can we adopt her. Please!" Dan pleaded to Phil. They started whispering and they both stood up and walked out to get Margaret. They returned very quickly with her.

"Oh." Margaret said. "You want.. Her?" She said in discust. "Well you're dicision not mine. Mr Howell, would you like to stay here with me and fill out these papers? Mr Lester, you can accompany Katie up to gather her things." Margaret said.

I stood up and held the door open for Phil. I was so shocked. Like why me. I'm just a socially awkward human being. Like there is a lot of other boys and girls looking homes, but I shouldn't argue. I lead Phil up to my room and he looked around at the bare white walls and the dirty bed sheets. The things that caught his eye was my one Dan and Phil cushion and my cat whiskers phone case.

"Nice cushion and phone" he said. "Now let's get packing."

I grabbed my red back pack from under my bed and started stuffing my very few clothes and other things into it.

"That's it" I said to Phil.

"Only that? You only have like five shirts and six pairs of trousers. We need to go shopping!" He said.

I threw my back pack on my back and followed Phil down the stairs. Omg. I'm going to be living with Dan and Phil.

We walked back into the room where Dan was waiting and we left. Phil got into the drivers seat and Dan got into the back to sit with me. I stood outside of the car.

"Katie, are you not coming?" Dan asked.

"Oh, right. Yeah" I said and slowly got into the car. Memories came flying back of mum and dad in the accident. I'm surprised I survived, but I'd rather I had of died than my parents.

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