Don't Wait For Me

Loving someone, without them knowing, is the worst feeling in the world. Wanting them to notice you is the biggest wish you could ever imagine. Wishing you could tell them, without a way to tell them, is the most vast pain ever. Pleading for them to tell you they feel the same way, only happens in the movies. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time, is just bad luck.


5. Chapter 4


I leave the principles office before Addison comes out. She would probably think I'm some sort of freak if I were to wait for her. Having nothing else to do, I roam the halls for something more interesting than going back to maths. Several teachers march past me, not giving a care in the world that I'm out of class.

"Hey Troy!" I hear a loud voice behind me, then the sound of stilettos on the tiles of the floor.

"Where have you been all day?" I turn around and the tall figure of a girl struts up to me and snakes her arms round my neck.

"Sydney..." I whisper, hoping she wouldn't hear me. But to my dismay she listened to my sigh.

"That's my name. Don't wear it out." Her dark red lips kiss me on the cheek, and I squint at the feel of it. Giggling, she unties her arms from my neck and takes my hand in hers. Sydney; blonde hair, brown eyes, the best definition in the school of perfect-all the boys would say. What can I say? She's a fantastic dancer, a brilliant singer and a downright girly girl. Of course the boys love it, the girls all want to be her. She's got her heart set on one person. Unfortunately it's me. But the only person that could ever have my heart is Addison, not that it's ever going to happen.

"Aren't you meant to be in Maths with Mr Perry?" She puts her finger on my nose and makes a 'book' noise. She quickly takes her hand away and leads me down the hallway slowly.

"I am indeed. But aren't you meant to be in Art with Mr Simmons?" She laughs. She swings our arms back and fourth.

"Yes I am. He's cute and all but he's not as cute as you..." She says rather loudly for my liking. What I meant by every boy wouldn't mind taking her out on a date, I meant the male teachers too. I look down the hall for any teachers that may of heard that flirty statement of Sydney's.

"You fancy coming round mine tonight?" She places her free hand on my shoulder as we stop dead in the hall. I really didn't feel like it but I felt like if I went I could get Addison's attention by being with another girl.

"Of course. Can't wait." I take the hand that is still holding mine tightly and give it a peck on the hand. I decided to, even though it give a deathly shiver up my spine, I had to learn to be confident with a girl so I could get Addison. So maybe. Just maybe I could finally talk to her.

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